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PBS Travel & Expedition

LGBT Travel & Adventure Resources

Portland Pride, 2005

The Adventure Group
Outdoors club for the Gay and Lesbian community of Portland and the region. Provides a wide variety of outdoor activities from hiking and skiing to camping.

Gay & Lesbian tour operator.

Alyson Adventures
Adventure travel and active vacations for the gay community.

Luxury tours for the gay &
lesbian community.

International organization, began in 1999 from a family of gays, lesbians and associated friends who shared a common love for being outdoors and the experiences they received in return. Purpose is to promote fellowship & communication among gay and lesbian outdoor enthusiasts from around the world.


Dedicated to providing high quality, fun & comfortable vacations for lesbian travelers.

Group of Portland & Vancouver area Gay and Lesbian Sea Kayaking enthusiasts who enjoy exploring the many rivers, lakes and bays of Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington.

RSVP Vacations
Gay & Lesbian travel.

Ski Out
Ski Out is a group of Portland (Oregon) area gay men, lesbians, and supportive friends who meet for social gatherings and local downhill ski and snowboard trips, usually to Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort.

Spirit Journeys
Offers various ways for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals to spend time together exploring the frontiers of self-awareness, personal growth, and spirituality. Programs include numerous workshops, retreats, and traveling journeys within the United States and abroad.

Toto Tours
Mission is to provide small group adventure travel opportunities for gay men, and to promote understanding & acceptance through interaction with fellow travelers & other cultures around the world.

Zoom Vacations
Offers customized group and individual packages to gay and lesbian travelers, and their families and friends, to safe, interesting and "hot" destinations around the world that offer a great value for the money.

Airline Consolidator.com
Online travel agency specializing
in discount international airline tickets,
offering consolidator fares for flights
originating in the USA to locations
around the world.

Airport Hotel Guide

Aloha from Hawaii

American Camping Association

Arthur Frommer's
Budget Travel Online


Bureau of Consular Affairs
State Department

Guide to car living: staying in a vehicle
for a night or even longer- whether for
adventure, financial or other reasons.

Cathay Pacific Airways USA

China News Digest

City Stories Project

Network of city-based storytelling
sites, tying real people in real
cities all over the world together
with a thread of personal stories.

Climbing Online


The Connected Traveler

Corel Castle

"The Coral Castle originally called
"Rock Gate Park," was built by
Edward Leedskalnin, working
alone and by himself from 1920
to 1940."

Educates and explores with readers
the beauty, life & culture of the North
American deserts.



International non-profit organization that
brings science to life for people concerned
about the Earth's future. Founded in 1971,
Earthwatch supports scientific field research
by offering volunteers the opportunity to join
research teams around the world. This unique
model is creating a systematic change in how
the public views science and its role in
environmental sustainability.


Offers hotel reservations, discount
hotels & motels, car reservations &
airline tickets.

Discounted leisure travel products.

Fielding's DangerFinder


Foreign Languages for Travelers


Deals with Ghost Towns, abandoned
settlements & historic places in the
western United States.

GORP - Great Outdoor
Recreation Pages

Graphic Design  form the 1920s and
1930s In Travel Ephemera


"This is an international hostels guide
created by young backpackers. Its goal
is to provide complete information on all
youth hostels worldwide with ratings &
reviews (and online booking &reservations
where available). Separately lists some
cheap hotels, apartments, budget pensions
("hostals"), inexpensive guesthouses,
campsites, & other low-budget
accommodations suitable for backpacking

Hotel Directory
Provider of discount hotel


I Go U Go
Community boards for travelers

Internet Island

Kayak Online

Literary Traveler

Dedicated to the exploration of the
literary imagination. Contains articles
about writers, creative artists, & the
places that they lived and traveled.

L.L Bean's Park Search

"Landscape in Provence," Paul Cezanne
"Landscape in Provence," Paul Cezanne

Microsoft Expedia
Delivers information for consumers who
are researching, planning, & purchasing
airfares or an entire trip.

Moon Mountain Adventures
Small expeditions into the mountains
of the world.

National Geographic

National Scenic Byways Online

Provides travelers with information
about byways throughout the
United States.

Nesbitt on Travel

New Orleans French Quarter

NW Discoveries

Outdoor adventure trips in the
Pacific Northwest.

Backpacking & budget travel
information for travelers to Europe
who want to know about hostels
& the European train system.


Airline fares & travel advice.

Planning & booking travel online.

The Paris Pages

Listings for over 25,000 hotels, B&Bs,
ski resorts, campgrounds,& beaches
that are pet-friendly.

Portland River Company
Offers kayak trips, kayak rentals &
kayak classes in Oregon & kayaking
vacations to Baja, Mexico.

Rand McNally
Road trip guides, maps & more

Rec.Travel Library

Roller Coaster Database

The Savvy Traveler

Sea Kayak Adventures



Online resource for planning &
organizing outside activities.

Travel by GPS

Travel in Asia

Travel in Europe


Planning & booking travel online.


Travel-Related Deep Vein
Thrombosis (DVT)

DVT is serious condition where
blood clots develop in the deep
veins of the legs. It has been
associated with long haul air travel.

Travel Tidings USA
Travel site gateway.

Travels with Samantha

TravelASSIST - Online Travel Information


Trip Advisor
Recommendations for hotels, resorts,
inns, vacations, travel packages, vacation
packages, travel guides & more.

Chronicles the solo, one year, round
the-world journey of Mike Pugh, an
optimist from Chicago, USA.

Virtual Guidebooks
Features over 2600 virtual reality
panoramas from the U.S. & Canada.

Vocation Vacations
Vacation adventure for people yearning
to explore the job they’ve always dreamed about
– but have never had the chance to try.

White Water Warehouse
Oregon whitewater rafting at its best:
the incredible Rogue River.

World Health Organization
Health resource for travelers.

World Heritage Tour
"Take a virtual tour of dozens of cultural &
natural world-heritage registered sites, from
the Forbidden City to Valley of the Kings.
This documentary image bank features superb
panoramic pictures and interactive virtual reality
movies to promote the notion of sustainable tourism.
In a net shell : World-class edutainment"

Yes San Francisco
Virtual walking tour of San Francisco Bay
Area where beauty of nature is unified with
great cultural values, history, architectural
masterpieces,& intellectual power of
Silicon Valley.

Yukon, Canada's True North


World Travel Guide

DSCN0013SW.jpg (478731 bytes)
San Diego, CA

Portland, OR

New York, NY

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