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"Listen to the children who come to you, and see them, really see them. Practice
the ancient art from a lost tribe. Be a guardian of their hearts. If only for a moment,
reflect their hearts to them." Yanon Volcani, Ph.D., CSPP - San Diego, 1996

"Teacher- become the student. Experience, live & love through your student's eyes.
This is how you manifest love." -Lowell Greenberg

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In the end we will conserve only what we love.
We will love only what we understand.
We will understand only what we are taught. - Baba Dioum, Senegalese ecologist

In a world bent on ecological destruction, the ability to think holistically and compassionately-to perceive the hidden connections between phenomena and their ethical implications- is critical for sustainability and survival. The development of critical thinking skills is also essential in an age suffused with propaganda and the false need for conformity. See also: First Step

"The creation story unfurling within the scientific enterprise provides the fundamental context, the fundamental arena of meaning, for all the peoples of the Earth. For the first time in human history, we can agree on the basic story of the galaxies, the stars, the planets, minerals, life forms, and human cultures. This story does not diminish the spiritual traditions of the classical or tribal periods of human history. Rather, the story provides the proper setting for the teachings of all traditions, showing the true magnitude of their central truths." —Brain Swimme, The Universe is a Green Dragon, 1984. See also: Evolution and the Teaching of Creation

Ben Franklin Institute of Global Education.

California Safe Schools
Fights toxic, environmental hazards
such as exposure to pesticides in Los
 Angles schools. Programs such as
Integrated Pest Management should
be a model for school districts throughout
the country.

Canada's SchoolNet
Over 7,000 Learning Resources, @SchoolNet
Today a daily information news service on
the world of e-learning, interactive features
such as our polls of the month & much more!

CATALYST: Voices of Chicago
School Reform

Independent newsmagazine created in 1990
to document, analyze & support school
-improvement efforts in the Chicago
Public Schools.

Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation
Research Project

Do Something!

Do Something is a nationwide network of
young people who know they can make a
difference in their communities & take
action to change the world around them.

Education Policy Analysis Archives

Education Week
Primary mission is to help raise the level of
awareness & understanding among
professionals and the public of important
issues in American education. Covers local,
state, & national news & issues from preschool
through the 12th grade. Provides periodic
special reports on issues ranging from
technology to textbooks, as well as books
of special interest to educators.

Educational Options
Educational Options is about meeting
the social, emotional, and academic needs
of the intellectually gifted. It is about
thinking outside the box" for people who
do not fit the norms. It is about families,
children, adolescents, and adults who have
found this web site because something
is not right ... and it is the emotions, not
the school or job performance, that tipped
you off.

Effective Decoding Instruction
for Diverse Learners

Gay-Straight Alliance Network
Gay-Straight Alliance Network is a youth-led
organization that connects school-based Gay
-Straight Alliances (GSAs) to each other &
community resources. Through peer support,
leadership development, & training, GSA
Network supports young people in starting,
strengthening, and sustaining GSAs &
builds the capacity of GSAs to: (1) Create
safe environments in schools for students to
support each other and learn about homophobia
& other oppressions, (2) Educate the school
community about homophobia, gender identity,
& sexual orientation issues, & (3) Fight
discrimination, harassment, & violence in schools.

Gifted Development Center
"..There are certain qualities of the gifted
experience that transcend age, nationality,
ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status,
occupation, interests or talent domain:
good problem solving, abstract reasoning,
thriving on challenge, curiosity, vivid
imagination, intensity, sensitivity, complexity,
perfectionism. Gifted people not only think
differently, they feel differently. Giftedness
is a different way of being, and these
differences affect one throughout the
- Linda Silverman, Ph.D.

The Graphic Organizer

Harvard Educational Review
Scholarly journal of opinion & research in
the field of education. Articles are selected,
edited, & published by an editorial board of
graduate students at Harvard University.

Human Rights in Action
Helps students understand the idea
of human rights, gain a sense of
themselves as people with dignity &
hence with rights, & finally encourage
them to act.

Empowering teachers & young people
to work together online to improve
the quality of life on Earth.

Institute for Learning Sciences
The Institute for Learning and Brain
Sciences is an interdisciplinary center
dedicated to discovering the fundamental
principles of human learning that will
enable all children to achieve their full potential.

Institute for Learning Technologies
Affiliated with Columbia University Teachers
College. Seeks to advance five basic objectives:
Policy Formation, Formative Research &
Evaluation, Technology Configuration,
Professional Development & Curriculum

International Reading Association
Dedicated to promoting high levels of literacy
for all by improving the quality of reading
instruction, disseminating research &
information about reading, and encouraging
the lifetime reading habit.

The Internet Public Library
Provides library services to Internet users.
Activities include: finding, evaluating, selecting,
organizing, describing, & creating information
resources; and direct assistance to individuals.

Literature Circles Resource Center
In-depth information & resources on
literature circles.

National Association for the Education
of Young Children

Organization of early childhood educators
& others dedicated to improving the quality
of programs for children from birth through
third grade.

National Center for Technology Planning
Clearinghouse for the exchange of many types
of information related to technology planning.
This information may be: school technology
plans available for downloading online; technology
planning aids (checklists, brochures, sample
planning forms, PR announcement forms);
and/or electronic monographs on timely,
selected topics.

National Council for Social Studies
Engages &supports educators in strengthening
& advocating social studies.

National Council of Teachers of English
Works to advance teaching, research, &
student achievement in English language
arts at all scholastic levels.

National Education Association
Organization committed to advancing the
cause of public education. NEA has 2.7 million
members who work at every level of education,
from pre-school to university graduate programs.
NEA has affiliates in every state, as well as in
more than 13,000 local communities across
the United States.

Online Writing Lab
Tutorial center for writers who want to work
one-to-one with a tutor at Purdue University
Helps students with all sorts of writing --
from first-year students in Introductory
Composition to graduate students working
on their dissertations.

Operation Respect
Operation Respect is a non-profit
organization working to assure each child
& youth a respectful, safe & compassionate
climate of learning where their academic,
social & emotional development can take
place free of bullying, ridicule and violence.
Founded by Peter Yarrow of the folk group
Peter, Paul & Mary, the organization
disseminates educational resources that are
designed to establish a climate that reduces
the emotional & physical cruelty some children
inflict upon each other by behaviors such as
ridicule, bullying &-in extreme cases-violence.

The National Coalition for Gay, Lesbian,
Bisexual & Transgender Youth. Contains
a wide range of resources available for
youth & educators.


The Random Thoughts of
Louis Schmier

Reading is Fundamental
Develops & delivers children's & family
literacy programs.

Rich Geib's Universe: Inner-City
School Teacher Blues

Seeds of Peace
Non-profit, non-political organization
that helps teenagers from regions of
conflict learn the skills of making peace.

Spectrum Center
Provides special education services to the
San Francisco Bay Area.

An online publishing community of
writers, readers, and educators who
have come together to share their

Teacher's Guide to Dept. of Education

Teachers Helping Teachers

Tolerance.org is a principal online destination
for people interested in dismantling bigotry
& creating, in hate's stead, communities
that value diversity. The site has sections
or teachers, parents, teens and kids.

Tobacco information & Prevention

UIUC Writers Workshop

Education Resource Gateways

Academic Info

History and politics website: full of online
activities & resources to bring learning

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper

CA Assistance Technology Project
California Technology Assistance Project
(CTAP) is a statewide educational technology
leadership initiative, providing assistance to
schools and districts in integrating technology
into teaching and learning.

Cable in the Classroom
Provides dynamic video & online content
delivered via cable technology as well
as curriculum-related support materials.

California Learning Resource Network
Information source for supplemental electronic
learning resources that help meet local
instructional needs & embody the implementation
of California curriculum frameworks & standards.
Includes sections on Math, Science,
English-Language Arts & History-Social Science.

Classroom Connect

CNN Student News
News for students, resources for teachers.

C-SPAN In the Classroom
Combines C-SPAN programming with
related resources in subject areas of
interest to educators.

Country information from around
the world.

Current Awareness Program
Monthly bibliography of the most recent
educational literature

Discovery Channel School

The Education Index
Guide to the best education-related 
sites on the Web.

Education Place
Resources for elementary-school
teachers, students, & parents.
Includes Reading/Language Arts,
Math, Science, & Social Studies Centers,
Intervention, Professional Development,
searchable activity database,
educational games, & textbook support.

Education World
Includes a search engine for educational
web sites; Lesson plans, practical
information for educators, information
on how to integrate technology in the
classroom, & articles written by education
experts; Site reviews; Daily features &
columns; Teacher & principal profiles;
Wire Side Chats with the important names
in education; Employment listings.

Language learning & language resources.

Highly specialized educational directory
with built-in resource links offered free
to educators, students and parents.

Electronic Library

ERIC Clearinghouse | Ask ERIC
Nationwide information network
designed to provide ready access
to education literature.

eThemes | eMINTS
Age-appropriate resources for
educators to use in classrooms.

Facing History & Ourselves
Engages teachers & students of diverse
backgrounds in an examination of
racism, prejudice, and anti-semitism
in order to promote the development
of a more humane and informed citizenry.

The Freechild Project
Seeks to build active democracy by
engaging young people in social change,
particularly those who have been
historically denied participation. Includes
a comprehensive listing of social change
action websites, organizations & publications.

The Gateway.Org
One-stop, any-stop access to high quality lesson
plans, curriculum units and other education
resources on the Internet!

Global Schoolhouse
Provides online opportunities for teachers
to collaborate, communicate, & celebrate
shared learning experiences.

Great Sites for Children!
Categorized listing from the American
Library Association.

Harcourt Brace's Learning Site

The History of John Crow

Educator's site that presents teachers
with new historical resources & teaching
ideas on one of the most shameful periods
in American history, an era of segregation,
lynching, & disfranchisement of African
Americans that tore at the very fabric
of the nation.

Compilation of history resources on
topics such as the Middle East Conflict,
Afghanistan, India & Pakistan,
European history, etc.

Houghton Mifflin Education Place
Resources for elementary-school
teachers, students, and parents. Includes
Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science,
& Social Studies Centers, Intervention,
Professional Development, searchable
activity database, educational games, &
textbook support.

Japanese American Internment:
Course Curricular Materials

Lesson plans & related materials for use
by teachers in Grades K-12.

The Jason Project
The JASON Foundation is a non-profit
educational organization working in
partnership with teachers, corporations,
educational institutions & government
to inspire in students a lifelong passion
to pursue learning in science, math &
technology through exploration & discovery.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
Categorized list of sites for enhancing
curriculum & professional growth.

Web search for kids by librarians.

Kids Voting USA
National non-profit organization that fosters
an informed, participating electorate by
educating & actively engaging young people
& their families in voting & other elements
of effective civic engagement.

Learner.org: Annenberg/CPB
Uses media & telecommunications to
advance excellent teaching in American
schools. Funds & distributes educational
video programs with coordinated Web &
print materials for the professional
development of K-12 teachers.

The Learning Center
Designed to help students find answers
to questions about school subjects,
fascinating facts, research topics & more.

Learning Curve
On-line teaching resource, structured
to tie in with the British History National
Curriculum from Key Stages 2 to 5.
The Learning Curve contains a varied
range of original sources including
documents, photographs, film &
sound recordings.

The Learning Kingdom
K-12 Learning center

Learning Network
K-12, Professional Development, Lifelong
Learning, or Reference.

Superb collection of education resources
including online fieldtrips, lesson plans,
professional development, etc.

Education portal for educators, parents, 
& students, providing resources, research
tools, & grade-specific activities.

Montgomery County Public
Schools Curriculum Resources

PBS TeacherSource

Philadelphia Education Fund

The Quest Channel
Interactive expeditions with a team of experts,
adventurers & students to solve some of
the world's greatest mysteries.


School Psychology Resources Online

Schoolwork ugh!

Service Learning
Teaching tool that ties academic
curriculum to a student service project
that both reinforces and expands the
learning. It is aimed at creating
experiential education for young people
so that they can connect the learning to
their own lives and provide a benefit to
the local or global community.

Smithsonian Education
The Smithsonian Center for Education
& Museum Studies provides leadership
in education at the Smithsonian &
produces a variety of programs, services,
& resources for the education & museum
communities. The Center studies education
at the Institution and builds consensus on
standards for strengthening its educational
programs, publications, and websites.

Start Squad
Resource for children, parents, librarians
& teachers seeking age-appropriate
Web sites selected by professionally
trained librarians.

Story Arts Online
Storytelling in the classroom.

Students Against Violence

Empowers students to create their own
solutions & strategies for safer schools
& communities.

Classroom activities for teaching about
global issues & solutions.

Internet tools for teachers.

Multimedia children's literature database
that utilizes cutting edge technologies to
connect educators and families with authors,
books & authoritative teaching materials.

Utah Educational Network
Mission is to provide Utah students &
educators access to statewide electronic
network & systems for delivery of
educational services that improve the
quality of student achievement,
communications, and efficiency of services.

The World Lecture Hall
Links to pages of faculty worldwide using
Web course materials.

"I believe the single most important strategy for a teacher is to be a good listener. By this I mean genuinely listen to children. If a child comes to speak, face him, put down the work you are doing and give him your whole attention...In this way children see themselves as valued members of the special community of the classroom ... What it really comes down to is that we must have respect for the children themselves ...With respect comes confidence. With confidence comes a willingness to take risks. With risk taking comes learning" - Louise Carothers, teacher of Torres Strait Island children, in Murray, 1989, "Talking when English is a foreign language." See also: "Teaching Children to Care: Management in the Responsive Classroom," by Ruth Charney



California public education
job search web site.

Education America Network

Education Canada Network

English Job Maze

Facilitates the Job-search
process for ESL/EFL teachers
around the world and assists
ESL/EFL institutions in their
search for teachers.

English Maze
Web-based learning system
for individuals & schools worldwide.

ESL Employment

Global ESL Network

Teaching English
Comprehensive ESL forum for those
wanting to teach English as a second
language abroad.

Teacher's Employment Network


bulletGlossary of Language Acquisition Words
bullet Questionnaire to Assess Effectiveness of Bilingual Programs

Chicano/Latino Electronic Network

Colorin Colorado

Bilingual Web site created to provide
information parents need to help their
children become good readers & successful
students. There are ideas on what to do at
home, fun reading tips and activities, & more.

ESL Pro Systems
ESL Pro Systems provides commercial
& free education resources for English
learners. Web sites include:
free-English.com, free-TOEFL.com,
free-English-Games.com & EnglishPro.com.

Gender, Diversities & Technology

Learning exchange, an incubator for new
ideas & approaches, a generator of new policy.
We are a global institute dedicated to improving
the well-being of individuals & organizations
through innovative approaches to life-long learning.

Language Links

Multicultural Pavilion

Multicultural Resources for Children

Multicultural Supersite

National Association for Multicultural

Brings together individuals and groups
with an interest in multicultural education
from all levels of education, different academic
disciplines & from diverse educational
institutions and occupations.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Resources for Students & Teachers
of English as a Second Language

Wisdom of the Elders
Wisdom of the Elders, Inc. (WISDOM) is
collaborating with a team of nine partners that
serve Native Americans to develop multi-media
rehabilitation curriculum for Portland-area Native
American therapists and clients. The Discovering
Our Story Project is being developed to resolve
five outcomes. One increases the skills of therapists
serving Native American clients. Four outcomes
resolve mental health, addictions, domestic
violence prevention and diabetes issues which
recent research demonstrates are frequently
co-occurring within our community.

School Districts/
Teacher Education

California Department of Education

Orange County Dept. of Education

San Diego County Office of Education

Teach for America

Teacher Education Program- UCSD

U.S. Department of Education

Science, Math & the

bulletNASA Links
bulletAmazon Rainforest

+Plus Magazine
Internet magazine published five times
a year which aims to introduce readers
to the beauty & the practical applications
of mathematics.

A+ Math

Abstract Algebra Online

Access Excellence
Site for health and bioscience teachers
& learners.

Adventure Online

Amazing Space
Set of web-based astronomy activities
primarily designed for classroom use,
but made available for all to enjoy.

Ask Dr. Math

Ask Mr. Calculus



Children of the Earth United

Contemporary Physics Education Project

Dive & Discover
Expeditions to the seafloor.


Dr. Saul's Biology In Motion
Animations, interactive activities, &
cartoons designed to make learning
biology a richer, more engaging experience.

Dr. Universe
Science questions & answers for kids
of all ages.

Earth Balloon
Interactive K-12 school assembly
program used in teaching students
about our physical earth & environment.

Earth Scouts
Earth Scouts, is a national program
based on the Earth Charter : A Declaration
of Interdependence, with badges centered
on respect for nature, economic justice,
universal human rights and a culture of
peace, is inviting volunteers including parents,
youth, educators, artists & other enthusiastic
community members to help in its formation.
Youth have led the way in the development
of the mission statement: Change the World
One Fun Badge At A Time--Youth Working
Together To Make the Earth Charter a Reality
at Home and in the Community.

EcoLogic - A Student Pugwash Project

EE-Link for Educators
Environmental Education Resources 
on the Internet.

EPA Environmental Education Center

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse

Mission is to identify effective curriculum
resources, create high-quality professional
development materials, & disseminate
useful information & products to improve
K-12 mathematics & science teaching
& learning.

Museum of science, art & human

Competition for all students in grades
K–12. It is designed to encourage
students to combine their imagination
with their knowledge of science &
technology to explore visions of the future.

Facing the Future
Strives to educate people about critical
global issues, including population growth,
poverty, over-consumption, & environmental
destruction. Program web sites include:
PopInfo.org, TeachersCorner.org,
CreativeAction.org, Global-Issues.net
& StickyTeaching.org.

The Franklin Institute Science Museum

Fun Science Gallery

Gallery of Interactive Geometry

Global Thinking Project
"Hands across the globe" education project
which provides a paradigm for students
& teachers to participate in environmental study
& to use new technology tools with peers
around the world. Students learn to monitor and
analyze important physical and biological
aspects of their environment such as the
environmental quality of their classroom, the
quality of air and water in their community, as well
as the study of solid waste, acid rain, tap water, &
the creation of local community-based
environmental topics.

Imagine the Universe!


Quick access to information available
on the web about all the animals in the world,
big & small, including a large compilation
of video & audio clips.

A site about the Kapilli islands &
a series of standalone science sites,


Life Lab
Through its curricula and programs, Life Lab
helps schools develop gardens where
children can create "living laboratories"
for the study of the natural world.

Mars Student Imaging Project
Offers students nationwide, the ability
to be involved in authentic Mars
research using the data from the 2001
Mars Odyssey Thermal Emission
Imaging System (THEMIS) camera.

Math Forum
Center for mathematics & mathematics
education on the Internet. Mission is to
provide resources, materials, activities,
person-to-person interactions, & educational
products & services that enrich & support
teaching & learning in an increasingly
technological world.

MathMagic was a K-12 telecommunications
project developed in El Paso, Texas by
Alan A. Hodson. The intent of the project was
to provide motivation for students to use
computer technology while increasing
problem-solving strategies & communications

Mathematical Problem Solving

Mega Mathematics

The main goal of our project is to develop
powerful computer-based microworlds that
permit students to learn interesting & complex
ideas through inquiry or discovery.

Museum of Science & Industry,

National Science Foundation:
Student Interests

National Science Teachers Association

Nutrition Navigator

Nye Labs Online

Award-winning photographers & writers
present images of wilderness
expeditions & outdoor adventure.

Pachamama, Our Earth, Our Future
Special youth edition of UNEP's Global
Environment Outlook 2000. Created as
a global environmental primer for
11- to 14-year olds.

The Parrot Pages
"In the spring of 1990 I saw something on
San Francisco's Telegraph Hill that
astonished me: wild parrots. I was so curious
about their presence that I kept trying to get
closer until finally I had them eating out of my
hand. Thus began this friendship and study.
My book The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
documents the friendship; this web site, which
in the past has tried to document both, will now
focus on the study. I no longer feed the parrots
every day, and on days that I do feed them,
I limit myself to a single feeding. My situation
is stable, and it looks as though I'll be able to
spend the rest of my life following the parrots'
progress."- Mark Bittner

Pathfinder Science
Includes threaded discussion areas,
organizing protocols, data submission,
retrieval from interactive databases,
background information on the research
areas & a publication area for students
to submit their own research work. In
addition several active listservs for the
teachers & project special interest groups
have been established to assist

Physics.org | Institute of Physics
Promotes physics education research
& understanding to other scientists,
decision-makers & the public.

Physics 2000
Interactive journey through modern
physics! Learn visually & conceptually
about 20th Century science &
high-tech devices.

Comprehensive physics & astronomy
online education, research & reference
web site.

Platonic Realms
High-quality mathematical content for
secondary-school & college students
that is free, motivational, & instructional.

Multimedia project dealing
with spatiality, time, people & patterns.
Activities for the classroom.

Project 2061
Long-term initiative of the American
Association for the Advancement
of Science working to reform K-12
science, mathematics, & technology
education nationwide.

Rainforest Heroes
From the Rainforest Action Network.
Sections include Kid's Action, Heroes
Corner, Jungle Gym, About Rainforests,
Protect-an-Acre & Teacher's Lounge.

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
Seeks to inspire life-long learning by
furthering the public's understanding &
enjoyment of science and technology.

Science Made Simple

Science Museum

Online exhibitions, educational web
sites, resources for teachers & students.

Links to researched sites, lesson plans,
activities, & project ideas.

Sharing Nature Foundation
Dedicated to helping people of all ages
experience their oneness and harmony with all
Life. Uses the flow learning system of teaching
to gently guide people, step by step, to deeper,
more profound experiences of nature. Flow
learning has four stages: Awaken Enthusiasm,
Focus Attention, Direct Experience & Share

StudyWorks! Online
Resources for helping students & adults
learn, explore, & understand math &
science subjects.

The Tech Museum of Innovation


Gateway to experience the excitement
of contemporary science & technology
through on & offline interactivity with
science & technology centers worldwide.

University of Pennsylvania Museum
of Archaeology and Anthropology

Windows to the Universe

Winter Olympics
Sports nutrition, biomechanics,
physiology & psychology.

The Why Files

Yahoo: Math History


Blue Web'n Learning Applications

Camp Internet

Community Learning Network
Designed to help K-12 teachers integrate
technology into the classroom. Here you’ll find
over 5,800 annotated links to educational
sites with free resources, all organized by
theme pages and keyword search.

Cyber Surfari
Free, fun & safe Internet treasure hunt

Educational Software Cooperative

Mission is to advance higher education
by promoting the intelligent use of
information technology.

Electronic School
Chronicles technological change in the classroom,
interprets education issues in a digital world, &
offers advice pertinent to the implementation
of technology in K-12 schools.

The tutorials search engine.

McREL's goal is improving the quality of education
& learning through applied research, product
development & service.

Microsoft Education

Project LISTEN

Sites Alive!

Interactive online expedition website
for K-12 worldwide

SuperKids Software Guide

Tech Corps
Mobilizes technology volunteers into
schools, offering tech support & teacher

Offers programs designed to advance
education through the use of

USAC Schools & Libraries Division
Provides affordable access to tele-
communications services for all eligible
schools & libraries in the United States.



Alex Bateman's Origami Page

Joseph Wu's Origami Page

Origami Helps Scientists Solve Problems

Paper Folding Fractals



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