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Creation & destruction permeate the universe- life & death; birth & rebirth;
incarnation, death & reincarnation. The passing of the seasons remind us of this.
Our very breath- the inward breath of destruction & the outward breath
of creation. Our existence where the two meet.- Lowell Greenberg

Science Daily
UFO & Paranormal
An Open Letter to the Religious Community

bullet Global Warming
bulletAstronomy & Space Exploration
bulletBiological/Medical Science
bulletThe Solitary Leaf
bulletThe Ocean
bulletThe Infinite
bullet Paranormal & UFO
bulletScience, Math & the Environment
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bulletScience & Environmental Magazines
bullet Science & Ideology in the Bush Administration

PBS Science & Technology

Battle on Teaching Evolution Sharpens, 3/14/2005

Bush Administration Accused of Suppressing, Distorting Science, 2/19/2004

Laser-Like Beam May Break Barriers To Technological Progress; 7/22/02

Cosmic X-Rays Reveal Evidence For New Form Of Matter 4/17/02

Special Interests Undermine Objectivity Of Scientific Research, Report Says; 1/10/2002

Researchers Move Step Closer To Photonic Microchip; 3/21/2002

Crystalline Materials Could Mean 3-D TV And Ultrafast Computers; 3/29/2002

Fusion In A Flash? Researchers Report Nuclear Emissions From Tiny, Super-Hot Collapsing Bubbles; 3/5/2002

A Crack In The Theory Of Everything? Physicists Announce Possible Violation Of Standard Model Of Particle Physics; 2/9/2001

20th Century Women in Physics

American Association for the
Advancement of Science

Supports scientific exchange &
discussion of science and society

American Institute of Physics
Purpose is to promote the advancement
& diffusion of the knowledge of physics
& its application to human welfare.

American Physical Society

Underwater sea laboratory.

Artificial Intelligence Resources

Ask Dr. Science
He has a Masters Degree ... in Science!

B.E.A.M Robot Olympics

California Academy of Sciences

Natural History Museum, Steinhart
Aquarium and Morrison Planetarium.
Educational & research online

California Institute for Physics
and Astrophysics

Dedicated to exploring fundamental
problems in physics (e.g. gravitation,
inertia, the nature of mass) as well
as very-long range technological
possibilities that may emerge
from the properties of the quantum

Clay Mathematics Institute |
Millennium Prize Problems

Purpose is to increase & disseminate
mathematical knowledge, to educate
mathematicians and other scientists about
new discoveries in the field of mathematics,
to encourage gifted students to pursue
mathematical careers, & to recognize
extraordinary achievements & advances in
mathematical research.

Complexity Theory- Lecxture Notes
by Oded Goldreich

Computer Vision Homepage

Cornell Theory Center

Discovery Online

EarthTech International
Dedicated to the exploration of new frontiers
in physics. Activities are primarily centered
around investigations into various aspects
of the Zero-Point Field.

Einstein Archive Online
Online access to Albert Einsteinís
scientific and non-scientific manuscripts
held by the Albert Einstein Archives at the
Hebrew University of Jerusalem and to
an extensive Archival Database.

Embry-Riddle Aviation & Aerospace Libraries

Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics

Museum of science, art & human perception.

Federation of American

Analysis & advocacy on science,
technology and public policy, including
national security, nuclear weapons,
arms sales, biological hazards, secrecy,
education technology, information
technology, energy & the environment.

Game Theory.net

High Field Magnet Laboratory

Invention Dimension

The Institute for Nanotechnology

The Joannopoulos Research Group at MIT
About half of this group is working on
problems related to  photonic crystals
(also known as photonic band-gap materials).
Photonic crystals are periodic dielectric
structures that have a band gap that forbids
propagation of a certain frequency range of light.
This property enables one to control light with
amazing facility and produce effects that are
impossible with conventional optics.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Mad Scientist Network
Scientists providing answers to questions.

The Mirror Matter Page

MIT Media Lab

Molecular Expressions
Optical microscopy

NanoTechnology Magazine

National Aquarium in Baltimore

National Earthquake Information

National Oceanographic Data

National Science Foundation

Nobel Foundation

Ontario Science Center

Particle Adventure.org

Photonic Band Gap Materials

Physics.org | Institute of Physics

Promotes physics education research
& understanding to other scientists,
decision-makers & the public.

Rudolf Steiner Archive & E.Lib

Sandia National Laboratories


Gateway to information resources at
the U.S. government science agencies.

Science & Technology in the Making
A pilot project using the Internet for
investigating and documenting
events in the history of science
& technology.

Science Museum
Online exhibitions, educational web
sites, resources for teachers & students.

Science Museum of Minnesota |
Playing with Time

Scripps Institution of

Shedd Aquarium
One of the oldest public aquariums
in the world.

Society for Engineering Education

Society for Scientific Exploration

Provides a professional forum for
presentations, criticism, & debate
concerning topics which are for various
reasons ignored or studied inadequately
within mainstream science.

Stephen Wolfram
Stephen Wolfram is a scientist, author,
and business leader. He is the creator of
Mathematica, the author of A New Kind of
Science, and the founder and CEO of
Wolfram Research. His career has been
characterized by a sequence of original
and significant achievements.

Union of Concerned Scientists
Partnership of scientists & citizens
combining scientific analysis, policy
development & citizen advocacy
to achieve practical environmental solutions.

Viruses of the Mind /
The World of Richard Dawkins

Volcano World

Biological/Medical Science

Biological Science News

Asteroid Or Comet Triggered Death Of Most Species 250 Million Years Ago; 2/23/2001

Eye Strips Images Of All But Bare Essentials Before Sending Visual Information To Brain; 4/5/2001

How Did We Get So Smart? Study Sheds Light On Evolution Of The Brain; 5/10/2001

UCLA Team Maps How Genes Affect Brain Structure, Intelligence; Dramatic Images Shed Light On Brain Diseases, Personality Difference; 11/5/2001

Medical Science News

New Strategy May Protect Brain Against Stroke, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, 10/22/02

New Approach To Replacing Immune Cells Shrink Tumors In Patients With Melanoma; 9/20/02

Research Points to a Key Alzheimer's Risk Factor
Finding May Offer Detection, Prevention; 2/14/2002

Energy Blocker May Be Potential Liver Cancer Treatment, 7/15/02

Neural Stem Cells Can Develop Into Functional Neurons; 4/15/02

Epstein-Barr Virus Mechanism For Long-Term Survival Discovered; Implications Seen For Treating Virus-Associated Cancers; 4/1/02

Rats With Partial Parkinsonís Damage In The Brain Show Complete Functional Recovery After Gene Therapy; 4/1/02

Important Milestone In Therapeutic Cloning: Advanced Cell Technology Reports Publication Of Results Of Human Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer And Parthenogenesis; 11/26/2001

New Multiprotein AIDS Vaccine Prevents Disease In Monkeys; 3/9/2001

Molecular Basis Of Mental Retardation Uncovered; 11/16/2001

Molecular "Nanogenerator" Developed That Can Target Cancer Cells And Destroy Them; 11/16/2001

Agricultural Genome Information

All Species
Organization attempting to catalog
every living species on earth within
one generation.

Becoming Human
The story of human evolution through
broadband documentary.

Biotech, Biotechnology &
Pharmaceutical News,
Jobs, Companies & Stocks.

Biotech Dictionary

Brain Explorer
Guide to psychiatric & neurological


Cancer Genome Anatomy Project

Cells Alive

Film and computer-enhanced images of
living cells &organisms for education
& medical research.

Centers for Disease Control

Center for Science in the Public

Advocacy organization focused on
improving the safety & nutritional quality
of our food supply & on reducing the
carnage caused by alcoholic beverages.

DAVID Atlas of Human Anatomy

DNA Learning Center

Dolan DNA Learning Center
Science center devoted entirely to
public genetics education.

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences

Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body


Howard Hughes Medical Institute

International Society for
Infectious Diseases

Committed to improving the care of
patients with infectious diseases, the
training of clinicians & researchers in
infectious diseases & microbiology, &
the control of infectious diseases
around the world.

John C. Lilly Homepage
Scientist who worked in the areas of
dolphin research, psychology, brain
research, computer theory, medicine,
ethics & interspecies communication.

Journal of the American
Medical Association

The Kinsey Institute

The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University
promotes interdisciplinary research &
scholarship in the fields of human sexuality,
gender, & reproduction. The Institute was
founded in 1947, just before the publication
of Sexual Behavior in the Human Male in
1948. Today the Institute investigates sexual
behavior and sexual health today, & carries
out its mission through: development of
collections of resources for scholars;
programs of research & research publications;
interdisciplinary conferences & seminars;
provision of information services; &
graduate training.

National Human Genome
Research Institute

National Institutes of Neurological
Disorders and Stroke

National Library of Medicine

Nature's Genome Gateway
Research, news, links & applications of genomics. 

Neuropsychology Central

Paleo Ring

Sanger Institute

Genome research institute. Presents
up-to-date sequence data and
automatic annotation for eukaryotic

The Society for Conservation

Committed to developing the scientific &
technical means for the protection,
maintenance & restoration of the Earth's
biological diversity.

Talk.origins is a Usenet newsgroup
devoted to the discussion &  debate
of biological and physical origins.
Most discussions in the newsgroup
center on the creation/evolution controversy
but other topics of discussion include
the origin of life, geology, biology,
catastrophism, cosmology & theology.

University of Pennsylvania Museum
of Archaeology and Anthropology

William H. Calvin
"I talk a lot about ape-to-human evolution
& all those abrupt climate changes along
the way. But mostly I try to extend Darwin's
intellectual revolution to brain mechanisms.
What sort of Darwinian brain wiring allows
us, in just a split second, to shape up
a better thought?"

Stephen Wolfram discussing a "New Kind of Science."

Ritual Traditions of the Human Woman
© Dana Tiger, "Ritual Traditions of the Human Woman"

"...The great among the honored sisterhood will go further. To these few the last unfathomable great mystery will be made known. Alone they cross that impenetrable division between human and spirit....She is called the human medicine woman because she walks with spirits and is still a human woman...." - Dana Tiger

Dr. Rolando Del Maestro, Professor of Neurosurgery, University of Western Ontario

"One of Leonardo's (Leonardo Da Vinci's) most interesting anatomical explorations involved his "search for the soul." His method of working to resolve such a problem involved the careful accumulation of information from ancient and contemporary sources, careful note-taking, discussion with acknowledged experts and then his personal search for the truth. Leonardo explored a myriad of techniques learned from his knowledge of painting and sculpture in order to discover the site of the "senso comune" ... the soul.""

Albert Einstein

"As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality."

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed."

"I sometimes ask myself how it came about that I was the one to develop the theory of relativity. The reason, I think, is that a normal adult never stops to think about problems of space and time. These are things which he has thought about as a child. But my intellectual development was retarded, as a result of which I began to wonder about space and time only when I had already grown up."

"The mere formulation of a problem is far more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skills. To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle requires creative imagination and marks real advances in science."


Earth- a translucent, tranquil eye gazing upon a chaotic, violent universe. A universe studded with other Earths- reflective, bejeweled eyes, mirroring what is within and without. Conscious entities evolving together as the universe unfolds in space-time, requiring the tranquility and peace that all life must have.

Our dreams reveal who we are- our dreams tie us to the Universal Consciousness- Past, Present and Future are one. What once was is and will always be. A celestial voyager sailing on the sea of eternity.

Mankind- more powerful than he can imagine, yet mired in illusion- self deceived.

Moving through the space-time-continuum in silent communal meditation-living dreams.

So many futures to choose from- endless civilizations, endless futures, yet each uniquely bleak- much lost- but what gained?

Life and the Universal
The Noire Side

"Other civilizations, including more successful ones, may exist an infinite number of times on the pages of the Book of the Universe. Yet we should not minimize our sacred endeavors in this world, where, like faint glimmers in the dark, we have emerged for the moment from nothingness into material existence. We must make good the demands of reason and create a life worthy of ourselves and of the goals we only dimly perceive."

Andrei Sakharov, Noble Prize Lecture, 1975


The Solitary Leaf

When I was young I saw this image: a tree changing into autumn colors. Its leaves slowly turning hues of yellow, orange and withering brown - finally being tossed by the wind to the cold Earth. I then reflected that statistically and by the "laws of nature," this tree will lose all of its leaves- but who can predict which leaf will be the last to fall? With all of our scientific knowledge and mathematical certainty we can not predict which leaf will be the last to cling. In thinking this way, I reassured myself of how unpredictable life is and the futility of trying to fully predict human behavior let alone trying to foresee which leaf would stay till the end. Since then, I have become aware of chaos theory in science. Chaos theory embraces the unpredictable and at least provides some context to our scientific understanding of, "of unstable aperiodic behavior in deterministic, nonlinear dynamical systems." (Dr. Stephen Lellert).  Further, I seem to have focused more in later years on the fact that all of the leaves will in fact fall off and less on the the lonely leaf that remains. Yet- all life may depend on that solitary leaf- lonely atom- lonely spark- that somehow breaks the thin veil between existence and non-existence. Wallace Stevens wrote in the poem, "The Well Dressed Man with a Beard,"

"After the final no there comes a yes 
And on that yes the future world depends.
No was the night. Yes is this present sun."

There is no duality- and there is no non-duality. There is no existence and there is no non-existence. At the stroke of my pen- I speak falsehood and bring duality- where there is none. The limits of language you know well.

But...the great primordial energy of existence exists in that infinitely
small, yet infinitely powerful and creative place that is at the
boundaries of existence and non-existence- duality and non duality,
life and death. And as our consciousness extends to this- we have something remarkable, unexpected and intellectually unsettling- not the illusion of choice- but choice- the creative essence of the
universe is there- it can be tapped into into. We are one, because we are nothing- we don't exist, yet we exist infinitely.

Lowell Greenberg

See also: The Fractal Universe.

The Ocean

Asking when the Universe began, is like asking when does a single ocean wave begin.

Asking when the Universe will end is like asking when does a single ocean wave end.

Asking how the Universe was created is like asking- How is a single ocean wave created?- One leading to the next- the beginning the end.

Asking how the Universe will end is like asking- How does a single ocean wave end?- One leading to the next- the end the beginning.

Asking how many Universes there are is like asking how many waves are in the ocean.

The "when," the "how," the "how many" and the "why"- inextricable and at each level-from subatomic to galactic to the Universe itself-answerable in the same way. Black holes come from collapsed suns whose substratum comes from black holes- endlessly recursive spirals propagating through time and space.

Henize 3-401 planetary nebula


"Let the splitting of the atomic nucleus and its dangers serve warning of greater potential dangers inherent in the irresponsible manipulation of the nucleus of the living cell- the genetic bedrock. What has taken billions of years to evolve must not be undone in a thousand human lifetimes- let alone one. The future is uncertain and the pursuit of pure knowledge need not and must not result in the the blind and/or willful application of technology."

The Infinite

When physicists explore the limits of time, space and dimension they confront the infinite- infinite mass, infinite velocity, infinite density- infinite time. Yet they cannot conceive of the infinite- the equations lead to derivatives that lead to nowhere.

Yet in the spiritual realm the infinite is understood, felt, experienced. The infinite is the very bedrock of spiritual belief- infinite worlds- portals through space and time- infinite consciousness- there lies the truth- the rest is illusion. The every day reality is less real than the dream world- all worlds are dreamed into being.

This "similarity" between physics and the spiritual understanding of the infinite is not the convergence of belief. In the realm of physics it is the rational mind groping for control- yet the harder it grasps the more elusive the "target". In the spiritual realm it is simply experienced. 

Astronomy & Space

Cambridge Relativity & Gravitation

Cosmic Ancestry-Panspermia

European Space Agency

Foundations of Modern Cosmology

Gravity Probe B

Hubble Space Telescope News


Hubble Space Telescope Links

Infrared Space Observatory

Lunar Orbiter Photographic
Atlas of the Moon

The Mars Society | Mars Arctic
Research Station
| Explore Mars

Promotes the exploration of Mars.

MAXIMA (Millimeter Anisotrophy
Experiment Imaging Array)

Meta Research

Mount Wilson Observatory

Near-Earth Asteriod Tracking

The Nine Planets

Northern Lights


Space Telescope Science Institute

Spacewatch Project

SpaceWeather.com | Space
Environment Center

Shoemaker-Levy 9 Collision
with Jupiter

Sky Online

Sky and Telescope Magazine

Stephen Hawking's Web Pages
The Beginning of Time
Space & Time Warps
Does God Play Dice?

Life in the Universe

The Official String Theory Web Site

Giant galactic nebula NGC 3603,
from the Hubble Space Telescope


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