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About Famous People

Academic Press Dictionary of
Science & Technology

American Library Association |
Best Free Reference Web Sites 2001

American Museum of Natural History Research Library
Composed of more than 450,000
volumes, as well electronic resources
& microform materials. Subject areas
include anthropology, astronomy,
geology, paleontology, zoology &,
to some extent, exploration & travel,
history of science, and museology.


Bartleby American Heritage Reference

Bartleby Great Books Online

Bartleby Reference

Free online literature.


Life sciences resources
& reference tools.

The Blue Book of Grammar
& Punctuation

The British Library
The national library of the UK

California State Library


Columbia Encyclopedia
Dedicated to helping writers
create bibliographies.


Etext Archives

Listing of e-zines, political,
fiction, poetry & religious works.

Free Internet Encyclopedia

Funk & Wagnalls Multimedia

Genealogy Home Page

Goggle Language Tools
Web page & text language translation.

Guinness World Records

HighWire Press
Search engine for science articles. - the Public's Library
ibiblio is a conservancy of freely
available information, including
software, music, literature, art, history,
science, politics, & cultural studies.

Guide to language-related Web sites.
Almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia,

The Internet Archive
‘Internet library’ offering permanent
access for researchers, historians,
& scholars to historical collections
that exist in digital format.

Internet Classics Archive

Internet Patent Search

Internet Public Library
Public library of & for the Internet

Law Librarian's Society

Law & Politics Internet Guide

Librarians Index to the Internet

Library of Congress | Library of Congress Portals to the World

Literature, Arts, and Medicine

Resource for teaching & scholarship
in medical humanities.

Lives, the Biography Resource


Devoted to recently coined words,
existing words that have enjoyed
a recent renaissance, & older words
that are being used in new ways.


The National Library of Wales

New York Public Library Picture
Collection Online
| Digital Library
Select group of images from The New
York Public Library, Mid-Manhattan
Library, Picture Collection. The Picture
Collection has met the needs of New
York's large community of artists,
illustrators, designers, teachers,
students, & general researchers.
Covering over 12,000 subjects, it is an
extensive circulating collection & reference

Free suite of interactive tools
designed to aid students &
professionals with their
online research.

Guide to over 150 different
alphabets, syllabaries &
other writing systems.

OneLook Dictionaries

A reference guide to using
Internet resources.

On-Line Books Page

Online Computer Library Center

Online Conversion

Online Dictionary

On-line Dictionary of Computing


PC Webopaedia

Persus Project

Photographic & editorial
research company.

Project Gutenberg

A large online collection of light &
heavy literature & reference works.

Subscription online library that
provides access to a large collection
of books & journal articles in the
humanities & social sciences, plus
magazine & newspaper articles.

Ramapo Catskill Library System

The Right Site
Demographic information.

The Rosetta Project
Survey & near permanent archive
of 1,000 languages.

San Diego Public Library

Statistical Resources on the Web

Stephen's Guide to Logical Fallacies

Telson Spur

Today In History

UNC Jackson Library 
Government Documents

U.S. Federal, North Carolina & International
Government Web sites.

U.S. Census Bureau | CensusScope

United Nations Information Services

University of Texas Library Online

University of Virginia Electronic
Text Center | University of Virginia Library

Internet-accessible collection of SGML
texts & images and user communities
adept at the creation and use of
these materials.

University of Virginia Geostat
Access to extensive collections of
numeric & geospatial data files;
computing facilities & software for
data manipulation, research, &
instruction; and a suite of Internet-
accessible data extraction tools.

Visual Thesaurus
An artistic exploration & a tool to
explore, study, and analyze the
structure of language. Displays
the interrelationships between words
& meanings as spatial maps.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary

Multilingual project to create a
complete and accurate open
content encyclopedia.

Wlliam Strunk Jr.'s Elements of Style

Wilton's Word & Phrase Origins

Etymology of common words &
English, Spanish, German, French
& Italian word translation.

WWW Virtual Library
Categories include agriculture,
business, economics, computing,
communications & media, Education,
Engineering, Humanities, Information
& Libraries, International Affairs, Law,
Recreation, Regional Studies, Science
& Society.

If you believe certain words, you believe their hidden arguments. When you believe something is right or wrong, true or false, you believe the assumptions in the words which express the arguments. Such assumptions are often full of holes, but remain most precious to the convinced. -The Open-Ended Proof from The Panoplia Prophetica, Frank Herbert, The Dune Sextet


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