Technology should be integral to all instruction. Information and technology are expanding at exponential rates. An essential literacy skill of the next century will be to effective utilize this information for survival and personal betterment (career, recreational, etc.).

On the Internet one may instantly publish. Ones writing are instantly shareable by the Earth’s 6 billion plus inhabitants. Nothing is more empowering then to know your views can reach or touch someone as close as next door or as far as the other side of the planet.

For example, "" has touched over 300,000 people worldwide. Through it I have met leading published and scientist throughout the world. I communicate daily with educators and exchange ideas with colleagues throughout the United States.

The Internet can empower your students to write with passion and meaning. It can help them forge alliances with other students and teachers. It can bring about student participation in collaborative projects that span the globe. 

I can allow a child in France to speak to a child in my class directly over the Internet without incurring phone charges. Using the Internet you can communicate REAL-TIME with small to large groups of people. Your ideas can be instantly shared and responded to around the globe. Today's presentation, as a matter of fact, is now published on my personal web site for use by others.

The web can also become a vehicle of social action, empowering students to take control of their lives (Minnesota New Country School Frog Project)