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"The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to
them; that is the essence of inhumanity." - From "The Devil's Disciple,"
by George Bernard Shaw

Children With AIDS
Vision Health
Global Health Failure
Saccharin: Toxic Chemicals and Cell Phone Safety
The Tobacco Pandemic
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Network for Good

Food, Inc is a documentary that graphically depicts the the death, disease and degradation to men, woman, children and workers caused by industrial farming & the domination of government by corporate agri-interests. It clearly draws the connection between agribusiness and dramatic increases in food born illness, environmental destruction and factory worker and farmer oppression. The factories used to produce our meat go beyond inhumane into the realm of genocidal nightmare- of which the moral, let alone health implications- are fundamentally destructive to the human species. Yet this system is unsustainable in the era of peak oil and global warming- and when it finally self destructs there may be even more starvation and resulting wars and destruction. This madness must stop! See also: Animal Rights; Boss Hog- Rollingstone, 12/14/2006

“Animals are God’s creatures, not human property, nor utilities, nor resources, nor commodities, but precious beings in God’s sight.”-Rev. Andrew Linzey, Oxford University Animal Theology, 1995


bulletSocial/Volunteer Action
bulletManifesto 2000


“Nature provides no written text for her laws. She only smiles or frowns on her subjects and whispers softly in approval or disapproval of their conduct. Her disciplines seem very mild, even to the most careful observer. But in the long run, continued obedience to her laws leads slowly to great abundance, and continued violation of her laws ends in desolation.” - Author Unknown

Quick Reference
American Association of Naturopathic Doctors
Vision: To transform the healthcare system from a disease management system to a comprehensive health program incorporating the principles of naturopathic medicine. We believe that every American has the right to choose a naturopathic doctor and every naturopathic doctor has the opportunity to be a successful practitioner.

American Self-Help Group Clearinghouse
Searchable database of national & international self-help support groups for addictions, bereavement, health, mental health, disabilities, abuse, parenting, caregiver concerns & other stressful life situations.

American Social Health Association
Sexually transmitted disease information.
Recognized by the public, patients, providers & policy makers for developing and delivering accurate, medically reliable information about STDs. Also: Iwannaknow.org, for teen sexual health related information.

Asbestos Research Center
Comprehensive resource about asbestos, mesothelioma & asbestosis.

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention | STD Prevention

Clinical trials listing service.


Provides no cost reports for people
researching the quality of their health care
provider. Hosts online communities for
exchanging health care information.



FDA MedWatch

FDA Center for Drug Evaluation & Research

Healthcare Choices

Physician developed & monitored health communities.

Healthfinder | español


A joint community service project of the Rotary Club of Santa Monica and The Center for Healthy Aging. The Center focuses on preventing disease, educating for a healthy lifestyle and assisting with the special emotional and physical changes that come with aging.

A consumer guide for getting &  keeping health insurance for each state & the District of Columbia.

Health Press

Healthy Child Healthy World
Dedicated to protecting the health and well being of children from harmful environmental exposures. We educate parents, support protective policies, and engage communities to make responsible decisions, simple everyday choices, and well-informed lifestyle improvements to create healthy environments where children and families can flourish.

Healthy School Lunches

Institute of Medicine
Mission is to advance & disseminate scientific knowledge to improve human health. The Institute provides information and advice concerning health & science policy to government, the corporate sector, the professions and the public.

International Society for Stem Cell Research
The International Society for Stem Cell Research is an independent, nonprofit organization established to promote and foster the exchange and dissemination of information and ideas relating to stem cells, to encourage the general field of research involving stem cells and to promote professional and public education in all areas of stem cell research and application.

Janssen ElderCare
Wealth of information for consumers, caregivers, physicians and health care professionals to improve the quality of care for the elderly.

Doctor-approved health information about children from before birth through adolescence. Web sites for parents, kids & teens.

Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services

Medical Humanities
"This site, established in 1994 at New York University School of Medicine, is dedicated to providing a resource for scholars, educators, students, patients, and others who are interested in the work of medical humanities. We define the term "medical humanities" broadly to include an interdisciplinary field of humanities (literature, philosophy, ethics, history and religion), social science (anthropology, cultural studies, psychology, sociology), and the arts (literature, theater, film, and visual arts) and their application to medical education and practice.

Medicine Online
Medical information & education in oncology and HIV/AIDS, Medline literature searches, Daily Medical News, Cancer Forums discussion groups, & medical meeting reports.

Merck Manuals

New England Journal of Medicine

Nursing Home Alert

Nursing home abuse & neglect resource center for the elderly & their families.

Nursing Home News

Resources for the families of victims of nursing home abuse and neglect--ombudsmen directory, paying for care, when do I need a lawyer, nursing home comparison tool & relevant news.

Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment Paradigm

Program designed to improve the quality of care people receive at the end of life. It is based on effective communication of patient wishes, documentation of medical orders on a brightly colored form and a promise by health care professionals to honor these wishes.

National Library of Medicine's search service providing access to over 11 million  citations in MEDLINE, PreMEDLINE, & other related databases.

Prevent Cancer Foundation |
Your Prevention Plan

Since 1985, the Prevent Cancer
Foundation (formerly the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation) has carried its mission in three main ways: (1) By funding research that helps us understand how to prevent cancer; (2) By educating people about how they can prevent cancer; and By reaching out to communities across the country through our resources, events & partnerships with other organizations.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Focuses on the pressing health and health care issues facing the US. The Foundation works with a diverse group of organizations and individuals to identify solutions and achieve comprehensive, meaningful and timely change.


Drug Index.

U.S. News Hospital Rankings


Williams, Love O'Leary & Powers
Represents individuals who have been injured by dangerous drugs like Phenylpropanolamine (PPA), Baycol, Meridia, Fen-Phen (Redux), Rezulin, Propulsid, & L-Tryptophan or by defective products like the ProteGen vaginal sling, Dalkon Shield, silicone breast implants, and pedicle screws. They also represent people who have been diagnosed with PPH (primary pulmonary hypertension) who also took prescription diet pills such as Fen-Phen or Redux.


PBS Body & Spirit

Drug 'probably killed thousands,' 1/25/05
"An arthritis drug withdrawn on safety grounds last year probably killed many thousands of patients, a new study suggests.

Researchers said the drug Vioxx may have caused between 88,000 and 140,000 serious heart problems in the United States alone since its introduction in 1999.

With heart disease death rates in the US running at 44%, many of these cases were likely to have been fatal, it was claimed."

U.S. Prescription Drug System Under Attack: Multibillion-Dollar Shadow Market Is Growing Stronger
"For half a century Americans could boast of the world's safest, most tightly regulated system for distributing prescription drugs. But now that system is undercut by a growing illegal trade in pharmaceuticals, fed by criminal profiteers, unscrupulous wholesalers, rogue Internet sites and foreign pharmacies."- Gilbert M. Gaul & Mary Pat Flaherty, Washington Post,10/19/03

Biodiversity Has Roots In Global Health, 5/27/03:
"A crucial part in the battle to prevent outbreaks of deadly disease across the world lies with ecologists, a Michigan State University professor says..."
"...If the ecosystem isn't healthy, then human health is in jeopardy."

Medical errors kill tens of thousands annually, panel says; 11/99

The Maryland House of Delegates took a first step yesterday toward legalizing the use of marijuana by patients suffering the ravages of cancer, AIDS and other diseases; 3/26/2002

The End of an Error?
Big Business, Launching a New Era of Reform, Is Pressuring Hospitals to Cut Mistakes -- and Costs; 3/26/2002


A Global Catastrophe

National AIDS Memorial
Grove, San Francisco, CA

AIDS Facts

14,500 people become infected each day. In some African countries between 25% and 35% of the adult population is infected and life expectancy has dropped 20 years.

AIDS is now the #1 cause of death among 25- to 44-year-olds in America.

UNAIDS (Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS) estimates that an average of five infections occur among youth aged 10 to 24 every minute, totaling 7,000 infections among young people every day. An estimated 36.1 million people are living with HIV. In 2000, about 5.3 million people around the world became infected, 600 000 of them children. Since the epidemic began, AIDS has killed more than 21.8 million people—almost three times the population of Switzerland. In 2000 alone, AIDS claimed three million lives. About 90% of people with HIV live in developing countries, and have no access to any scientifically proven treatment for the infection. Nearly 70% of all cases occur in sub-Saharan Africa.

According to a September 2003 report by the World Health Organization and Medecins Sans Frontieres, only 1 percent of the millions of Africans who need anti-AIDS drugs receive them. Stephen Lewis, a U.N. AIDS expert called the crisis, “the grotesque obscenity of the modern world.”

Women and AIDS

bulletThe proportion of women living with HIV/AIDS has risen steadily in recent years. In 1997, 41% of HIV-positive adults were women. Three years later, that figure had risen to 47%. In sub-Saharan Africa alone, an estimated 12.2 million women carry the virus, compared to 10.1 million men.
bulletAIDS is ranked as the third cause of death among African-American women ages 25-44.
bulletWomen of color represent more than three-fourths (76%) of AIDS cases reported to date among women in the U.S.
bulletOver 80% of global HIV infections result from heterosexual intercourse.

Children and AIDS

bulletMore than 2,000 children are infected with HIV each day worldwide according to recent estimates.
bulletMother-to-child transmission has accounted for more than 90% of all HIV infections worldwide in infants and children.
bulletIn 2000, 3 million people died of AIDS – 500,000 (1,400 per day) of them were children.
bulletMore than 36.1 million people are infected with HIV worldwide and 1.4 million of them are children.
bulletThis epidemic disproportionately affects children of color. In 1998, 58% of the children with AIDS in the U.S. were African American and 23% were Hispanic.
bulletAIDS has orphaned at least 10.4 million children currently under 15 (that is, they have lost their mother or both parents to the epidemic). The total number of children orphaned by the epidemic since it began—13.2 million—is forecast to more than double by 2010.
bulletAIDS-related deaths caused some 2.3 million children to become orphans (at the rate of 1 every 14 seconds) in 2000. UNICEF estimates that up to a third of those children were less than five years old.
bulletBefore the onset of AIDS, about 2% of all children in developing countries were orphans. By 1999, 10% and more were orphans in some African countries.

Youth and AIDS

bulletEvery day, 7,000 people 10-24 years of age worldwide acquire the virus. This translates into five young people every minute or 2.6 million infections a year.
bulletWorldwide, more than half of all new HIV infections acquired after infancy occur among young people 10-24 years old.
bulletYouth of color are over-represented among youth with AIDS. African American and Latinos account for 61% of AIDS cases among youth ages 20 to 24.
bulletAt especially high risk for HIV are young people of color, gay youth, and homeless and runaway youth.

Minorities and AIDS

bulletAIDS is leading killer of Black women aged 25-34 in the U.S.
bulletThe death rate for Hispanics due to HIV is 295% higher than non-Hispanic whites in the U.S.

See: Pediatric AIDS Foundation & UNAIDS: Key Populations


Getting Physical: HIV super infection -- clear and present danger?, 7/2005
"..Tony Mills, an HIV specialist in West Hollywood, puts it this way: "If people are on a nice, easy-to-tolerate [drug] regimen and they've got good viral suppression and good immune function, you've sort of won the game at that point. But if you go muck around with it and introduce another strain of the virus that's resistant to the medications you're on, then all bets are off again."

New Details Released On HIV 'Super Strain', 2/25/05
"(Boston, Massachusetts) Research on a recently discovered HIV strain shows it holds an array of disturbing traits that help it quickly progress to full-blown AIDS while resisting drug treatments, doctors have told the leading meeting on AIDS science."- AP, 2/25/05; See also:

"Health officials find new, virulent HIV strain in New Yorker, 2/11/05."

Dying for AIDS Drugs
"As the growing AIDS epidemic slams up against state austerity measures, ADAP (AIDS Drug Assistance Program ) has descended into crisis, and Republicans in Washington have refused to intervene. As of early October, more than 600 people with HIV have been denied access to medications through the program. Three states have tightened income eligibility requirements; five have restricted the list of drugs they cover, hampering competent treatment; thirteen have capped their programs, leaving the sick to languish on waiting lists."  Esther Kaplan, The Nation, 10/16/2003

Death Watch: AIDS, Drugs & Africa

Nashua vs.AIDS Campaign
Nashua is a company taking an active role helping AIDS victims in South Africa. Their current campaign benefits Nkosi's Haven. Based in Berea, Johannesburg, Nkosi's Haven provides shelter & support to mothers and children who have been rejected by their communities as a result of HIV infection. The Haven also houses a number of AIDS orphans. The Haven bears the name of the courageous 12 year old child Nkosi Johnson, who was a leading advocate of AIDS prevention and opposition to societal discrimination and indifference to AIDS victims. Nkosi died of AIDS in late Spring of 2001.

Living with AIDS

UCLA/UCSF Researchers Predict Future Of Drug-Resistant HIV Epidemic
Study predicts that by 2005, 42% of all HIV cases will be drug resistant.

HIV Drug Resistance Exceeds Previous Estimates

The Body: A Multimedia AIDS
& HIV Resource

AIDS Action Committee
New England provider of AIDS support
services, education & advocacy.

Site is produced by NAM in collaboration
with the British HIV Association & the
International HIV/AIDS Alliance. NAM
is a community-based information provider
based in the UK whose sole aim is to
combat the AIDS epidemic through
accurate, accessible & up-to-date

Portal on issues relating to HIV/AIDS.
Deals not only with health aspects,
but also but also related development,
social, economic and human rights issues.


AIDS Action
"AIDS Action is a national organization
dedicated to the development, analysis,
cultivation, and encouragement of sound
policies and programs in response to the
HIV epidemic. We do this through the
dissemination of information and the
building and use of advocacy on behalf
of all those living with and affected by HIV.
Our goal is simple. Until It’s Over—until
no one acquires HIV, until those living with
HIV have the care and services they need,
and until a cure is found."

AIDS Alliance for Children,
Youth & Families

AIDS Education Global
Information System

AIDS Housing Corporation
Facilitates creation of housing programs in
Massachusetts for people living
with HIV & AIDS.

AIDS Memorial Quilt

American Foundation for AIDS

Mission is to prevent HIV infection & the
disease and death associated with it & to
protect the human rights of all people
threatened by the epidemic of HIV/AIDS.

AVERT is an AIDS Education & Medical
Research charity whose aim is to prevent
people from becoming infected
with HIV, improve the quality of life of
those already infected and through
medical research work to develop
a cure for AIDS.

The Canadian AIDS Treatment Information
Exchange is a national, non-profit organization
committed to improving the health & quality
of life of all Canadians living with HIV/AIDS.
CATIE provides treatment information not
only for people living with the virus but also
for their families, care providers, AIDS
Service Organizations and Health Care
Intermediaries. It does so through a
comprehensive web site, three electronic
mailing lists, various print publications & a
bilingual, toll-free phone service.

Cascade AIDS Project
Community-based provider of HIV
services, housing, education & advocacy in
Oregon & Southwest Washington.

Center for AIDS Prevention Studies
Conducts local, national, & international
interdisciplinary research on methods to
prevent HIV infection and its consequences.

Critical Path AIDS Project
Founded by people with HIV/AIDS to provide
treatment, resource, and prevention information
in wide-ranging levels of detail--for researchers,
service providers, treatment activists -- but,
first & foremost, for other people with HIV/AIDS
who often find themselves in urgent need of
information quickly and painlessly.

Gay Men's Health Crisis
Committed n the fight against AIDS.
Mission is to reduce the spread of HIV
disease, help people with HIV maintain
& improve their health and independence,
& keep the prevention, treatment and cure
of HIV an urgent national and local priority.
In fulfilling this mission, they remain true
to their heritage by fighting homophobia &
affirming the individual dignity of all gay
men & lesbians.

Health Global Access Project
An organization of U.S.-based AIDS &
human rights activists, people living with
HIV/AIDS, public health experts, fair trade
advocates & concerned individuals who
campaign against policies of neglect &
avarice that deny treatment to millions
& fuel the spread of HIV.

HIV/AIDS Treatment Information Service

HIV InSite

HIV Plus

Dedicated to providing the latest news on
HIV research & treatment breakthroughs as
well as expert advice on staying healthy—
mind, body, & soul. Presents stories of
people who readers can relate to, learn
from, and apply lessons from their
lives to their own.


International AIDS Vaccine Research

John Hopkins AIDS Service

The National AIDS Treatment
Advocacy Project

National Center for HIV, STD
& TB Prevention

Our House of Portland
Residential care facility in Portland,
Oregon offering 24 hour specialized
nursing care to people living with &
dying from advanced stage AIDS.

Pets are Wonderful
PAWS is a volunteer nonprofit group that
helps improve the quality of life 
for people with HIV.

"Working with photographers, writers,
designers & doctors, our team chronicles
the HIV epidemic, both in the States &
 overseas. We support healthcare providers
& empower patients through publications,
seminars & innovative educational programs."

Project Inform
Mission is to provide vital information
on the diagnosis and treatment of HIV
disease; Advocate for enlightened regulatory,
research, and funding policies & Inspire
people to make informed choices &
to choose hope over despair.

San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Test Positive Aware Network
"Designed to provide the information &
support necessary to allow people with
HIV to retain control over their lives.
We invite you to read on, &  welcome
any comments or suggestions you may
have to help us all to remain "committed
to living.""

Treatment Action Campaign
Main objective is to campaign for greater
access to treatment for all South Africans,
by raising public awareness & understanding
about issues surrounding the availability,
affordability and use of HIV treatments.
TAC campaigns against the view that
AIDS is a ‘death sentence’.

UK National AIDS Trust |
World AIDS Day

World Health Organization:

A service of the New York Academy
of Medicine Library for AIDS-related,
community-based organizations
in the New York Area.


"...For all that we speak, as a culture and a people, of victory and defeat, of good and evil, of hero and coward, none of it is quite true. The truth is that the greatest victory is to endure with grace and humor, to stay in the game, to achieve humility"- On no 'beating' cancer' by Brian Doyle, 1/17/2009

Colon Cancer Alliance

Prevent Cancer Foundation |
Your Prevention Plan

Since 1985, the Prevent Cancer
Foundation (formerly the Cancer Research
and Prevention Foundation) has carried its
mission in three main ways: (1) By funding
research that helps us understand how to
prevent cancer; (2) By educating people
about how they can prevent cancer; and
By reaching out to communities across the
country through our resources, events &
partnerships with other organizations.
They envision a future where cancer
incidence and mortality will be significantly
reduced through preventive measures.

GlobalWalk for Breast Cancer
"The GlobalWalk for Breast Cancer is a walk by one woman, Polly Letofsky, who has embarked on a 4-year, 18,000-mile walk around the world. This walk will take Polly through twenty-plus countries, over four continents, and 50+ pairs of shoes, in a fundraising and awareness effort for Breast Cancer.

Proceeds from the walk will benefit The Breast Cancer Fund, a renowned San Francisco based non-profit organization dedicated to research, education, support and advocacy."

Lessons in Love and Faith
"On Mother's Day 2000, Maureen McDonnell-Weschler was well into her first year fighting breast cancer..."

New Breast Cancer Therapy At Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center Boosts Drugs' Effects, Dramatically Shrinks Tumors, 5/19/02

Genetic Connection In Link Between Permanent Hair Dye Use And Bladder Cancer Risk, 4/10/02

Researchers Uncover Biochemical Connection Between High-Fat Diets And Increased Colon-Cancer Risk, 5/17/02

Research confirming that a potentially cancer-causing chemical, acrylamide, is produced by some cooking methods was published on 5/17/01 by the British Food Standards Agency.

According to the American Sun Protection Association: "Over 1.3 million people will be diagnosed with skin cancer in the U.S. in 2001... Melanoma can strike people of any age, race, gender, and economic status. It is the most common cancer for women ages 25 to 29. In 1930, an American's lifetime risk of developing melanoma was 1 in 1500. Today, it is 1 in 75. According to the AMC Cancer Center, 1 in 5 Americans will develop some form of skin cancer. Fortunately, skin cancer is largely preventable. Protecting yourself and those you care about is easy. Adopt sun protection as a personal and family habit." See also: The AMC Cancer Research Center: Sun Safety

AMC Cancer Research
Center & Foundation

The American Cancer Society

Association of Cancer Online
Resources (ACOR.org)

Brain Tumor Foundation of

The Brain Tumor Society

The Breast Cancer Fund
"In response to the public health crisis
of breast cancer, The Breast Cancer Fund
identifies and advocates for elimination of
the environmental & other preventable
causes of the disease. Founded in 1992,
TBCF works from the knowledge that breast
cancer is not simply a personal tragedy,
but a public health priority that demands
action from all."

The Breast Cancer Site
The Breast Cancer Site was founded to help
offer free mammograms to women in need
-women for whom early detection would not
otherwise be possible. Since its launch in
October 2000, the site has established itself
as a leader in online activism and in the fight
to prevent breast cancer deaths.

Candlelighters Childhood
Cancer Family Alliance

Provides emotional, educational, &
practical support to children with
cancer & their families.

Candlelighters for Children
with Cancer

Mission to the community and to the families
affected by childhood cancer covers three
essential areas: support, education & advocacy.
Supports hundreds of families in Oregon & SW
Washington state.

Cancer Care, Inc.

Aim is to help cancer patients receive the
pain treatment they deserve.


Information from the National Cancer Institute

Cancer News on the Net

Cancer Pages

The Cancer Project

Cancer Research Foundation
of America

Gillette Women's Cancer Connection
Gillette Women's Cancers programs
are designed to make a difference in the
lives of millions of women, & their families
& friends, who are affected by breast
or gynecologic cancers.

Colon Cancer Alliance
"Every 4 minutes, a person in the U.S. is
diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer.
Every 9 minutes, someone dies of the disease.
Colorectal cancer is highly preventable & treatable.
Yet it is the nation’s second leading cancer killer.
The disease causes much pain and suffering for
patients and for the people who love them.
The Colon Cancer Alliance is working to change
this... The Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) is an
organization of colon & rectal cancer survivors,
their families, caregivers, people genetically
predisposed to the disease and the medical
community. We began as a group of people
participating in an online discussion list for
colorectal cancer patients.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Mission is to cure leukemia, lymphoma,
Hodgkin's disease & myeloma, and to
improve the quality of life of patients
& their families.

Life with Mesothelioma
"Even though millions of people live with
mesothelioma, it can feel as though you are
all alone. Where can you turn for help?
What does the future hold? Knowing about
the disease and the treatment options
available can help comfort you or your
loved one. Understanding the history of the
disease can help you discover how &
why this happened."

Living with Mesothelioma
Provides patients & their families with
current information on improving quality of
life through treatment, care, research, &
emotional & financial support.

Lymphoma Information

Lymphoma Research Foundation
of America

Macmillan Cancer Relief

UK charity supporting people with cancer
& their families with specialist
information, treatment and care.

Mautner Project
National organization dedicated to
lesbians with cancer, their partners
& caregivers.

Melanoma Patients' Information Page

Mesothelioma Aid

Practical help for those with
mesothelioma. Advice for coping
with terminal illness, caregiving,
planning, financing treatment, &
maintaining a high quality of life.

Mesothelioma Cancer Advice
Advice on mesothelioma, asbestos
induced cancer, lawsuits, mesothelioma
law firms, attorneys and treatment.

Mesothelioma Information
Educational resource for those who
suffer from the lung cancer
mesothelioma, also known as
asbestos cancer, or who know
someone who does.

Mesothelioma Information &
Resource Group

Created to assist patients, family,
friends & loved ones in learning about
mesothelioma and other asbestos-related
injuries. It is the aim of MIRG to provide
information about the disease, its causes,
its treatment and its personal &
legal impact.

Mesothelioma Study
Collection of resources related to the rare
cancer mesothelioma & asbestos.

An e-mail that could save you life...

National Alliance of Breast Cancer

National Breast Cancer Coalition

National Cervical Cancer Public
Education Campaign

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
Only two out of ten women live more than
five years after being diagnosed with ovarian
cancer. The reason may be that most women
are not diagnosed until the disease is in its
advanced stages. However, when it's caught
early, the survival rate is 90 percent.

The National Coalition for Cancer

Patient-led advocacy organization working
on behalf of people with all types of cancer
& their families. Dedicated to assuring quality
cancer care for all Americans.

Real-time global support community
for people whose lives have been
touched by cancer.

Mission to help cancer patients, families,
health care professionals and the general
public get accurate cancer-related
information at no charge.

Pancreatica: Confronting
Pancreatic Cancer

Has a database comprised of almost 370
trials in more than 1,000 locations
throughout the world.

Your Disease Risk

Mental Health
"These are times of change for us ...
there's never been a better time to be
a person with serious mental illness.
There's more hope than ever before."
 -Dr. Frederick Frese

Peter Sarrio's Web Page
"..Having a strong purpose and passion for living is an invaluable benefit in your struggle with mental illness. I have found my passion and purpose with my music and song writing."

The Sights and Sounds of Schizophrenia:
Drug Company Creates Simulation of Illness' Symptoms

Mentally Ill Need Care, Find Prison Without Treatment, Many Cycle In and Out of Jail

Purpose is to help families & friends of
alcoholics recover from the effects of living
with the problem drinking of a relative or
friend. Similarly, Alateen is a recovery program
for young people. Alateen groups are
sponsored by Al-Anon members.

American Psychological Association
Scientific & professional organization
that represents psychology in the
United States.

Anxiety Disorders Association
of America

National, non-profit membership organization
dedicated to informing the public, healthcare
professionals & legislators that anxiety
disorders are real, serious and treatable. The
ADAA promotes the early diagnosis,
treatment & cure of anxiety disorders,
& is committed to improving the lives
of the people who suffer from them.

British Columbia Schizophrenia Society
Non-profit organization founded in 1982
by families and friends of people with

Center for Mental Health Services
The Center for Mental Health Services
(CMHS) Knowledge Exchange Network
(KEN) provides information about mental
health via a toll-free telephone number
(800-789-2647), their web site & more than
200 publications. CMHS developed KEN
for users of mental health services & their
families, the general public, policy makers,
providers, and the media.

The Help Center is a part of the American
Psychological Association's public
education campaign, "Talk to Someone Who
Can Help." This campaign's goals are to
help people understand when it is appropriate
to seek psychological services & how a
psychologist can help with everyday
life problems.

Ian Chovil's Homepage
Quoting from Iran's web site, "I have
schizophrenia & have been on medication
since 1990...I'm 49 and my schizophrenia
started in late adolescence. I struggled for
ten years between 1980 and 1990, in psychosis,
alone and very poor. I eventually got in trouble
with the law and received three years probation
with the condition that I see a psychiatrist for
those three years. I've been to jail, been actively
alcoholic, attempted suicide, & been homeless.
My story illustrates an interplay of biology &
sociology that can make schizophrenia a
devastating illness. There is the illness itself,
and the way we, as a society, treat people
who develop it.

International Association of Psychosocial
Rehabilitation Services

Dedicated to promoting, supporting, &
strengthening community-oriented rehabilitation
services & resources for persons with
psychiatric disabilities.

International Association of Rehabilitation

Promotes the availability of effective,
interdisciplinary services for persons
with disabilities.

International Society for Bipolar Disorders
Mission is to promote awareness of
bipolar disorder in society at large, promote
awareness and education about this condition
among mental health professionals, foster
research on all aspects of bipolar disorder,
& promote international collaboration
in this area.

The International Society for the
Study of Dissociation

Internet Mental Health
Free encyclopedia of mental health
information created by a Canadian
psychiatrist, Dr. Phillip Long.

Jane's Mental Health Page
Features many articles in depression
& bipolar disorder, almost all of which were
originally authored by Jane Chin. Many
visitors have shared that they had found
Jane's perspectives most helpful in their
search for credible &  helpful mental
health information.

Mental Health Infosource

Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Net

Mental Health: A Report of the
Surgeon General

Mental Health Statistics Improvement

Mission is to foster and enhance the quality
& scope of information for decisions that
will improve the quality of life & recovery of
people with mental illness.

Online resource for schizophrenia & other
mental health information. Includes
feature stories, practical daily living advice,
help finding a support group/help, historical
perspective on mental illness, etc.

National Institute of Mental Health

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
Grassroots advocacy organization solely
dedicated to improving the lives of
persons with severe mental illnesses.

National Mental Health Association
Works to improve the mental health of all
Americans, especially the 54 million individuals
with mental disorders, through advocacy,
education, research and service.

National Schizophrenia Foundation
Pursues the development & maintenance
of support groups for individuals, & their
friends and family members, affected by
schizophrenia & related disorders; and to
be a broad resource for all persons regarding
schizophrenia & related disorders through
education, information, & public awareness

New York CityVoices
A consumer journal for mental health

Psych Web
Psychology-related information for students
& teachers of psychology.

Information, support & education center.

Sexual Addicts Anonymous
Fellowship of men and women who
share their experience, strength and
hope with each other so they may overcome
their sexual addiction and help others
recover from sexual addiction or dependency.

Resources for Sex Addiction & Recovery.

A site for self-help, support & recovery issues.

Lyme Disease Resources
Lyme disease devastates millions of peoples' lives. It can Kill. It is Everywhere...

American Lyme Disease Foundation

Better Health Guy.com

California Lyme Disease Association

Igenx Labs

International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society | Treatment Guidelines

John Drulle, M.D. Memorial Lyme Fund, Inc

Lots Of Links On Lyme Disease

Lyme and Tick Borne Diseases Research Center- Columbia University

Lyme Disease Action

Lyme Disease Association

Lyme Disease- Wikipedia

Lyme Disease Foundation

Lyme Disease Network

Lyme Disease Support Group

Lyme Info

Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments

University of Maryland Medical Center- Lyme Disease

Various Health Conditions

A Year to Remember with My Mother and Alzheimer's Disease, by Brenda S. Parris

Japan's Legacy of Leprosy

Studies Yield Key Insights In Preventing Destruction Of Insulin-Producing Cells, 5/31/02


"Head-injury is an invisible disability, not easily seen from the outside like a wheelchair or crutches. However it’s still a disability known profoundly, from the inside. Gold Mind Meditation Project exists to offer you the possibility of transforming your disability into capability: being present and awake to an abiding wellness, in spite of your injury. I speak from my personal experience, my brain injury. You can cultivate your mind's inherent strengths. You can learn a self- generating long-term practice that will enhance your life, with satisfaction and way more smiles. Really!"-Gold Mind Meditation Project

About Cerebral Palsy
Answers to your cerebral palsy questions
provided by John Struwe, MD, Board Certified
Obstetrician. Includes news, articles, & glossary
covering topics from cerebral palsy
diagnosis to therapy and treatment.

Administration on Aging

Alcoholics Anonymous

Fellowship of men and women who
share their experience, strength & hope
with each other that they may solve their
common problem and help others to
recover from alcoholism.

Allergy Discussion Group

Alzheimer's Association

American Academy of Child &
Adolescent Psychiatry

American Diabetes Association

American Liver Foundation

American Lung Association

American Psychiatric Association

American Tinnitus Association

Bodies Like Ours

Peer support & information for people
born with atypical genitalia.

Causes of Cerebral Palsy
Provides useful information on causes
on the origins of cerebral palsy.

Christopher Reeve Paralysis

Cornell University
Department of Urology

Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of

Deafness Research Foundation


Hear USA

Hepatitis Foundation International

Lupus Foundation of America

Mad Cow Disease: Bovine Spongiform 
Encephalopathy (BSE) & Creutzfeldt-
Jakob Disease (CJD) (Centers for
Disease Control)

International Myotonic Dystrophy

International Society for Stem
Cell Research

The International Society for Stem Cell
Research is an independent, nonprofit
organization established to promote &
foster the exchange and dissemination of
information and ideas relating to stem cells,
to encourage the general field of research
involving stem cells and to promote
professional and public education in all
areas of stem cell research and application.

Muscular Dystrophy Association

National Campaign for Hearing Health

National Council on Alcoholism
& Drug Dependence

National Institute of Drug Abuse

National Jewish Medical & Research
Center (respiratory, allergic & immune

National Necrotizing Fascitis

National Association of Social Workers

Natural Rubber Latex (NRL)
Allergy Discussion Online

Neurology WebForums at
Mass General Hospital

NIH Office of Rare Diseases

Parkinson's Disease Foundation

Psoriasis Connections

"Connecting you with people who understand
psoriasis: medical experts who study it, ordinary
people who live with it, and their spouses,
friends, & family members who see its
effects every day."

Psoriasis Support
Very informative information portal on
psoriasis sponsored buy Biogen Idec.

Severe Acute Respiratory
Syndrome (SARS)

Society for Progressive
Supranuclear Palsy

PSP is a rare, degenerative brain disorder
related to Parkinson's disease. It strikes
middle aged adults & the elderly, slightly
more men than women & effects 6.4
in 100,000.

Cecilia Burman describes what it is like
being 'face-blind'-  unable to recognize
people by their faces.


SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory
Syndrome) Watch

Tinnitus FAQ

TMJ Foundation
Mission is to improve the care &
treatment of those affected by TMJ
diseases/disorders through fostering
research & education, with the ultimate
aim of preventing these craniofacial

United Cerebral Palsy/4MyChild

CDC: West Nile Virus

General Health & Disease

"Obesity Sleuths" Find Chronic Diseases Linked To Behavior Contrary Our DNA; 7/16/02

Black Raspberries A Potentially Powerful Agent In Fight Against Colon Cancer, 5/2/02

Folic Acid Possibly A Key Factor In Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention; 3/4/2002

Accutane Warning!
The suicide of Rep. Bart Stupak's son, BJ 
has sparked further controversy concerning the
anti-acne drug, Accutane, a drug also known
to cause birth defects.

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Medical Association

American Botanical Council
Promotes the safe & effective use of
medicinal plants & herbs.

American Social Health Association
Sexually transmitted disease information.
Recognized by the public, patients, providers &
policy makers for developing and delivering
accurate, medically reliable information
about STDs.

Americas Doctor

America's Health Network

American Psychological Association

The Anthony Nolan Bone
Marrow Trust


Balanced Weight Management

"It is rare to have someone tell you that you
are overweight due to many different choices
that you make on a moment-to-moment basis.
It is your environment, lifestyle & personal
conditioning, genetics, & habits that keep you
overweight. As you learn about your choices &
the patterns they form, make small changes &
learn new skills, day-by-day, overtime, you form
new habits. These new patterns gradually bring
to you NEW RESULTS (being thinner, healthier
is an essential practice that will allow you to
apply the other indispensable areas of self-care."


Better Health

Health Journalist

Centers for Disease Control
STD Prevention

Provides national leadership through research,
policy development, & support of effective
services to prevent sexually transmitted diseases
(including HIV infection) & their complications
such as enhanced HIV transmission, infertility,
adverse outcomes of pregnancy, & reproductive
tract cancer.


Conscious Choice

Council on Family Health

Crazy Maker
A look at how American food manufacturers
and their "products" may be endangering our
children by sabotaging their brains.

Dr. Hufnagel

Dr. Koop's Community

Dreamsurfer Network for Teens

Environmental Sensitivities Institute
Supports sound scientific & medical
research into environmental intolerance
issues, & compiles & disseminates
information on those issues.

Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills
Nutrasweet (Aspartame) & MSG (glutamate) 
have been scientifically linked to brain tumors,
brain cell damage and neurological conditions
such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
From: "Health Express"

Food, Inc.
Food, Inc. exposes America's industrialized
food system and its harmful effect on our
environment, health, economy & workers' rights.

Hardin Meta Directory of Internet
Health Sources

Categorized listing of medical
sites/resource lists.

Health on the Net Foundation
Mission is to guide lay persons &
medical practitioners to useful &
reliable online medical &
health information.




HeatlhWorld Online

Health Magazine

The Healthy Refrigerator

Healthy School Lunches
"The Healthy School Lunch Campaign
sponsored by the Physicians Committee for
Responsible Medicine (PCRM), is dedicated
to improving the food served to children in
schools by educating government & school
officials, food service workers, parents, &
others about the food choices best able to
promote children’s current and long-term health.
The campaign’s key message: Foods
served in schools should promote the
health of all children.
Menus in most school
lunch programs are too high in saturated fat &
cholesterol and too low in fiber- and nutrient-
rich fruits, vegetables, whole grains, & legumes

(see PCRM’s School Lunch Report.) Major
hanges are needed to protect the health
of our nation’s youth and to reverse the growing
trends of obesity and chronic disease among
children & teens. PCRM is calling on Congress
and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to provide
soymilk or other non-dairy, calcium-rich foods
as alternatives to cow’s milk. The Healthy
School Lunch Campaign also urges schools to
 serve more low-fat, cholesterol-free meals &
side dishes. Find out what you can do to help."

The Hidden Hazards of Microwave
Are millions of people sacrificing their health
in exchange for the convenience of 
microwave ovens?

Portal on Homeopathy.

Ibogaine Dossier
Extensive library dedicated to providing
information on ibogaine, an experimental
anti-addictive medication.




Magic Stream Journal
of Emotional Wellness

Mayo Clinic Health Oasis


Medical Breakthroughs



Med Help International
Information & professional medical support
gathered from medical organizations & experts..

Medscape Multispeciality

MedSupport FSF International

Midwifery, Pregnancy, Birth
& Childbirth

National Institutes of Health

National Library of Medicine

National Women's Health
Information Center


Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect
Information Center

Nutrition Analysis Tool

Nutrition Science News

Nutritional Screening Initiative
Guidelines for good nutrition.


Personal MD.com

Pfizer Medical Humanities

Physicians Committee for Responsible

Prevention Center

Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation
Clearinghouse of information on healthful
lifestyles, ecology, sound nutrition,
alternative medicine, humane farming
& organic gardening.

Readers Digest Health

"The Sugar Addict's Total
Recovery Program,"
by Kathleen DesMaisons

Super Size Me

Film released in 2004 that explores the
horror of school lunch programs,
declining health & physical education
classes, food addictions & the extreme
measures people take to lose weight &
regain their health.


Traditional Knowledge Prior Art

Index & search engine of existing Internet
-based, public domain documentation
concerning indigenous knowledge & plant
species uses. Brings together & archives
in a single location, various types of public
domain data necessary to establish prior art.
Data includes taxonomic and other species
data, ethnobotanical uses, scientific &
medical articles and abstracts, as well as
patent applications themselves. It is meant
to be used by anyone researching traditional
ecological knowledge, including scientists,
health professionals, & those involved in the
patent application process itself.

Educational web site serving the
world transplant community.

Travel-Related Deep Vein
Thrombosis (DVT)

DVT is serious condition where
blood clots develop in the deep
veins of the legs. It has been
associated with long haul air travel.

The Virtual Hospital



Women's Health Project

When We Dance, the Spirits Dance
"When We Dance, the Spirits Dance," 
© L. David Eveningthunder

""When We Dance, the Spirits Dance" depicts both the physical and metaphysical aspects of dance at a contemporary Pow Wow.

Portrayed in this picture are a traditional dancer, a mother and her child, and a fancy dancer, surrounded by ethereal spirits. It is said that the spirits of our ancestors are with us at all times, and that when we do good, they are happy and smile upon us.

When we pass on our heritage and culture to our children in today's Pow Wows, it is a blessing and honoring to both the spirits and our children, who will in turn pass it on to their children. That is why we say, "When We Dance, the Spirits Dance.""
L. David Eveningthunder

Social/Volunteer Action

bulletSocietal Action & Culture
bullet Abused Children
bullet Global Economics, Politics & the Environment
bullet Global Warming
bulletLesbian, Gay & Transgendered Rights
bulletFree speech
bullet Tobacco Pandemic
bulletVeterans Service Organizations
bulletAnimal Rights
bullet Vegetarianism

"The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them; that is the essence of inhumanity."- From "The Devil's Disciple," by George Bernard Shaw

"It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little. Do what you can."
Sydney Smith

"You have not done enough, you have never done enough, so long as it is still possible that you have something of value to contribute.
This is the answer when you are groaning under what you consider a burden and an uncertainty prolonged ad infinitum."

Dag Hammarskjold

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

Today we must still band together and strive for Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness -rights deemed unalienable over two hundred years ago.

"As the old man walked the beach at dawn, he noticed a young man ahead of him picking up starfish and flinging them into the sea. Finally catching up with the youth, he asked him why he was doing this. The answer was that the stranded starfish would die if left until the morning sun. "But the beach goes on for miles and there are millions of starfish," countered the other. "How can your effort make any difference?" The young man looked at the starfish in his hand and then threw it to safety in the waves. "It makes a difference to this one," he said."

attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
For beautiful hair, let a child run his fingers through it  once a day.
For poise, walk with the knowledge you'll never walk alone

People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed and redeemed and redeemed. Never throw out anybody. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm. As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands- one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.
Audrey Hepburn

50 Ways to Save Our Children
Encourages philanthropy & public service
to the benefit of children and their families.
The goal is to educate, guide & inspire
would-be philanthropists to get involved with
existing local, national & global charitable
organizations that have a track record of
serving the myriad needs of children &
their families.

Stories of innovative grassroots programs
run by men & women who've found effective
ways to build on the strengths of their
communities to make them better.

Action Against Hunger
Delivers programs in over 40 countries,
specializing in emergency situations of
war, conflict, and natural disasters & longer
term assistance to people in distress.

Operates in more than 30 countries in
Africa, Asia, Latin America & the
Caribbean with nine million poor &
marginalized people to combat poverty
& realize basic human rights.

Africa Bridge
Our mission is to engage leaders in serving
orphans and vulnerable children in sub-Saharan
Africa. Our vision is to serve thousands of children.
The role of Africa Bridge in fulfilling this mission
is to bridge passion and resolve between westerners
and African communities. Africa Bridge will
organize & conduct meaningful dialogue, through
which the African community can effectively identify
strategies for addressing the innumerable challenges
children face related to the HIV/AIDS crisis.
Africa Bridge gives Africans the freedom and where
with all to find their own solutions to HIV/AIDS by giving
them the tools to implement projects that improves the
quality of life for future generations.

Africare's programs address needs in
the principal areas of food security &
agriculture as well as health and HIV/AIDS.
Africare also supports water resource
development, environmental management,
basic education, microenterprise development,
governance initiatives & emergency
humanitarian aid.

Air Serv International
Provides quick access to people who are
critically isolated from emergency aid.

American Foundation for AIDS

Mission is to prevent HIV infection & the
disease and death associated with it & to
protect the human rights of all people
threatened by the epidemic of HIV/AIDS.

American Jewish World Service
Supports almost 200 grassroots organizations
in the developing world and Russia & Ukraine
through grant making, technical assistance,
emergency relief and advocacy.

American Red Cross
Offers compassionate services in six
areas: disaster relief; community services
that help the needy; support & comfort for
military members and their families; the
collection, processing & distribution of
lifesaving blood & blood products; educational
programs that promote health and safety; &
international relief & development programs.

Disaster relief & humanitarian aid organization
providing immediate response to emergency
medical needs, as well as supporting long
term humanitarian assistance programs,
for all people around the world, irrespective
of race, creed or political persuasion.

The Amy Biehl Foundation

Amnesty International
Amnesty International USA

Worldwide campaigning movement that
works to promote internationally
recognized human rights.

Ancient Ways/Nhimbe for

Nhimbe for Progress is a project with
the following mission: to promote
recognition of our spiritual & human
relatedness to rural Zimbabwean people
by providing appropriate assistance where
the need exists, in an ecologically sound,
self-sustaining, and culturally respectful
way, and by creating opportunity for cultural
exchange which encourages unity and
cooperative empowerment.

The national organization of &
for people with mental retardation
& related developmental 
disabilities and their families

Association of Gospel Rescue Missions
290 member rescue missions provide
30 million meals & over 12 million
nights of lodging to the needy each year.
Staffed by over 9,000 full-time
workers & 300,000 volunteers.

The Audrey Hepburn Children's Fund
Projects include the Audrey Hepburn Memorial
Fund at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, dedicated to
educating children in Somalia, Sudan, Eritrea,
Ethiopia and Rwanda. The first Audrey Hepburn
Children's House, located at Hackensack
University Medical Center, offering comprehensive
treatment for physically and emotionally abused
children in a "child friendly" environment. The
Audrey Hepburn CARES Team at Childrens
Hospital Los Angeles, providing the very best
medical & mental health services to suspected
victims of child abuse. The Audrey Hepburn
CARE Center at Childrens Hospital New Orleans
a comprehensive forensic medicine center aiding
in the treatment, prevention and care of
maltreated children. "All Children In School"
Program, the recently established ten-year joint
venture with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, aimed at
bringing 120,000,000 children worldwide back to school.

Baptist World Alliance

Believe In Tomorrow National
Children's Foundation

Dedicated to improving the quality of life
for critically ill children and their families
through three unique programs.

The Benton Foundation:
Capacity Building

Focuses on helping nonprofits enhance
the impact of their work through more
effective use of communications
technologies and digital media.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Dedicated to improving people's lives by
sharing advances in health and learning
with the global community.

B’nai B’rith International

Broadway Cares
Leading AIDS fundraising & grant
making organization

The Cambodia Landmine Museum
"I want to make my country safe for my
people," Aki Ra, Founder of the Cambodia
Landmine Museum. More than just a museum,

CLMMRF is also a home that provides education
and support for dozens of at risk youth and
landmine -affected children rescued by the
CLMMRF NGO. Many children who are part
of this family have suffered overwhelming

Campaign to Label Genetically
Engineered Foods

Catholic Relief Services

Works with poor communities in more than
70 countries around the world to find
lasting solutions to poverty.

Online "village" that unites donors,
volunteers, businesses & qualified charities.

Charity Lobbying in the Public Interest
Encourages the lobbying role of charities
through the following initiatives: basic
legal & how-to materials, training &
presentations, teaching nonprofit
advocacy, research & outreach.

Charity USA | The Hunger Site |
The Breast Cancer Site |
| The Rainforest Site |


U.S. member of Plan, a global, non-profit,
child-centered development organization
helping needy children & their families
in developing countries.

Children's Cancer Association
We’re here to help. The Children’s Cancer
Association (CCA) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit
organization that was established in
loving memory of five-year-old Alexandra Ellis
who courageously fought cancer for two&
half years before she died on May 7, 1995. In
the year of Alexandra’s death, CCA was born.
Since then, CCA has worked to offer
award-winning programs, along with information,
advocacy and support that help enrich the
quality of life for seriously ill children & their

Children International
Mission is to help children living in dire
poverty. Provides needy children with a
variety of programs & services to meet
their basic needs, enhance their human
dignity & raise their physical & educational
levels in a meaningful, lasting way.

Children with AIDS Project

Children of the Night
Rescuing America's children from the
ravages of street prostitution.

Christian Aid
An agency of the churches in the UK &
Ireland. Strives for a new world
transformed by an end to poverty &
campaigns to change the rules
that keep people poor.

Christian's Children Fund
Creates an environment of hope &
respect for needy children of all cultures
& beliefs in which they have opportunities
to achieve their full potential, & provides
practical tools for positive change - to
children, families & communities.

Christian Service Charities
Mission is to provide donors with
the best possible choice in
Christian charities.

City of Hope
Biomedical research, treatment &
educational institution designated as
a Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Dedicated to the prevention & cure of
cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, & other
life-threatening diseases.

City of Joy Aid
A rescue, rehabilitation, &
development action to improve
the life of the underprivileged of
Calcutta & rural Bengal in India.

The Conference of Non-Governmental
Organizations (NGOs)

Association of nongovernmental organizations
that facilitates the participation of NGOs in
United Nations debates & decisions.

Council Exchanges
Learning & cultural exchange services.

Covenant House | Casa Alianza
Covenant House is the largest privately-funded
childcare agency in the United States providing
shelter and service to homeless and runaway youth.

International organization working for
the respect & promotion of human
rights all over the world.

Digital Freedom Network
Develops & promotes the use of Internet
technology for human rights activism
around the world.

DirectRelief International
Works to improve the quality of life for
people in need. Focuses on health –
by providing essential material resources
to locally run health programs in poor
areas around the world and during
times of disaster.

Doctors Without Borders/
Médecins Sans Frontières

Independent international medical relief agency
aiding victims of armed conflict, epidemics, &
natural & man-made disasters, & others who lack
health care..

Do Something!
Do Something is a nationwide network of
young people who know they can make a
difference in their communities & take
action to change the world around them.

Earth Share
Nationwide network of environmental &
conservation organizations, working to
promote environmental education &
charitable giving through workplace
giving campaigns.

Earthwatch Institute
Promotes sustainable conservation
of our natural resources & cultural
heritage by creating partnerships
between scientists, educators
& the general public.

Easter Seals
Assists more than one million children
& adults with disabilities & their families
through a nationwide network of service
sites. Each center provides family-focused
services tailored to meet the specific needs
of the particular community it serves.

Everychild Foundation
A group of just over 200 women who are
ready to commit $5,000 each ($1 million
dollars annually) to a single non-profit
organization's dream project.

Feed the Children
Provides physical, spiritual, educational,
vocational/technical, psychological,
economic & medical assistance & other
necessary aid to children, families, &
persons in need in the United States
& internationally.

Food & Agriculture Organization
of the United Nations

Mandate is to raise levels of nutrition & standards
of living, to improve agricultural productivity, & to
better the condition of rural populations.

Food First
Member-supported, nonprofit 'peoples' think
tank & education-for-action center. Work
highlights root causes and value-based
solutions to hunger and poverty around
the world, with a commitment to establishing
food as a fundamental human right.

Food for the Hungry
Helps some of the world's most disadvantaged
people in 37 countries through child
development programs, agriculture & clean-
water projects, health and nutrition programs,
education, micro-enterprise loans &
emergency relief.

Foundation Center
Gateway to philanthropic grant resources.

Futures for Children
Founded to attack the causes of poverty.
Deeply committed to the principle of
self help, Futures - & its Latin American
sister organizations - act on the belief that
people will do remarkable things when asked
to put aside their differences & work together
for the good of their children.

Collects & distributes information on
hundreds of nonprofit organizations that
solicit nationally or have national or
international program services.

Global Fund to Fight AIDS,
Tuberculosis and Malaria

Created to dramatically increase resources
to fight three of the world's most devastating
diseases, and to direct those resources to
areas of greatest need. As a partnership
between governments, civil society, the
private sector & affected communities,
the Global Fund represents an innovative
approach to international health financing.

Goodwill Industries
Network of community-based, autonomous
member organizations that serves people
with workplace disadvantages & disabilities
by providing job training & employment
services, as well as job placement
opportunities & post-employment support.

The donor's guide to the charitable
universe. National database of
non-profit organizations.

Habitat for Humanity
Ecumenical Christian housing ministry
Seeks to eliminate poverty housing &
homelessness from the world, and to
make decent shelter a matter of conscience
& action. Has built more than 100,000
houses around the world, providing more
than 500,000 people in more than 2,000
communities with safe, decent,
affordable shelter.

Works to make online collaboration
& information sharing a reality for the
human services community.

Healing the Children
Nonprofit, volunteer organization
dedicated to healing children around the world.

Home Udayan
A home for the rehabilitation of
children of leprosy sufferers
in Calcutta, India.

Homes for the Homeless

Human Rights Watch
Stands with victims & activists to
prevent discrimination, to uphold
political freedom, to protect people
from inhumane conduct in wartime,
& to bring offenders to justice.

Hunger Notes
The mission of World Hunger Education
Service is to undertake programs, which:
inform the community of people interested in
issues of hunger and poverty, the public,
&  policymakers, about the causes, extent,
& efforts to end hunger and poverty in the
United States and the world; further
understanding, which integrates ethical,
religious, social, economic, political, &
 scientific perspectives on hunger & poverty;
facilitate communication and networking
among those who are working for solutions
& promote individual and collective commitment
to solutions to the hunger and poverty which
confront hundreds of millions of the people
of the world.

Idealist.org/Action Without Borders
Global network of individuals & organizations
working to build a world where all people
can live free and dignified lives.

IGC Internet
IGC advances the work of progressive
organizations & individuals for peace, justice,
economic opportunity, human rights,
democracy & environmental sustainability. 

"Vision: In the near future, all consumer
transactions will contain a percentage that
benefits causes close to home."

Alliance of U.S.-based international
development & humanitarian nongovernmental
organizations. Works to overcome poverty,
exclusion & suffering by advancing social
justice and basic dignity for all.

International Aid

International Committee of
the Red Cross

Humanitarian mission is to protect the lives
& dignity of victims of war & internal violence
& to provide them with assistance.
It directs and coordinates international relief
activities. It also endeavors to prevent suffering
by promoting & strengthening humanitarian
law & universal humanitarian principles.

International Relief Teams
Mobilizes volunteers and distributes
medical supplies to support the organization's
four missions: 1) domestic and international
disaster relief, 2) medical education and
training, 3) surgical and clinical outreach,
and 4) public health.

International Rescue Committee
Provides relief, rehabilitation, protection,
post-conflict development, resettlement
services and advocacy for those uprooted
or affected by violent conflict and oppression.

International Youth Foundation
Dedicated to the positive development
of children & youth throughout the world.

Kiva lets you connect with and loan money to
unique small businesses in the developing world.
By choosing a business on Kiva.org, you can
"sponsor a business" and help the world's working
poor make great strides towards economic
independence. Throughout the course of the loan
(usually 6-12 months), you can receive email
journal updates from the business you've
sponsored. As loans are repaid, you get your
loan money back.

Macrocosom USA
Educational clearinghouse for environmental,
justice, peace, health issues & solutions
for progressives

Make-A-Wish Foundation
Grants the wishes of children with life-
threatening illnesses to enrich the human
experience with hope, strength, and joy.

Make Poverty History
Brings together a wide cross section of
over 200 charities, campaigns, trade unions,
faith groups and celebrities who are united
by a common belief that 2005 offers a
unprecedented opportunity for global change.

MAP International
Promotes the total health of people living
in the world's poorest communities by
partnering in the: Provision of Essential
Medicines; Prevention and Eradication of
Disease and Promotion of Community
Health Development.

Marine Toys for Tots Foundation
Mission is to collect new, unwrapped toys
during October, November and December
each year and distribute those toys as
Christmas gifts to needy children in the
community in which the campaign is conducted.

Mercy Corps
Provides emergency relief services that
assist people afflicted by conflict or disaster.
Develops sustainable communities that meet
the needs of children and families. Integrated
strategies include agriculture, economic
development, health, housing and infrastructure
and strengthening local organizations. Promotes
civil society initiatives in all of its programs to
encourage citizen participation, accountability,
nonviolent conflict management, and the
rule of law.

Middle East Children's Alliance
Founded in 1988, the Middle East
Children's Alliance is a registered nonprofit
organization working for the rights and the
well being of children in the Middle East.
MECA sends shipments of aid to Palestine,
Iraq and Lebanon, and supports projects
that make life better for the children. We
educate North Americans about children
in the region and the brutal impact of US
foreign policy on their lives. MECA welcomes
the support of all people who care about
children and their future.short of water.

National Center for Missing &
Exploited Children

National Coalition for the Homeless
Mission is to end homelessness. Engages
in public education, policy advocacy, &
grassroots organizing. Work focuses in
4 key areas: housing justice, economic justice,
health care justice, & civil rights.

"The beginning of a new, long-term effort to 
utilize the unique networking capabilities of
the Internet to promote development and
alleviate extreme poverty across
the world."

Network for Good
Dedicated to using the Web to help
people get more involved in their
communities - from volunteering & donating
money, to speaking out on issues you
care about.

Northwest Burn Foundation

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Philanthropy News Network


Community of over 1000
organizations working for social justice.

Operation Rainbow
Provides free reconstructive surgery for children
in medically underserved countries &
throughout the United States

Orphans Against AIDS
The Orphans Against AIDS mission is to break
the cycle of HIV/AIDS by ensuring that all children
orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS
receive a high-quality education.

Oxfam International
Group of autonomous organizations
committed to ending poverty.

Points of Light Foundation &
Volunteer Center National Network

The Points of Light Foundation & Volunteer
Center National Network engages & mobilizes
millions of volunteers who are helping to solve
serious social problems in thousands of
communities. Through a variety of programs &
services, the Foundation encourages people
from all walks of life - businesses, nonprofits,
faith-based organizations, low-income
communities, families, youth, & older adults- to

Project Concern International
Provides parents and its worldwide partners
with with training, support and care crucial
to protecting the well-being of children &
families. Project Concern programs save
lives by providing basic health care, halting
the spread of infectious disease, feeding
those in need of nutritious food and providing
struggling communities with access
to clean water.

Project HOPE
Achieves sustainable advances in
health care around the world by
implementing health education programs,
conducting health policy research, &
providing humanitarian assistance
in areas of need.

Project Sunshine
"Project Sunshine provides free social,
educational & recreational programs to
children and families affected by medical
challenges. Our national programs are run
by volunteers who donate their time, energy
& skills to help our children and families cope
with the stresses of living with a medical difficulty.
Project Sunshine volunteers engage children
in arts and crafts activities, tutoring,
entertainment & special parties.

Rainbow World Fund
Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender &
supportive heterosexual humanitarian
service agency. Rainbow World Fund’s
mission is to promote LGBT philanthropy
in the area of world humanitarian relief.
RWF provides a united voice, a large visible
presence, and a structure to deliver LGBT
charitable assistance to the larger world

Relief Web
Serving the humanitarian relief community.

Mission is to create the political will to end
hunger & the worst aspects of poverty &
to empower individuals to have breakthroughs
in exercising their personal & political power.

Ronald McDonald House Charities
Creates, finds & supports programs that
directly improve the health & well being
of children.

Safe Motherhood
Global effort that aims to reduce deaths
& illnesses among women & infants,
especially in developing countries.

Working to create a society in which
children, regardless of socio-economic
background, ethnicity or learning level,
have access to technology & understand
how to use it to enhance their lives.

Mission is to improve health in the world's
poorest nations through the innovative
use of information technology. Created
HealthNet, a global information & communication
network that provides knowledge resources
on today's most urgent health topics,
affordable email, computer literacy training,
& opportunities for dialogue & information
exchange among health professionals
throughout the world.

Save the Children-US | Save the Children

Works with families to define & solve the
problems their children and communities
face & utilizes a broad array of strategies
to ensure self-sufficiency.

Educates about suicide prevention &
speaks for suicide survivors.

Second Harvest Online
The nation's largest domestic hunger
relief organization


Service & volunteering.

Shrine & Shriners Hospitals

Shriners Hospitals for Children is a
network of 22 hospitals that provide expert,
no-cost orthopedic & burn care to
children under 18.

Special Olympics International

SOS Kinderdorf International |
SOS Children's Villages UK
Created in an effort to provide children
who have lost their parents or who are
no longer able to live with them, a
permanent home & stable environment.

Stand For Children
Nationwide grassroots voice for children.
Members take action at the national, state,
community, and neighborhood levels. Takes
issues ranging from early childhood education
& the schools to after-school programs &
health services.

Standup for Kids
Purpose is to empower homeless & at-risk
youth toward life-long personal growth
through an on-the-streets outreach program,
& to create in these youth a sincere caring
& belief in themselves through open,
straightforward counseling & educational
programs, thereby helping them acquire the
life skills necessary to become effective
members of their community.

Tech Rocks
"Seeks to accelerate social and political
progress by building technological 
capacity for community collaboration
and citizen engagement."

UN High Commissioner on Refugees

United Friends of the Children

Addresses the unmet needs of foster
children living throughout Los Angeles
County. Offers programs for emancipated
foster youth and currently provides a scope
of assistance that includes: college
sponsorship and readiness, transitional
housing and pre-employment training
& referral.

United Nations Children's Fund

United Nations World Health
Organization (WHO)

United States Fund for UNICEF

The V Foundation

"Created by ESPN & the late Jim Valvano
in 1993. Jim announced the creation of
The V Foundation for Cancer Research &
proclaimed “Don’t Give Up. . .Don’t Ever
Give Up!”® as the motto in the fight
against the disease that ultimately claimed
him at the age of 47 after a brief & very
public 10-month battle."

Visions of the Sacred
The Capuchin Soup Kitchen

Voluntary Service Overseas

International development charity that works
through volunteers. Enables people aged
17-70 to share their skills & experience with
local communities in the developing world.
Passionately believe we can make a difference
in tackling poverty by helping people to
realize their potential.

Volunteer Match
Dedicated to helping everyone find
a great place to volunteer.

Volunteers of America
Provides local human service programs,
& opportunities for individual &
community involvement.

Walter Payton Foundation


RadioNation; Pacifica Network News;
Democracy NOW!;
Hightower Radio;
WebActive Directory;

World Food Programme
United Nations frontline agency in the
fight against global hunger.

World Monument Fund
Devoted to onsite conservation of
monuments & sites worldwide.

United Nations' Manifesto 2000 for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence

Because the year 2000 must be a new beginning, an opportunity to transform - all together - the culture of war and violence into a culture of peace and non-violence. 

Because this transformation demands the participation of each and every one of us, and must offer young people and future generations the values that can inspire them to shape a world based on justice, solidarity, liberty, dignity, harmony and prosperity for all. 

Because the culture of peace can underpin sustainable development, environmental protection and the well-being of each person. 

Because I am aware of my share of responsibility for the future of humanity, in particular to the children of today and tomorrow. 
because I am aware of my share of responsibility for the future of humanity, in particular to the children of today and tomorrow. 

I pledge in my daily life, in my family, my work, my community, my country and my region, to: 

bulletRespect the life and dignity of each human being without discrimination or prejudice;

bulletPractice active non-violence, rejecting violence in all its forms: physical, sexual, psychological, economical and social, in particular towards the most deprived and vulnerable such as children and adolescents;

bulletShare my time and material resources in a spirit of generosity to put an end to exclusion, injustice and political and economic oppression;

bulletDefend freedom of expression and cultural diversity, giving preference always to dialogue and listening without engaging in fanaticism, defamation and the rejection of others;

bulletPromote consumer behavior that is responsible and development practices that respect all forms of life and preserve the balance of nature on the planet;

bulletContribute to the development of my community, with the full participation of women and respect for democratic principles, in order to create together new forms of solidarity; 

I have signed the Manifesto 2000 and I support the Global Movement for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence proposed by the United Nations, as a Messenger of the Manifesto 2000

I invite you to sign the Manifesto 2000 as well. 

Your signature, with those of many Nobel Peace Prize winners and heads of state, will be part of the one hundred million signatures to be presented to the United Nations General Assembly in September 2000. See also: UNESCO.



Macular Degeneration Foundation
Macular Degeneration Foundation


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