Mariposa- Community of Butterflies
"...People, who lost their love and forgot the respect for our mother earth. People, who
love the money, they murder our mother earth..."- Don Casimiro Mamallacta

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Located in the Napo province in eastern Ecuador, in a region known as the
Oriente, is the small city of Tena with a population of 22,000. Slightly north
of Tena is the smaller town of Archidona. A short distance from Archidona is the
Comunidad Lushian Mariposa, home to the Napo Runa Mamallacta family.
The head of this family is the eighth generation shaman/healer Don Casimiro.
Casimiro's family includes his wife Margarita and sons Elias and Ramon. See also:
My project in Ecuador (Universidad Mamallacta) & nukanchi kawasay 

We must preserve those cultures that still have a connection with land & spirit and
wish to preserve their way of life. Such are the Napo Runa and other indigenous people
of the Amazon. Impinging on their cultures is the greed of the wealthy elites,
petrochemical companies and perhaps most dangerous- the spiritual emptiness
of a world that has forgotten truth and replaced it with the marketplace.
- Lowell Greenberg


Images Copyright Lowell Greenberg


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