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Christmas Tale of Five Web Host Providers
"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, its a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities.'' Dr. Seuss
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Consumer Help

Companies Promoting
Health & Well Being

Consumer Warning!

Be wary of web sites that recommend another company's products and/or services. If for example the recommender is an affiliate, it may receive a commission each time you click-through to the recommended site and/or consummate a sale. Sometimes this affiliate status is not disclosed and it draws into question the recommender's objectivity and motives. Often, the affiliate relationship can be detected by examining the referrers site link to the referred. If it has unique alphanumeric identifiers appended to its' URL this suggests all click-throughs will be traced back to the source.

In the case of the companies listed below there is no remunerative relationship with this site.

Business Ethics
Magazine of corporate responsibility.

Cob Cottage Company
"What we do:
1) We conduct hands-on research on
natural building methods and materials,
testing our own buildings by living
in them.
2) Through practical trainings in
natural construction, we help empower
ordinary people to build their own houses
at moderate cost.
3) We supply information,
support & inspiration for people to make
healthy choices about buildings.
Our inspiration comes from direct
observation of Nature, and from the
wisdom of traditional cultures. We are
committed to deconsumerizing, to reducing
the flow of cash, resources and waste, &
helping others to do the same. We work
with a wide range of natural materials."

A gallery featuring functional art
from recycled, reused & natural 
materials by artists.
jewelry, bowls & baskets, 
clothing, home furnishings,
personal accessories & more. 

Fantasy Steel Studio
Swings, rockers, and fancy brackets.
Functional steel art, including porch
swings in designs of deer swings,
horse swings, dragon swings, & fairy
swings, also deer design rockers
as singles & bench style.

A project of FoodRoutes Network,
a non-profit organization dedicated
to providing strategic communications
& evaluation tools & information to
on-the-ground advocates who are working
to build awareness of and support for
sustainable farming and local food

Green Mountain Energy
Largest U.S. retail provider of
electricity from less-polluting
sources such as wind, water,
solar, biomass, geothermal,
& natural gas.

HostMySite has been a trusted name in
web hosting since 1997. Staff members
continually strive to provide a very level of

Interface is the largest commercial
carpet manufacturer in the world.
Headquartered in Atlanta, Interface
has manufacturing locations on four
continents and offices in more than
100 countries. In addition, Interface
is a leader in industrial ecology. With
the vision of becoming the world's first
environmentally restorative company
by 2020, Interface is pioneering
management & manufacturing processes
that will achieve this goal.


Naropa University
Mission is to offer educational
programs that cultivate awareness of
the present moment through intellectual,
artistic, & meditative  disciplines;
Foster a learning community (composed
of students, faculty, staff, trustees, &
alumni) that uncovers wisdom and heart;
Cultivate openness and communication,
sharpen critical intellect, enhance
resourcefulness, and develop effective
action in all disciplines; Exemplify the
principles grounded in Naropa University's
Buddhist educational heritage; Encourage
the integration of world wisdom traditions
with modern culture; Be nonsectarian
and open to all.

Natural Tree Furniture
Furniture designed to blend
nature with creative imagination.

Natura Pet Products
Natura Pet Products was founded in
1989 by John and Ann Rademakers
& Peter Atkins in Santa Clara, California.
Dissatisfied with the unhealthy ingredients
in the pet foods on the market, they
consulted with veterinary nutrition experts
to determine the best sources for pet food
ingredients. Working with caring pet
professionals - veterinarians, breeders &
nutritionists - Natura asked one key question:
"How do you make the healthiest pet food
in the world?" What they learned won’t
surprise you. Dogs and cats are healthiest
when they eat the whole, natural foods we
would eat ourselves: USDA-inspected chicken,
turkey and lamb, whole grain rice and barley,
fresh fruits and vegetables, and Grade A
dairy products.

Organic Consumers Association
Promotes food safety, organic farming
& sustainable agriculture practices in
the U.S. and internationally.

Wildwood Works
Goal is to provide products which
reflect the natural beauty of the forest.
All Wildwood products are made
from hand salvaged branches from
forest industry sites.

Working Assets
Long distance, credit card, Internet
services & broadcasting company
created to build a world that is
more just, humane & 
environmentally sustainable.

| ActForChange
| GiveForChange |

Web sites made up of resources for
people with progressive values. People
can speak out on urgent issues,
read informative news and 
columns, go shopping, make a
donation or volunteer their time.

Automobile Sites/Reviews

Extended automobile warranties.

Recalls & service bulletin titles
for your car.



Car and Driver

Car Talk

Carfax-Vehicle History Reports

Consumer Guide

Edmund's Auto Guide

EV World
Electric vehicle reviews, community,
investment & industry information.

A web site of The American Council
for an Energy-Efficient Economy
- a
nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization
dedicated to advancing energy
efficiency as a means of promoting
both economic prosperity &
environmental protection.


Insurance Institute for Highway

Vehicle crashworthiness ratings are
particularly helpful & should be
weighed prior to purchase.


J.D. Power Consumer Center
Consumer satisfaction surveys for
autos, boats, finance, travel, telecom,
homes & healthcare.

Kelly Blue Book

Lemon Law America
No one should have to be a driver
or passenger in a vehicle they
do not feel safe in.

Vehicle pricing

National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration

Wealth of information on motor vehicle
& traffic safety topics, including:
Recalls, Service Bulletins, Safety
Hotline, Child Passenger Safety,
Disability Information, Crash Ratings, etc.

SUV Rollovers: PBS Frontline Report

Warranty Direct
Extended automobile warranties.

Car Air Conditioning & Fossil Fuel Emissions: Major Sources of Greenhouse Gases

"[In Germany] quantitatively, car air-conditioning will be the second largest source of HFC emissions after the sector of refrigeration and stationary air-conditioning. The index of the global warming potential (GWP) of R-134a is 1,300, i.e. the 1,300-fold of CO2. The 4.5 million tonnes CO2 equivalent are calculated from roughly 3,500 metric tonnes emissions which in our estimations are most likely to be the emission levels by 2010/11." - "Forecasting R-134a emissions from car air conditioning systems until 2020 in Germany," DKV Deutsche Kaelte-Klima-Tagung Bremen, 22.-24. November 2000 Translation of the German lecture. Speaker is Winfried Schwarz, Oeko-Recherche, Buero fuer Umweltforschung, Frankfurt/M.

Automobiles are also a major contributor to fossil fuel greenhouse gases. Popular acceptance of lighter, so called "green" cars with hybrid motors such as the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight should significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the life of the car. This is in sharp contrast to vehicles such as the Chevrolet Suburban and Ford Excursion that are highly fuel inefficient and major greenhouse emitters.

Resistance to higher CAFE standards by the Bush Administration and Congress will only perpetuate production of fuel inefficient vehicles that damage the environment and increase global dependency on fossil fuels.

See also: EPA Green Vehicle Guide

The 3,000 mile motor oil change- A relic of the past

For modern car engines and motor oils, a motor oil change every 3,000 miles is wasteful and is no longer recommended by automobile manufacturers.

For other than "severe" driving conditions the factory recommended oil and oil filter change interval is 7,500-15,000 miles for newer models. Consult your owners manual for the exact definition of what is "severe" and "normal" and for the recommended change interval based on your driving habits.

Synthetic (as opposed to conventional oil) may offer a greater protection "reserve" and superior high temperature and high engine load protection. Synthetic oil may also increase fuel efficiency, engine torque, and horsepower because of reduction in engine parts friction. Amsoil, a synthetic motor oil producer, has a 25,000 mile/1 year drain oil change interval recommendation. Mobil 1 implies that you can extend the drain interval to the maximum recommended by the car manufacturer, regardless of your driving habits. Synthetics are not recommended for a few engine types such as Mazda's rotary engines.

Electronics Reviews

Audio Review


Consumer Reviews


Consumer Reports |
Consumers Union

Consumer Guide

Provider of independent test results
& information to help consumers &
healthcare professionals evaluate
health, wellness, & nutrition products.



Source for advice, personalized 
recommendations, & comparative shopping

Allows consumers to send feedback
online to companies.

User evaluations of on-line computer
hardware vendors.

Legal/Consumer Protection 

ABA LawInfo.org
Gateway to legal resources.

Better Business Bureau

Cerebral Palsy Help
Website of Mr. Sheldon O. Zisook,
a parent of a child born with cerebral
palsy & an attorney who has become
deeply involved in brain injury &
other birth injury cases throughout
the country.

Delphion Patent Server

Direct Marketing Association:

Provides information and tips on a
wide range of topics, including
marketing preference services, privacy,
safe shopping, etc.


Environmental Working Group
The mission of the Environmental Working
Group (EWG) is to use the power of public
information to protect public health and
the environment.

FCC ID Search
(Equipment Authorization)

FCC Resources

FTC Consumer Protection


Provides fast, easy-to-use access to
millions of patents & patent applications.

Internet Legal Resource Guide

Internal Revenue Service

Kids In Danger
Organization for the protection of children
from dangerous products


Legal information & resources

Online legal service & documents.

Legislative Information

National Low Income Housing

"Dedicated solely to ending America’s
affordable housing crisis. We believe that
this is achievable, that the affordable housing
crisis is a problem that Americans are
capable of solving. While we are concerned
about the housing circumstances of all low
income people, we focus our advocacy on
those with the most serious housing problems,
the lowest income households."

National Safety Council

Legal information to give all Americans
legal access.

Enables you to remove your name from
lists for pre-approved offers of credit
or insurance obtained from credit
reporting companies.

Personal Injury Attorney
Provides consumers a useful outline
& overview of personal injury law,
as well informative legal links,
personal injury lawyer referrals &
personal injury resources.


State PIRG
(Public Interest Research Group)

U.S. Immigration: A guide to
the visa and green card process

Research guide for those seeking
information on U.S. immigration policies.
Provides information regarding the
path to legalized status in the U.S.


Tips, solutions to over 6000 common
legal problems, free ask-an-attorney
options & customized services.



Top Ten Dot Cons

Other Consumer Resources

bullet Health Insurance in the United States

A free, easy-to-use service that
identifies federal & state assistance
programs for older Americans.

Big Class Action
Listing of class action suits, complaints,
advocacy groups, legal portal, etc.

Corporate Accountability

Non-profit national membership
organization exposing life-threatening
abuses by transnational corporations &
organizing successful grassroots
campaigns to hold corporations 
accountable to consumers &
society at large.

Website for all foreign-born individuals
entering or living in the United States.

Healthcare Choices
Assists patients, consumers & other
purchasers of health care services
understand the complexities of 
the healthcare system

A consumer guide for getting &
keeping health insurance for each
state & the District of Columbia.

Hone finance information such as
mortgage interest rates, refinancing
& home buying advice.

Latest coupons, sales & deals for
major online stores.

Living Will Registry
Mission is to promote the use
of advance directives through
educational programs and to make
people's health care choices available
to their caregivers & families.


FDA Medical Products Reporting Program
& safety information program.

List of coupon & promotional codes.

Nursing Home Alert

Nursing home abuse & neglect
resource center for the elderly &
their families.

Organic Consumers Association

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA)
is a grassroots non-profit public interest
organization campaigning for health, justice,
& sustainability. The OCA deals with crucial
issues of food safety, industrial agriculture,
genetic engineering, corporate accountability,
& environmental sustainability.

PC Support Center

Police Notebook
Crime prevention & safety information.

Satellite Review
Information on Satellite TV systems,
Directv & the Dish Network.

Comprehensive guide to retirement
communities, assisted living residences,
Alzheimer's facilities, and nursing homes

Strong Numbers
"The Bluebook for Everything"

Traffic Updates on the Internet

"Christmas Decorating," by Joanne Swanson
Christmas Decorating
Joanne Swanson


PBS Home & how to

Andy's Anagram Solver

Better Homes & Gardens

The Big Cartoon Database

The Internet's Largest Searchable
Database of Cartoons, Episode Guides
& Crew Lists!

Cagle's Cartoonist Index

Chinese Food DIY
Chinese food recipes, cooking tips &
serving advices.

Collectors Universe

The Cook's Thesaurus
Cooking encyclopedia that covers
thousands of ingredients & kitchen tools. 

On-line jigsaw puzzles

Deaf Gamers
Reviews  PC, Xbox, GameCube,
GBA & other vide games from
the deaf persons perspective.
"Text/visual feedback is a key
issue for a deaf person & many has
the occasion been when a deaf games
player has purchased a game only to
find no visual feedback or very little
of it (this can ruin the game for them)."

Discovery Channel On-line

DIY Network
How-to projects with easy step-
by-step directions.

Help designing & implementing home
improvement projects

Folk Art & Craft Exchange

Food Reference

Articles on food history & usage;
short food facts and trivia; an extensive
collection of quotes; who’s who in
food; cooking tips; culinary humor,
poems & crossword puzzles, & a
Culinary Calendar. Recipes, modern,
classic & historical are also presented.

Free online games.


Good Karma Cafe

Food, home, family, gardening, money
& health


Ikebana International


Jig Zone
Free online jigsaw puzzles.

Manufactures custom made jig saw
puzzles based on your own photos.

Home of the Comiclopedia - an
illustrated reference with more
than 3,300 international comic
artists, complete with biographies
& samples of their artwork.

Lars-Olov Stenborg Postcard

Mimi's Cyber-Kitchen

Mr. Fix-It

Museum of Garden History

Database of over 1,300 species
of House & Greenhouse Plants. 

Puppetry Home Page

Recipe Source



Star Trek Continuum

The Dog House-Peanuts

The Riddler


Provides easy, cheap & "damn
cool" projects ranging from a grater
lamp to alternative framing.

Wine Lovers Page

A database for wine professionals
& wine lovers.


Digital Photography

bulletDigital Camera Purchase
bulletArt Photography

Digicam Views

Digital Camera Resource Page

Digital PhotoCorner

The Imaging Resource


Photo District News


Short Courses

Steve's Digicams


Thanks to CreatAbiliTOYS! for the Keebler Elf image.


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