>After about a month of attempted housebreaking via the "crate method", I
>have come to the conclusion that all I've accomplished is that "I" have
>been trained to have the dog outside during the most probable times of his
>"duty". I want the dog to let me know in no uncertain terms, (like
>barking by the door) when "he" needs to go outside. Am I just not patient
>enough and this will eventually happen, or is this all there is to the
>"crate method"? Please E-mail any help or suggestions. Thanks.

You are doing fine. With my Tasha (three years old), I routinely take her out at within a set time range (1-2 hours) during the morning and evening. A puppy needs more frequent walks and has less leeway as far as a range of times. When and how often to walk a healthy dog/puppy is
based on when and how much he eat and drinks, habit, etc., ie, COMMON SENSE.

If on the rare occasion I get preoccupied in what I am doing and forget to walk her, she will gently come up and nudge me and peer into my eyes with her beautiful soulful look as if to say, "come on now, its time...not trying to be rude here, but nature is calling". For Tasha, it would be far to impolite to bark. If I forget to feed my CAT, he will first telepathically alert me to his difficulty. If I continue to ignore him (he has a tendency to eat too much anyway), he will knock something off my desk or stomp around the room. Its even worse if I accidentally put dog food in his bowl....


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