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rec.pets.dogs.misc dated 1/24/97. Please read carefully.

>At the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, part of the
>first-year curriculum includes two "dog labs." In the first lab, you open
>the chest of the dog with a cast saw, then observe the beating heart, then
>remove the heart. In the second lab, you give your dog increasing doses of
>an unknown drug until you identify the drug from the way the dog is
>reacting, or else your dog dies of an overdose first. The purported
>purpose is to teach basic principles of cardiology and pharmacology. This
>is NOT about perfecting life saving operational techniques or about
>testing breakthrough drugs! The dogs used are purchased from San Diego
>Animal Control.

>Though the labs are technically "optional," students are heavily pressured
>to do the labs, and no mention is made of alternatives that exist, such as
>videos, CD-ROM, watching a human surgery at a hospital, etc. No such
>alternatives are sanctioned by the faculty. There is a growing movement
>among some of the students that the labs should be modified--either in the
>development of an officially sanctioned non-killing alternative, in the
>combining of the two labs so that the number of dogs used is reduced, or
>to abolish the labs altogether. Currently, very few schools include such
>labs as part of the curricula.
>The administration has been unresponsive to our repeated requests for
>reform. Maybe if they receive some e-mail from concerned people, they will
>consider it. Please send your mail to "," and
>"" These are the doctors in charge of these laboratories.
>Thank you! If you have questions or want more info, reach me at:
Students Against Vivisection in Education

See also: The National Anti-Vivisection Society


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