...I'll look into the EZ Cheez treat suggestion. Tasha's weight is perfect for her breed and type (American Eskimo, borderline standard/miniature).

I do take exception to the "size" (preferring larger to small dogs) issue!!. I offer the following counter arguments:

(1) Its brains not size that count... I've only met two dogs that are comparable to Tasha in this department. One is a standard Poodle named Mazie, one of Tasha's boyfriends (her other boyfriend is a large Sheepdog named Sidney....don't ask!). The other was a Border Collie who I only met briefly.

(2) Tasha is very conscious of her size. At the park, when she was about a year old, a large 150 lb.+ sheep dog (NOT Sidney) ran into her at full speed while he was chasing another dog. After being dazed for 10-15 minutes- while being consoled by the other dogs in the park- she recovered to her normal self. However, from that day on, she has avoided playing with dogs that are bigger than her. Instead, unless she knows them, she emits a loud, screeching kind of bark if they approach. This is apparently designed to get them to "bug off". The typical reaction is for the other dog to give me a puzzled look , then a canine "shrug" and finally go off to play with someone else. Of course with her dog friends, Tasha is as friendly as she is with people, which means being greeted with multiple kisses and great fanfare. Some of her people friends feel uncomfortable with her kissing their dog and then to kissing them, but generally they succumb. (:

(3) I believe that Tasha's only regret in life is that she is not bigger. Her protective instincts are strong, but due to lack of size, nobody takes her seriously. Except the mailman, that is.

(4) Tasha is not spoiled like so many small dogs.

(5) Tasha maybe small, but she is also gentle. Cats are her best friends. Unlike many larger dogs, she's no bully.

(6) On a more serious note, Tasha is in training to become a therapy dog- an awesome responsibility and challenge which she (and I) will hopefully be up to.

So in conclusion, if you knew Tasha you would probably want to reconsider your opinion of smaller dogs. If Tasha was a sled dog, she probably wouldn't be pulling the sled, but she would be directing the action and running faithful errands for her master while ingratiating herself into his heart.


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