> > Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) Tasha can't eat sundaes, even on her birthday.

> > What about frozen yogurt? Our Great Dane is occasionally treated to a frozen yogurt...

I suppose it would depend upon the brand, the ingredients, the number of calories, bacteria culture and overall cost. Definitely no genetically engineered E-Coli bacteria !. Other important considerations would be whether it was non-fat. (I thought you might appreciate an analytical approach on this...)

That aside, she is hardly deprived. When I go to the grocery store I put Tasha in a "off leash stay" outside while I shop for food. I have on more than one occasion caught complete strangers feeding here everything from frozen brussel sprouts to Chinese egg rolls. Unfortunately Tasha isn't well trained enough to not accept food from strangers!!!

Even worse, even though she is in a reliable stay in front of the grocery, people will insist on watching her until her master returns. As you may have guessed, my very beautiful, brilliant and sweet dog has more friends than I do. I can't tell you how many times when walking or running down the street, people will say hello to Tasha (by name) and completely ignore me or not even remember my name. Perhaps I should take the hint???????????


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