>Is it my fault or is it a glitch in the dog's mind that sometimes when
>passing people on the street, my Dalmatian tries to snatch at a
>Many times, all goes well but then, therefor unexpected, the dog takes
>the opportunity to try and snatch at somebody. This happens both when
>the dog is on the leash or running free, somewhere in a field or park.
>It's the unforeseen, that bothers me most. Why that particular person?
>In general, the dog is a very good comrade with a lot of affection for
>us. He even smiles, as a true Dalmatian sign of his affection. I would
>say he's also a bit dominant, for his tail always points high in the
>With other dogs, it is the same thing. Often no problem, but sometimes
>it seems like he is ready for a kill........
>I guess it all has something to do with receiving the WRONG signal.
>With other dogs I can imagine that another dominant dog is giving such
>a signal.
>But is it the same with people? Can a person's attitude be the trigger
>of such an aggressive action...... Even if this person doesn't even
>look in the direction of the dog. Giving no reason at all for such odd

>I would appreciate your comment on this matter.

Has he dog always been this way? Does the dog exhibit fearful/excessively shy behavior? How old is the dog? Does the dog react unpredictably only with strangers or with family members and people/dogs he knows? Does the aggressive behavior exhibit itself totally unexpectedly, ie, when the dog is wagging its tail and being petted?

If the answer to the last question above is yes, it can be an indication of a genetically "insane" dog. Quoting from the book, "Good Owners, Great Dogs", by Brian Kilcommons, "...When I saw friendliness turn to aggression in an instant with no warning or reason, I called the owner and said that the dog should be destroyed..Some dogs are crazy. The common type of insanity is Tyson's( coincidentally also a Dalmatian), a link between pleasure and aggression..".

Note: The above may not apply to your dog. If the answer to most of the above questions is no then perhaps the dog simply needs a strong regimen of constantly reinforced obedience training coupled with assistance from a competent animal behaviorist/trainer.


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