>....It is when we start to apply human values, such as love, to a human/dog relationship that we get into a
>mess and begin to lose our way - perhaps mutual manipulation might be a
>better concept. Also I cannot see why, if a dog wants a piece of food, the
>handler feels such a strong need to refuse to give it to the dog and ask it
>to settle for second best.


I excerpted from your post to focus on this love/human value issue. Dogs do obey out of love and a desire to please- Don't underestimate them. "Mutual manipulation" sounds more like a buzz word describing human relationships in the 90's than the potential/ideal/achievable relationship between a master and his or her dog. From a training standpoint a consistent desire to please is paramount if the dog is to be trusted to obey under unusual or stressful conditions- conditions that may make the difference between life and death and conditions were food is not available and distractions abound.


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