>Anyway, what does everyone think about this incident? I'm inclined to
>>it was just an unfortunate accident, but I'm still concerned and will be
>>keeping a very close eye on Rocky and Matt for a while. Any comments?

>Matt should not be allowed to play with Rocky. For if Matt gets too rough,
>Rocky will rightfully correct him. Get a trainer (that has raised dogs and
>kids) to pay you a home visit, evaluate everyone and make recommendations.
>Online training is out here. Talk with your vet and shelter about finding
>such a trainer. In the interim NO PLAY.
>Recommended reading "Childproofing Your Dog" by Brian Kilcommons (Warner


Excellent reply. Its an interesting, probably common situation. Rocky is being reasonable and Matt is APPARENTLY too young to completely understand how to properly treat and respect him. The parents are attempting to train/correct both the dog and the their son. Eventually, as Matt matures Rocky must learn to accept him as an Alpha. Hopefully Matt will learn to respect his dog (and others in the household). If not, then the dog may be better off in a new home with well behaved children.


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