>Funny, I adopted my bossy bitch as a very dominant, untrained adult, and
>had no problems, so long as I used it properly. She's added a new twist
>that has made it useless, however. The past few times I've made her go
>down and over when she threatened a dog at the dog park that got too
>close to HER ball, she's turned it into a game. She flops right over,
>kicking her legs and scratching her back on the grass. Thrilled with
>her victory. This dog is a constant challenge. I guess my next step is
>to make her instantly leave the park if she growls at another dog.

I know this is off subject, but I couldn't resist. When Tasha, my American Eskimo gets tired of "dog park" (a section of a public park where dogs are allowed to be off leash), she will walk over to the edge of the parking lot. Eventually I will notice. If I am talking to a fellow dog owner, I will call her back. 5 minutes later she will go back to the parking lot, except she will step 1-2 feet in the parking lot itself. Perhaps because I am a little less bright then her, I will call her back again. I probably don't need to tell you what she does the next time. If I do not accede to her wishes a fourth time, she'll walk right to the car. Actually she is not really being mean. She is tired of the play and in retrospect may have been a bit thirsty, though I always bring water.

I guess Tasha should be a source of inspiration for all dominant dogs. Just be sweet, persistent and brilliant and you'll always get what you want!! (assuming a reasonably intelligent human companion!!)


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