>I too carry my dogs in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, but I keep them in the
>back. Normally I don't have any problems. When I open the hatch they
>wait to be let out. If my young Golden sees another dog or a person he
>knows and likes, though, (which is just about anyone) he has a tendency
>to bolt before I can grab his leash. I anticipate this and try to stop
>him, but he's pretty darn quick. I have to patiently wait until all
>traffic is cleared before I open the hatch. The other two dogs are
>completely reliable. Any suggestions on how to cure this would be

Tasha, my American Eskimo will sit like a "Queen" in the passenger seat for the first 5-15 minutes of a ride, well behaved and observing the surroundings. For longer rides she will lie down, either because she is bored or because, especially on highways, the quick passage of objects and landmarks disturbs her. When we are within two miles of a destination she has been to, she will "stand" up, look out the windows, sniff the air vents and await our reaching the final destination.

When she is ready to exit the car, I will call her to the driver seat, pick her up, give her a kiss and put her down. Then I will immediately give her the "stay close command". She will stay within 1-2 feet of me and the car until I give her the command, "Lets go up stairs" or OK.

When Tasha leaves the house, I will open the front door and she will wait for a queue from me to proceed. She will not pass the door's threshold unless I do. If we are going down stairs, she will remain in step with me -always. Tasha has been taught to be courteous and attentive. Hence, if you do not want your younger Golden to bolt, teach him a similar set of commands, initially reinforced by leash corrections. Provide immediate praise when the correct action is followed. Since you have more than one dog, ensure all dogs adhere to the same standard.


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