>I just came across the American Eskimo as a possibility for us. We are
>the ones that originally wanted a Husky, but because of the fact that
>we live right next door to a farm with sheep & chickens, we couldn't trust
>a husky. We also have 4 cats. (remember us now?) How is the Amer. Eskimo
>as far as prey drive. It looks like a beautiful dog. Any owners out
>there or breeders?

Eskies are Northern/Spitz dogs. The may have a "prey" drive. Though in the case of my Eskie, it would be better described as a "play" drive. She loves to chase friendly, outgoing neighborhood cats. They in turn merely have to raise a paw (in play or warning) and she shifts her attention to other things or engages in more friendly play. The cat she least likes is her "own". However the relationship between my cat and dog is somewhat interesting. My cat is convinced IMHO that he owns her (as he owns me). On RARE OCCASION I think he feels that every cat SHOULD own a dog. Both are jealous and occasionally resentful of the attention I give to the other (even though I try to be evenhanded). The closest they get physically is during the evening when they will occasionally snuggle up to one another in the middle of the night.

Certainly you will want to observe your puppy's parents and talk to the owner/breeder. You will also want to observe your puppy's individual personality/tendencies. Some Eskies are more aggressive/aloof than others. In general, Eskies are very bright dogs whose bark is FAR more than their bite. They are loyal and loving to their family and friends (human and feline in your case). If you do not encourage their prey drive it will probably never develop. Again, there may be individual variations within the breed.


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