>I am in the market for a puppy this summer when I have time to train it.
>But I would like to choose a dog with a compatible personality. Is there
>any information on typical characteristics of certain breeds? Namely
>larger in-door/out-door dogs, with good intelligence and extremely friendly.

The other replies to your post have indicated books that attempt to match owner(s)/dog personality. They can be useful, particularly for noting extreme or very strong tendencies within breeds. However, there is much variation within individual breeds, not totally unlike people!!

It is therefore important to, quite frankly use your own eyes and ears and innate sensitivity when selecting a puppy. Obviously it would be helpful to work with the breeder and observe the puppy's parents or grand parents. A number of tests, including cradling, touch sensitivity, sound sensitivity and attraction are helpful. Obviously you do not want to select a puppy who struggles, and does not stop struggling, when picked up, who screams or aggressively mouths when touched a little to hard, who is startled by every, even slightly loud noise or who appears to ignore you or other people. You may wish to purchase Brian Kilcommon's book "Good Owners, Great Dogs" for a discussion of these and other vital matters relating to dog selection/care and understanding the canine personality.

In my case I selected a puppy who from the moment I saw here appeared to be one of the sweetest dogs I had ever known. And I have not been proven wrong.


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