>We are brand new owners of a Border Collie puppy (3mos. old) named Blue Dog.
>We were totally baffled! He is 99% potty trained..and was after the first day,
>already barking when something isn't, sits, shakes hands, answers his name
>etc,etc, etc.


This sounds wonderful. I have a female American Eskimo, who is also an active, extremely bright dog. For an intelligent breed learning and curiosity is a never ending pursuit and you should give serious thought on how to challenge your dog and keep her mentally stimulated-whether through play, obedience training, field work, etc. Also, as you are probably aware, puppies go through an adolescent phase when they mysteriously (and temporarily) forgot everything they're taught. Border Collies appear to be gentle, quick, highly active, very bright dogs. Their adolescence may be especially interesting (and challenging).

One final thought. After observing the "average" dog owner with the "average" dog, I am amazed at what little intellectual and creative effort humans expend on trying to understand and shape a dog's behavior. The dog, in many instances is, from a behavioral standpoint, the more intelligent of the team. With Eskies and Border Collies this is especially so.


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