>We're considering buying a Miniature American Eskimo pup from
>some friends who just had a litter a few weeks ago. I'm pretty
>happy with what I've heard and from visiting the pups, but the
>one thing I'm having trouble getting any info on is how they
>are with young children. Does anyone know or have an opinion about

One indication is observing the stability, personality and health of both parents and grandparents. It is also important to observe the personality of the individual puppy, e.g., Is she outgoing, not easily spooked by unusual sounds, enjoys being picked up, has excessive touch sensitivity, comes when called (or enticed), etc. The puppy is often very much the dog.

PROPERLY bred and socialized Eskies should do well with children provided the children are respectful, the dog receives consistent obedience training/reinforcement (from both adults and children) and the dog is well socialized. The dog should be part of everyday family life and incorporated as much as possible in the household's daily routines.

A normal Eskie's tendency might be to become over protective, barking (no nipping or biting) at any stranger that she finds unusual and potentially threatening. So it is possible the "protected" child might develop a mild case of "paranoia" !. Otherwise, the Eskie should become a adventurous and loving playmate to the child, both dog and child jointly exploring the "new" world and both equally mischievous.

Final Note: If you are thinking of having children then be sure to continually socialize your Eskie from puppyhood to adulthood with polite neighborhood kids.


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