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I and 110 others were arrested today in the Tar Sands protest action.
Over 800 arrested so far. All ages and from all over North America. Maude Barlow
was there reminding us of the potentially disastrous impact of the pipeline
on the nation's fragile water supply. Teri Blanton and Dave Gibson
spoke about the death knell of mountain top removal. Still others talked
about the horrific Battle Creek Michigan oil spill and the media/corporate/government
cover-up of the extent of the oil spill and its harmful effect on people. Yet, what
inspired me most was my fellow protesters and the protest organizers- including
of course Bill Mckibben. With people like this, there is hope.
-Lowell Greenberg, 8/31/2011

Respect the circle of life. Remember the slow, wise tortoise on whose back the world and
universe rests, The giraffe- the tallest who can see far- the flamingo- the most delicate,
the beetle, the caterpillar- who clings close to the earth and transforms into the butterfly-
respect all life. Remember your place in the center - respectful of all- loving and beloved.
- Lowell Greenberg

"We stand at a critical moment in Earth's history, a time when humanity must choose its
future."- Earth Charter Initiative

"Starting from the very reasonable, but unfortunately revolutionary concept that social
practices which threaten the continuation of life on Earth must be changed, we need a
theory of revolutionary ecology that will encompass social & biological issues, class
struggle, & a recognition of the role of global corporate capitalism in the oppression of
peoples and the destruction of nature."- Judi Bari, 1995

"...I would hope that the destructive results of the civilized world would result in some
relinquishment of dominion and that those who destroy this way of life and continue
to forbid it could find reason to begin to allow those of us who can to engage in a
socio-environmental experiment to show once again how I and others can be effective
in enlivening the natural world."- A letter from Finisia Medrano in jail...to the Lemhi
County Court
. On July 29, 2008 during Finisia's journey to Berry Camp, she camped
along the Salmon River near Challis, Idaho, and was planting native plants along the
river bank. A Forest Service officer stopped to question Finisia about her activities.
She was uncooperative and was arrested for obstructing/resisting an officer.

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Earth Charter Initiative
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Northwest Earth Institute
Peak Oil

Global Environmental Outlook
Global Green USA
National Environmental Trust
Grist Magazine


Coal is not the answer. "Who Will Save the Mountains?: Obama Says Mountain Crimes Can Be Regulated--Will Gore, Carter or Congress Intervene Now?," 6/11/2009, Common Dreams.org

Samba Do Quinze:
O forest! They cut out your verdant heart. The grasses, the Brazil nut trees, the wild beasts already scent the smell of prison. This we say: people yearn to be free, so who then will be the masters of our History?" See also: The Pachamama Alliance.

The internal combustion engine - a fiery inferno, spewing smoke & carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide, in turn creating an Earth burning hell. See: "Dead Mars, Dying Earth," by John Brandenburg & Monica Paxson

"...After the ice is gone, would Earth proceed to the Venus syndrome, a runaway greenhouse effect that would destroy all life on the planet, perhaps permanently? While that is difficult to say based on present information, I’ve come to conclude that if we burn all reserves of oil, gas, and coal, there is a substantial chance we will initiate the runaway greenhouse. If we also burn the tar sands and tar shale, I believe the Venus syndrome is a dead certainty."-Jim Hansen, 2/4/2010

The technique that only uses explosion or expansion forces is lethal and hostile to the nature. This kind of technique must miss the natural counter force or the organic synthesis which is a negative room of quality - The Organic Vacuum - that reunites the polar and the increasing to the favor of  the uprising of a new life form. 

Viktor Schauberger

Sparingly add salt to a glass of water and gently stir. Though the salt is there, it is invisible and in balance with the water...Continue adding salt and eventually the equilibrium between the water and the salt shifts and the salt precipitates. In a similar way are you destroying the Earth's fragile, natural balance. Remarkably, though you pollute and destroy, the oceans still bear life (though less so), the trees still grow (though less so) and the air still supports life. But some day, the equilibrium will shift and your destructive ways will fully manifest- and, there may be no return. See also: Report: Global warming near critical point, 1/24/05, Associated Press

The political debate is a False Debate- the Debate is not between more or less government spending; between Medicare and Social Security- the debate should be about the real prospect that in 50 years there may not be any debate- mankind may drive itself and all other plant and animal species on the Earth to extinction while in the process of fueling its incessant greed and stupidity.

Earth Blood

The ocean and river is my blood, yet you poison it.

The air from my lungs is your air, yet you make it foul and noxious.

The earth is my sacred body, yet you desecrate it.

The sun is my food, and this I willing share with you in all things green, but you taint it.

I have taught you my secrets, yet you use them against me.

You are my children, from me you sprang. Your Bible teaches to honor your mother and father- yet in everything you do, you dishonor me- committing unforgivable sins-  murdering what I love.

You think I am unconscious- blind, deaf and unfeeling to your insults, but I am not, For I am in you and you in me, and if I die, you die inside and out. I am your Creator.

Lowell Greenberg, See also, "The Lessons of Easter Island,"  Canticle of the Sun & The Earth Renewal Story

Remember the Dawn of Trees- remember when the Earth was fresh and young- remember when the Earth rejoiced- the Universe smiled.

Trees- young, wild, free- born. Now Earth is much older- Rejoice the wisdom of the trees- the mountains, the waters- the birds, the fox, the wolf, the deer- all creation- The sacred wisdom of all spirit returns to human beings- to teach-to learn to remember- to heal- to heal the Earth- to heal each other-the medicine- the love.

My beloved trees- keepers of wisdom- who give to the Earth as much as they take- who shelter all life.

Lowell Greenberg

The newborn's consciousness grows- more aware- she loves her mother- memories, smells, tastes, warmth. Mother's arms embracing and wrapped around. And the child begins to love the mother and the mother loves the child- Time passes and the child grows stronger- separates from the mother- sometimes the bonds of love remain strong- sometimes the child grows angry and forgets the mother- Yet there is this bond and it can never be broken. The mother grows old and one day the child takes care of the mother- the mother dies and is reborn- the child dies and is reborn and in love it all goes on- Take care of your mother Earth- the gift of love is more precious than life itself. The mother will always love her child and the child will always love her mother- the bond cannot broken. Her heart and your heart are the same-sacred and divine.

Lowell Greenberg

They (mankind) fall over themselves in their eagerness to make this world, which we should trust and delight in, evil and worthless and so they deliver the earth more and more into the hands of those who are prepared to wring at least a quick profit out of it. . . . The increasing exploitation of life today, is it not due to a continuous disparagement of this world, begun centuries ago? What madness to divert our thoughts to a beyond, when we are surrounded here by tasks and expectations and futures! What a swindle to steal pictures of earthly bliss in order to sell them to heaven behind our backs! Oh, it is high time that the impoverished earth got back all those loans from its happiness with which men have endowed the hereafter. . . . And, there being no such thing as a vacuum, is not the place of everything removed from here taken by a counterfeit is that why our cities are so full of ugly artificial light and noise, because we have surrendered the true brightness and song to a Jerusalem which we hope to move into presently? 

Ranier Maria Rilke

"The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction."

Rachel Carson; See also, "Silent Spring," her book that warns against the  profligate use of synthetic chemical pesticides such as DDT.

"The earth was entrusted to man by God so that he would cultivate and safeguard it. When this principle is forgotten, [and men] become tyrants instead of custodians of nature, sooner or later the latter will rebel."

Pope John Paul II, Vatican City, celebrating the farmers' Jubilee November 12, 2000

Medicine for an Ailing Planet, 7/22/2005- James Lovelock- Is nuclear energy the only viable solution to global warming?

New Rules Issued for National Forests: Some Environmental Protections Eased, 12/23/2004

Expert: Bush Hides Global Warming Evidence, 10/27/2004

Republicans blast President Bush on Environment, 7/20/04

Bush Attacks Environment 'Scare Stories'  Secret email gives advice on denying climate change, 4/4/2004

Bush Administration Accused of Suppressing, Distorting Science, 2/19/2004

Increased Use Of Chemicals In Agriculture Worldwide Seen As Major Environmental Threat; 4/16/2001 See also: Biodynamics

Medicines, Caffeine And Antibacterial Soap Among Contaminants Found In American Streams; 3/13/2002

Scientists Describe Century Of Human Impact On Global Surface Temperature; 1/23/2002

Social Action

Shakertown Pledge

Earth Prayer

Preserving & Cherishing the Earth: An Appeal for Joint Commitment in Science & Religion

The Bush Administration

World Disasters Report

Global Economics, Politics & the Environment

Global Warming

Virtual Evolution

Electric & Magnetic Fields

Buffalo Summer

Animal Rights

Amazon Rainforest Unit

Indigenous Peoples

Science & Environmental Publications

Biological/Medical Science

U.S. Government Agencies

First Step





Car Air Conditioning & Fossil Fuel Emissions

The 3,000 mile motor oil change- A relic of the past


About Water

Information from the film, "Flow."

Of the 6 billion people on earth, 1.1 billion do not have access to safe, clean drinking water.

 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency currently does not regulate 51 known water contaminants. (www.foodandwaterwatch.org)

While the average American uses 150 gallons of water per day, those in developing countries cannot find five.

The water and sanitation crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns.

According to the National Resources Defense Council, in a scientific study in which more than 1,000 bottles of 103 brands of water were tested, about one-third of the bottles contained synthetic organic chemicals, bacteria, and arsenic. (www.nrdc.org)

 Water is a $400 billion dollar global industry; the third largest behind electricity and oil.

There are estimates that from five hundred thousand to seven million people get sick per year from drinking tap water. Erik Olson, Deputy Staff Director of Barbara Boxerʼs Environmental and Public Works Committee (EPW), FLOW.

Californiaʼs water supply is running out – it has about 20 years of water left in the state.
Maude Barlow, author of Blue Covenant and co-author of Blue Gold, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians, FLOW.

There are over 116,000 human-made chemicals that are finding their way into public water supply systems.
William Marks, author of Water Voices from Around the World, FLOW.

In Bolivia nearly one out of every ten children will die before the age of five. Most of those deaths are related to illnesses that come from a lack of clean drinking water.
Jim Schultz, founder of the Democracy Center in Bolivia, FLOW.

The cost per person per year for having 10 liters of safe drinking water every day is just $2 USD.
Ashok Gadgil, Senior Staff Scientist in the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, FLOW

See also: Ecologists warn the planet is running short of water, 1/22/2009; Also: The Story of Bottled Water.

Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks

Amazon Watch
Mission is to to work with indigenous &
environmental organizations in the Amazon
Basin to defend the environment &
advance indigenous peoples' rights in the
face of large-scale industrial development-oil
and gas pipelines, power lines, roads,
and other mega-projects.

Awakening the Dreamer Initiative
Mission is to preserve the Earth’s tropical
rainforests by empowering the indigenous
people who are its natural custodians and
to contribute to the creation of a new global
vision of equity and sustainability for all.

Arctic Circle
Natural resources, history & culture,
social equity & environmental justice
issues relating to the Arctic Circle.

Audubon Society | eNature
Mission of the National Audubon Society
is to conserve & restore natural ecosystems,
focusing on birds & other wildlife for the
benefit of humanity & the earth's biological

Ark Animals

Association for Biodiversity

Bill's Wildlife Sites

Collective Heritage Institute (CHI) seeks
to cultivate both a material and a spiritual
basis for their ongoing conservation
through practical and visionary solutions.

California Safe Schools
Fights toxic, environmental hazards
such as exposure to pesticides in Los
 Angles schools. Programs such as
Integrated Pest Management should
be a model for school districts throughout
the country.

Canadian Nature Federation
Mission is the protection of nature, its
diversity & the processes that sustain it.

Captive Dolphin Awareness Foundation
Non-profit organization concerned about the
quality of life of all dolphins in captivity.
Mission is to raise public awareness through
education about the consequences of keeping
dolphins captive, with the ultimate goal of
providing all dolphins with the quality of life
they deserve in their natural habitat.

Center for Environmental Research
& Conservation

Consortium of Columbia University, the
The American Museum of Natural History,
The New York Botanical Garden, Wildlife
Conservation Society
, & Wildlife Trust.
Multi-disciplinary efforts in Education,
Research, Training, & Outreach.

Center for Health, Environment & Justice
Founded in 1981, as the Citizens
Clearinghouse for Hazardous Waste, by Lois
Gibbs community leader at Love Canal.
Based on the principle that people have
the right to a clean and healthy environment
regardless of their race or economic standing.

Center for International Earth Science
Information Network (CIESIN)

Center for Marine Conservation

City Farmer

Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture.

Climate Change Economics
"Our objective is to offer access to the best
available objective analysis of the options
facing the United States, fifty individual states
and the US territories as we address the carbon
intensity of our economy. As more and more
Americans are realizing, our nation faces a
growing double threat posed by both climate
changes in our local communities and the
rapidly increasing costs of fossil fuels. Climate
Change Economics will equip policymakers and
researchers at every level of government with
a clearinghouse of resources and tools to tackle
these challenges comprehensively.

The Climate Research Group
Part of the Department of Atmospheric
Sciences of the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign. Site includes climate
models, COSMIC (Country Specific Model
for Intertemporal Climate, research
pubs, etc.

Community Eco-Design Network
Mission is to facilitate the introduction & wide spread
use of 'green' building techniques, technologies &
materials to the construction industry in Minnesota

Conservation Online (CoOL)

Full text library of conservation information.

Conservation International
Applies innovations in science, economics,
policy & community participation to
protect the Earth's richest regions of
plant and animal diversity in the hotspots,
major tropical wilderness areas & key
marine ecosystems.

Convention on Biological Diversity

Corporate Watch
News, analysis, research tools & action resources
to respond to corporate activity around the globe.

David Suzuki Foundation
Explores human impacts on the environment,
with an emphasis on finding solutions.

Defenders of Wildlife
Dedicated to the protection of all native
wild animals and plants in their natural
communities. Focuses on the accelerating
rate of extinction of species & the
associated loss of biological diversity,
& habitat alteration and destruction.

Dream Change Coalition
Grass roots movement of people from many
continents and cultures dedicated to creating
new values and ways of living. Its' three primary
goals are to inspire earth-honoring changes in
consciousness, conserve forests, & apply
indigenous wisdom in ways that foster
environmental & social balance.

Drought Monitor

E Magazine

EE-Link for Educators
Resource designed to support "students,
teachers & professionals that support K-12
environmental education, such as media
specialists, in-service providers, nature
center staff & curriculum developers.

Earth First
"Earth First! is not an organization, but a
movement. There are no "members" of
Earth First!, only Earth First!ers. It is a
belief in biocentrism, that life of the Earth
comes first, & a practice of putting our
beliefs into action.

Earth's 911
Recycling, pollution prevention &
environmental information by
zip code/country.

Earth Day Network
Alliance of 5,000 groups in 184 countries
working to promote a healthy environment
and a peaceful, just, sustainable world.

Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund
Public interest law firm dedicated
to protecting the magnificent places,
natural resources, & wildlife of this
earth & to defending the right of all
people to a healthy environment.

EarthLight is the magazine to read if
you are concerned about the fate of the
planet, and have a sense that, at its root,
this is a profoundly spiritual issue.

Earth Share, a federation of non-profit
environmental & conservation organizations,
works to promote environmental
education & charitable giving through
workplace giving campaigns.

Earth Vision
It is the premise of EARTH VISION
that in order for humanity to cherish nature,
humanity must first recognize nature
as a reflection of the very soul of its
own being.

Earthwatch Institute
Promotes sustainable conservation
of our natural resources & cultural
heritage by creating partnerships
between scientists, educators
& the general public.

Earth Island Institute
Fosters the efforts of creative individuals
by providing organizational support in
developing projects for the conservation,
preservation, & restoration of the
global environment.

Earth Share of Oregon
Earth Share of Oregon (ESOR) is a federation
of 68 leading local and national non-profit
conservation groups that provides a convenient
way for Oregonians to support conservation
and healthy communities. Through Earth Share
workplace campaigns, conservation groups reach
new audiences and supporters in nearly 100
public and private organizations in Oregon.

Earth Site
Official site of International Earth Day.

Conservation-advocacy group dedicated
to protecting wild species.

"A diary of the planet."

Dedicated to bringing information
on the environment to the public &
seeking participation in fighting
for the environment.

The Ecologist
Magazine covering subjects ranging
from science & technology to the
impacts of globalization on jobs,
health & the environment.

Directory of environmental organizations.


Resource on nature & clean technology.

Encyclopedia of Earth
Electronic reference about the Earth, its
natural environments, and their interaction
with society. The Encyclopedia is a free,
fully searchable collection of articles written
by scholars, professionals, educators, and
experts who collaborate and review each
other's work. The articles are written in
non-technical language and will be useful to
students, educators, scholars, professionals,
as well as to the general public.

Energy Trust of Oregon
Mission is to to change how Oregonians produce
& use energy by investing in efficient
technologies & renewable resources that save
dollars and protect the environment. Began operation
|in March 2002, charged by the Oregon Public
Utility Commission (OPUC) with investing in cost
-effective energy conservation, helping to pay the
above-market costs of renewable energy resources,
& encouraging energy market transformation in Oregon.

Environmental Defense | Scorecard | 
Focused on protecting the Earth's
climate, oceans, biodiversity
& human health.

Environmental Working Group
Environmental research organization
dedicated to improving public health
& protecting the environment by
reducing pollution in air, water & food. See
Also: Chemical Industry Archives

Works to end deforestation, preserve
old-growth forests, conserve & sustainably
manage other forests, maintain climatic
systems and commence the age of
ecological restoration.

Friends of Dyke Marsh
Friends of Dyke Marsh is a volunteer
group dedicated to preserving and
enhancing Dyke Marsh, the last enduring
substantial freshwater tidal marsh in the
Washington, D.C. capital area, located on
the Potomac River just south of Alexandria,
Virginia. Dyke Marsh is administered by
the National Park Service.

Friends of the Earth
Dedicated to preserving the health &
diversity of the planet for future generations.
Empowers citizens to have an influential
voice in decisions affecting their

Garden Earth Enterprises
Seeks and supports solutions to
global warming and includes
news & events, climate info.
and new discoveries.

The Global Coral Reef Alliance

Global Change
A review of climate change &
ozone depletion.

Global Resource Action Center
for the Environment

GRACE is a not-for-profit corporation
established in 1996. The GRACE Factory
Farm Project was established to eliminate
factory farming in favor of a sustainable,
economically viable & environmentally
sound agricultural sector. The Project
can be reached directly at www.factoryfarm.org.
The GRACE Nuclear Project works with
Abolition 2000, a global network which
calls for a treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons,
provides technical support to grassroots
activists living in the shadow of the US
nuclear weapons complex, & addresses
radioactive contamination and waste issues.

Global Response
Environmental action &
education network.

Global Stewards
Provides resources for sustainable living &
environmental activism. Sections include:
environmental tips & issues; environmental,
human rights, and animal rights campaigns;
activists' toolkit; global events calendar; &
sustainable living resources.

Global Thinking Project
"Hands across the globe" education project
which provides a paradigm for students
& teachers to participate in environmental study
& to use new technology tools with peers
around the world. Students learn to monitor and
analyze important physical and biological
aspects of their environment such as the
environmental quality of their classroom, the
quality of air and water in their community, as well
as the study of solid waste, acid rain, tap water, &
the creation of local community-based
environmental topics.

Provides water monitors and students
with a place to store their water monitoring
data & track their water monitoring projects
(My Page) and to provide educational
resources to successfully implement a
school-based water monitoring program.

Green Empowerment
Mission is to promote community-based
renewable energy and water systems with
related watershed restoration projects to
generate social and environmental progress
internationally. We bring electricity and water
to communities in the less developed world
through renewable energy systems to stimulate
positive social and economic advances. All
our projects emphasize environmental concerns,
including environmental education, resource
conservation, watershed mapping, restoration
and protection activities.

The Green Lane by Environment Canada
Resource for weather & environmental
information. Helps connect Canadians,
exchange information & share knowledge
for environmental decision-making.

The Green Pages Canada
National network to empower & support
students, educators & communities by
connecting them to environmental
information in order to make meaningful
contributions towards environmental

Greenpeace International
Global symbol for people seeking to
challenge those who pollute & damage
the planet. Uses a non-violent,
direct action approach.

The purpose of HopeDance is simply to
report on the outrageous, pioneering &
inspiring activities of outstanding individuals
& organizations who are creating a new
world--regardless of their spiritual
tradition or political agenda.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
The role of the IPCC is to assess on a
comprehensive, objective, open & transparent
basis the scientific, technical & socio-economic
information relevant to understanding the scientific
basis of risk of human-induced climate change,
its potential impacts & options for adaptation
& mitigation.

International Center for Technology
Assessment (CTA)

Committed to providing the public with
full assessments and analyses of technological
impacts on society.

International Fund for Animal Welfare
Engages communities, government leaders,
& like-minded organizations around the
world to achieve lasting solutions to pressing
animal welfare & conservation challenges
-solutions that benefit both animals & people.

International Wildlife Coalition
Dedicated to public education, research,
rescue, rehabilitation, litigation,
legislation & international treaty
negotiations concerning global
wildlife & natural habitat protection issues.

The Internet Consumer Recycling Guide

Internet Watershed Educational Tool

Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D
Father, husband, activist, educator,
& deep ecologist.

League of Conservation Voters
Dedicated to electing a pro-environment
Congress, protecting the environment
through political action & holding
Congress accountable for their decisions.

Myko Web

National Environmental Trust
Non-profit group to inform citizens about
environmental problems & how they
effect their health & quality of life.

"National Environment Trust's latest study
shows that children in California will exceed
the acceptable exposure to dangerous
cancer-causing pollutants well before
their first birthday"
- 9/16/02,
National Environment Trust Web Site.

National Environment Research Council
Supports research, survey, environmental
monitoring in terrestrial, marine & freshwater

National Park Trust
Land conservancy uniquely dedicated to
preserving America’s national system
of parks, wildlife refuges,
& historic monuments.

National Parks Conservation Association
Fights to safeguard the scenic beauty,
wildlife, &  historical & cultural treasures
of the U.S. park system.

Natural Resources Defense Council |

Uses law & science to protect the planet's
wildlife & wild places and to ensure a
safe and healthy environment for
all living things.

National Wildlife Federation
"National Wildlife Federation is America's
conservation organization protecting
wildlife for our children's future. We helped
return wolves to Yellowstone National Park.
We are guiding efforts to protect the places
endangered whooping cranes & Florida
panthers call home. We defend America's
safeguards & safe-havens for wildlife. We
build consensus-based solutions for wildlife
where we can. We take the case for wildlife
to courts when we must. We believe education
is the key to creating a world where wildlife thrives.
We teach children, families & concerned
citizens how they can help protect wildlife.
We connect homeowners to nature through
our Backyard Wildlife Habitat™ program."

The Nature Conservancy
Mission is to preserve the plants,
animals & natural communities that
represent the diversity of life on Earth
by protecting the lands and waters
they need to survive.

Source for conservation information on 
plants, animals & ecological communities
in the United States & Canada.

Nautilus Institute
Mission is to solve interrelated critical
global problems by improving the
processes & outcomes of global

Network For Change
Network for Change is a collaboration
between the EnviroLink Network,
the Animal Concerns Community, the
Sustainable Business Network &
GreenMarketplace.com, working together to
develop a comprehensive resource for
individuals, organizations & businesses
working for social & environmental change.

New Forests Project
Direct-action, people to people program
to initiate reforestation and reduce
deforestation in "developing countries".

Northwest Earth Institute
The Northwest Earth Institute is recognized
as a national leader in developing innovative
programs that empower individuals &
organizations to protect the earth. These
programs emphasize individual responsibility,
the importance of a supportive community, &
the dual need to walk lightly on and to take
action for the earth. By reaching out to people
in their workplace, home, faith center,
neighborhood, & community, NWEI provides
easy access to tools for individual & cultural

NSF International
Develops voluntary consensus standards,
product testing procedures, & certification
services in the areas of public health,
safety, &  the environment.

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
Initiates & supports worldwide efforts
to abolish nuclear weapons, to strengthen
international law & institutions, to use
technology responsibly and sustainably,
& to empower youth to create a more
peaceful world.

Nuclear Control Institute
Research & advocacy center specializing
in problems of nuclear proliferation.
Monitors nuclear activities worldwide &
pursues strategies to halt the spread
& reverse the growth of nuclear arms.

Ocean Planet (Smithsonian)

Purpose is to protect the world's
oceans to sustain the circle of life.
Building an international movement to
save the oceans through public policy
advocacy, science and economics,
legal action, grassroots mobilization,
& public education.


Central Salmon River Trail, OR
Central Salmon River Trail, OR

Western Culture- Dead

A death without renewal and regeneration. How tragic that this is the worldview that predominates today. How truly tragic.

Most in the general population have almost lost the capacity to understand. While the capacity is innate- it has been effectively destroyed by centuries of violence, "education" and persecution. What am I referring to? The capacity to perceive all life- all non-life- as alive and conscious- having and part of a consciousness that permeates all existence. I suppose films like Avatar give a surface view of this- all the while wrapping their message in -the true addiction of modern society- violence. But at its essence it is immediate, fully present, always felt and sensed. That it encompasses a field of love- is sad- because Western culture is mostly blocked from this understanding. No imparted words can create this awareness. Instead, Western culture has devolved into a culture of disrespect- disrespect for life- disrespect for community- disrespect for everything that gives life meaning. No wonder it is destroying itself.

A Bill of Rights

An environmental bill of rights-legal standing, in accordance with constitutional principles. Universal in scope, with binding consequences and clear enforcement principles. If the original bill of rights was intended as an obstacle to unchecked government power, the an extension of the bill of rights is critical for the preservation of unenumerated rights that have been usurped. This must not become an idle topic of polite conservation. Nor must it be strictly legalistic in scope. A bill of rights should be global in scope, since national boundaries have almost no real meaning today. A Bill of Rights

Durban Climate Conference- 2011

My basic analysis is that pre conference expectations were understandably set way too low. In this context the conference was a small success, since it implicitly recognized that sanctions need to be binding and that "major" countries such as the US and China need to be part of a legally binding framework. However, frameworks and procedures are one thing, climate justice is another. If this conference took place 30 years ago, I think it could have been deemed a success. In 2011? A close to abject failure.

Canada's Withdrawal from Kyoto:

The UN should consider trade sanctions against Canada. While Canada may technically have the legal right to withdraw, by their own admission, there was never any serious intent to follow Kyoto. While the US, for example, should receive similar treatment, since it is a member of the Security Counsel, this would be impractical- instead, nations should pursue other forms of bilateral sanctions against criminal emitters. It can easily be argued that Canada's irresponsible policies are as threatening to world peace and security, as Iran's nuclear weapons program- in fact much more so, since the later is unproven.

Nuclear Energy

Monibot supports nuclear energy. I believe he sees the threat posed by climate change and coal/gas exploitation far greater than that posed by the new generation nuclear plants. He also appears to believe that renewable energy can't fill the gap in time. You are absolutely right about nuclear energy- the effects of nuclear disaster-whether catastrophic like Fukushima or slow and insidious increases in cancer rates- are unacceptable. The problem is that Monibot is absolutely right about the threat of climate change. There is nothing in this article that is incorrect. The role of nuclear energy as a partial, interim solution can be discussed rationally. I believe there is sufficient potential in renewables and changes in consumption levels to attempt to address the crisis. However, I am still open to a solutions oriented debate. Why? Because I know what is to come if we don't collectively act as a global society. The real issue is not technological, it is rather a global systems failure and self destructiveness that is intent on creating its analog in the natural world. It would be wise to join together in this fight- not carp about who is more right.

Sustainable Economy

I hear what you are saying. Still, I think the approach you touch upon- a change from the notion of unlimited and unsustainable economic growth to one that respects human values and the balance of nature, can be complementary to the approach Stiglitz outlines- an intelligent public investment in infrastructure, education, renewable, energy, etc. Stiglitz fully understands that it is the corporate/government axis and the usurpation of democracy that is preventing constructive change.

"The death of the forest is the end of our lives."- Sister Dorothy Stang

There was a time when the land was sacred, and the ancient ones were as one with it. A time when only the children of the Great Spirit were here to light their fires in these places with no boundaries...In that time, when there were only simple ways, I saw with my heart the conflicts to come, and whether it was to be for good or bad, what was certain was that there would be change. -From The History Channel: Special Exhibit, "The Great Sioux Nation."

White Dove

I saw a white dove on the parking lot pavement. Wings outstretched and bloodied. At first a sharp pain wrenched through my heart- like a stab wound. Then I realized I had seen an angel fallen on the ground- a victim of human anger and hate- environmental devastation. In every way a martyr and a reminder of what we have become.

Earth Prayer

Grandfather, Great Spirit, once more behold me on earth and lean to hear my feeble voice. You lived first, and you are older than all need, older than all prayer. All things belong to you -- the two-legged, the four-legged, the wings of the air, and all green things that live.

You have set the powers of the four quarters of the earth to cross each other. You have made me cross the good road and road of difficulties, and where they cross, the place is holy. Day in, day out, forevermore, you are the life of things.

Hey! Lean to hear my feeble voice.
At the center of the sacred hoop
You have said that I should make the tree to bloom.

With tears running, O Great Spirit, my Grandfather,
With running eyes I must say
The tree has never bloomed

Here I stand, and the tree is withered.
Again, I recall the great vision you gave me.

It may be that some little root of the sacred tree still lives.
Nourish it then
That it may leaf
And bloom
And fill with singing birds!

Hear me, that the people may once again
Find the good road
And the shielding tree.

Black Elk: Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux, 1863-1950, Also: Black Elk's Vision


"...We are living in an era when our great-grandchildren may live in a world in which more than half of the plant species that exist now will be known only as specimens," Peter Raven PhD, President of the XVI International Botanical Congress, August 1999. According to a recent UC Berkeley and Duke University study the recovery rate from a mass extinction is about 10,000,000 years! 

Further, extinction of one plant or animal species, triggers a chain reaction extinction of others- with some species being more predisposed due to a variety of factors such as low population density, long gestation length, and especially small geographic range size.

Statistical analysis of the rates of extinction and origination in the fossil record shows that life seldom rebounds rapidly from an extinction.

On average, a distinct species of plant or animal becomes extinct every 20 minutes. Research shows the rate of current loss is highly unusual- clearly qualifying the present period as one of the six great periods of mass extinction in the history of Earth.

See Also:

International Biodiversity Observation Year 2001-2002 (IBOY);

Gone: Mass Extinction and the Hazards of Earth's Vanishing Biodiversity: News: By the end of the century, half of all species on Earth may be extinct due to global warming and other causes. Who will survive the world's dwindling biodiversity, and why? - Mother Jones Magazine, Julia Whitty, 4/2007.

I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey- a work of the stars, And the pismire is equally perfect, and a grain of sand, and the egg of the wren, And the tree-toad is a chef-d'oeuvre for the highest, And the running blackberry would adorn the parlors of heaven, And the narrowest hinge in my hand puts to scorn all machinery, And the cow crunching with depress'd head surpasses any statue, And a mouse is a miracle enough to stagger sextillions of infidels. -Walt Whitman, "Song of Myself," Leaves of Grass

"It is no longer an experience. It is my reality. Respect me for what I am. Give and receive life. I have no need for perfection- we are all of each other. Walk the Earth in wisdom and peace. All is beautiful. You come from the stars. Do not forget where home is. I will not let you fall. Be careful with boundaries- some are meant to be crossed- some are not.- From the plants."

"I live in an age where one-half of the world’s species will be extinct in less than a hundred years. To witness the destruction of what I love- this is unbearably cruel."

"What has taken billions, millions and thousands of years for nature to create is being destroyed in years and months. The plants, animals, mountains, streams are our teachers. Our connection to them is at the very core of our being because we are all one. When we destroy them, we destroy the very essence of our humanity. Our science has the language to describe the destruction and the knowledge to warn us of its consequences- however it lacks the spiritual awareness of the connection between all life. We are like addicts on a self destructive path. You can say to an addict- a drug is bad for your health- but they cannot change their behavior until they are able to change themselves and finally realize they cannot continue. So it is with mankind in its endless pursuit of material wealth and all that is meaningless and fleeting."

"I feel heavy and hard hit by watching this beautiful world being dismantled sold and abused as a normalcy. It hits me on a body level, i have been doubled over and crying, sobbing, shrieking in pain over this one hundred times and can only imagine that there is more to come."- from my friend Dan.

Lowell Greenberg

Almost every part of the earth's surface is filled with seeds or vivarious roots of seedlings of various kinds, and in some cases probably seeds are dug up from far below the surface which still retain their vitality. The earth is a granary and a seminary, so that to some minds its surface is regarded as the cuticle of one great living creature. -
Henry D. Thoreau

"The morning glory which blooms for an hour Differs not at heart from the giant pine which lives for a thousand years."

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
-T. S. Eliot

"Until we extend the circle of our compassion to all living things, we will not ourselves find peace."
-Albert Schweitzer

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.  All things are bound together. All things connect.- Chief Seattle

sunflwr4.gif (1903 bytes)
From: Nuclear Age Peace Foundation: "... For me the simple message of the sunflower as a symbol is that we seek a nuclear weapons free world because we wish to bring life from the Earth instead of death, we wish to use the power of the sun on our planet instead of technologies and strategies of darkness, we seek transparency instead of secrecy, security instead of threat, and joy instead of fear. I think that the symbol of the sunflower represents all of this and more -- there is also the beauty of sacrifice as reflected in the sunflower extracting radionuclides from the soil and in the process becoming "radioactive waste." Also: Nuclear Issues News, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists & Union of Concerned Scientists.

"Four Cut Sunflowers,"
Vincent Van Gogh

"Four Cut Sunflowers," Vincent Van Gogh


The Shakertown Pledge

See also: The Earth Charter Initiative, Earth Magna Charta & An Open Letter to the Religious Community

Recognizing that the Earth and the fullness thereof is a gift from our gracious God, and that we are called to cherish, nurture, and provide loving stewardship for the Earth's resources, and recognizing that life itself is a gift, and a call to responsibility, joy and celebration, I make the following declarations:

1. I declare myself a world citizen

2. I commit myself to lead an ecologically sound life.

3. I commit myself to lead a life of creative simplicity and to share my personal wealth with the world's poor.

4. I commit myself to join with others in reshaping institutions in order to bring about a more just society in which all people have full access to the needed resources for their physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth.

5. I commit myself to occupational accountability, and in so doing, I will seek to avoid the creation of products which cause harm to others.

6. I affirm the gift of my body, and commit myself to its proper nourishment and physical well being.

7. I commit myself to examine continually my relations with others, and to attempt to relate honestly, morally, and lovingly to those around me.

8. I commit myself to personal renewal through prayer, meditation and study.

9. I commit myself to responsible participation in a community of faith.

Shakertown Community, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;

See also:

Cob Cottage Company (1) conducts hands-on research on natural building methods and materials, testing its own buildings by living in them. 2) helps empower ordinary people to build their own houses at moderate cost. 3) Supplies information, support & inspiration for people to make healthy choices about buildings.

Eartheasy, documenting how Greg Seaman and his family have found ways to live more simply, efficiently and with less impact on the environment.

Lost Valley Intentional Community
and Educational Center
is an intentional community & nonprofit educational center dedicated to learning, living, & teaching sustainable, ecologically-based culture.

Tofte Project, provides a multimedia presentation on a collaborative effort on sustainable design.

"The key to designing a sustainable dwelling lies in the unique connection between the inhabitant, the land, all who have lived on the site, and all who will be impacted by its construction and existence."

Northwest Earth Institute, Offers programs that encourage participants to explore their values, attitudes, and actions through discussion with other people. These programs are organized around three key principles:

An earth-centered ethic promoting individual responsibility for the earth.

The practice of engaged simplicity to enrich life and reduce personal impact on the earth.

A dedication to living fully in place and protecting the unique ecosystem in which we live.

Buffalo Summer

Buffalo Summer by Urshel Taylor
Buffalo Summer 
Urshel Taylor

I was on my way from Yellowstone Park when I saw these Buffalo in a fenced in place being fattened for butchering.

It was something that was not right so I stopped and painted them as they were long ago.

In other words, I turned them lose by painting "OUT" the fence. That's the only way I could set them free.

Urshel Taylor

Frog Deformities

frg1.jpg (9503 bytes)

Deformed Frogs in Minnesota

Host-Pathogen Biology & the Global Decline of Amphibians

Dangers of EMF's (Electric & Magnetic Fields)

"NIEHS said that the "strongest evidence" for health effects comes from statistical associations observed in human populations with childhood leukemia and chronic lymphocytic leukemia in occupationally exposed adults such as electric utility workers, machinists and welders." National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Press Release, 6/99

"...Unless, however, further research indicates that the finding is due to chance or some currently unrecognised artefact, the possibility remains that intense and prolonged exposures to magnetic fields can increase the risk of leukaemia in children..." National Radiological Protection Board, 3/6/01

Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumers Guide to the Issues and how to Protect Ourselves



OneWorld Magazine

Award-winning photographers & writers
present images of wilderness
expeditions & outdoor adventure.

Operation Migration
To preserve the world's ecosystem
along with its' creatures by showing birds
safe migratory routes & sharing
information about their significance.

Oregon Climate Change
Research Institute

Mission is to: (1) Collect, maintain &
distribute Oregon weather & climate data
(2) Educate Oregonians on current & emerging
climate issues and (3) Perform research
related to climate issues.

Oregon Natural Resources

Mission is to aggressively protect &
restore Oregon’s wildlands, wildlife &
waters as an enduring legacy.

The Orion Society
Mission is to inform, inspire, & engage
individuals & grassroots organizations
across North America in becoming a
significant cultural force for healing
nature & community.

Outdoor Resources On-line

Ozone Action

The Pachamama Alliance
Mission is to preserve the Earth's tropical
rainforests by empowering the indigenous
people who are its natural custodians
and to contribute to the creation of a new
global vision of equity and sustainability
for all.

The Parrot Pages
"In the spring of 1990 I saw something on
San Francisco's Telegraph Hill that
astonished me: wild parrots. I was so curious
about their presence that I kept trying to get
closer until finally I had them eating out of my
hand. Thus began this friendship and study.
My book The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
documents the friendship; this web site, which
in the past has tried to document both, will now
focus on the study. I no longer feed the parrots
every day, and on days that I do feed them,
I limit myself to a single feeding. My situation
is stable, and it looks as though I'll be able to
spend the rest of my life following the parrots'
progress."- Mark Bittner

Peak Oil
Exploring the Issue of Hydrocarbon Depletion.

Peregrine Fund
Works nationally and internationally, to
conserve birds of prey in nature.

Pesticide Action Network North America
Works to replace pesticide use with ecologically
sound and socially just alternatives.
One of five PAN Regional Centers worldwide,
linking local & international consumer, labor,
health, environment & agriculture groups into
an international citizens' action network.

Polar Bears Alive
Dedicated to the worldwide protection of
the polar bear and its arctic habitat.

The Portland International Initiative
for Ecology, Culture & Learning
(PIIECL) & the Learning (LECL)
master's program at Portland State

Developing and practicing cutting-edge
innovations in the field of sustainability education.
A graduate program within Portland State's
Graduate School of Education, LECL serves
students building careers in emergent fields related
to sustainability education including garden-based
education, food politics, indigenous knowledge
systems, watershed management & education,
community organizing & advocacy.

Raincoast Conservation Forum
Since 1990, a handful of dedicated people
at Raincoast have made incredible gains towards
protecting the Great Bear Rainforest and attracting
the attention of millions of people to its rare beauty
and threatened status. Our on-the-ground approach
has given us a deep-rooted understanding of this vast
coastline. It has also enabled us to bear witness to
environmental tragedies that otherwise would have
gone undocumented.

Rainforest Action Network
Works to protect the Earth's rainforests
& support the rights of their inhabitants
through education, grassroots organizing,
& non-violent direct action.

Rainforest Alliance
Dedicated to the conservation of tropical
forests for the benefit of the global
community. Mission is to develop &
promote economically viable & socially
desirable alternatives to the destruction
of this endangered, biologically
diverse natural resource.

Recyclers World
Trading site for information related to
recyclable commodities, by-products,
used & surplus items.

Reef Environmental

Organization of recreational divers who
regularly conduct fish biodiversity &
abundance surveys during their dives.

The Research Foundation for Science,
Technology & Ecology

Founded in Dehra Dun, Uttar Pradesh
(INDIA) in 1982 by Dr. Vandana Shiva. It
works on biodiversity conservation &
protecting people's rights from threats to
their livelihoods & environment by
centralized systems of monoculture in
forestry, agriculture & fisheries.

The Sacred Earth Network
Strives to empower people to work in
defense of the biosphere through its two
major programmatic areas: the Northern
Eurasia Environmental Assistance
Program & the Metamorphosis Project:
Restoring Our Inner and Outer Ecology
(formerly Earth Experiences Program).

San Diego Earth Times

Articles covering a wide variety of local,
national & international environmental

Save America's Forests
Nationwide campaign to end clear cutting
& protect and restore our nation's wild &
natural forests. Includes a coalition of
of scientists, citizens, & groups.

Save the Prairie Dogs

Sea Sheperd Conservation Society
Investigates & documents violations
of international laws, regulations & treaties
protecting marine wildlife species.

Raises awareness & inspires action to protect
the ocean & the life within it, as the ocean
plays a critical role in our everyday life &
in the future of our planet.

Sharing Nature Foundation
Dedicated to helping people of all ages
experience their oneness and harmony with all
Life. Uses the flow learning system of teaching
to gently guide people, step by step, to deeper,
more profound experiences of nature. Flow
learning has four stages: Awaken Enthusiasm,
Focus Attention, Direct Experience & Share

Sierra Club | The Planet
Grassroots advocacy has made it one of
America's most influential environmental

Siskiyou Project
Siskiyou Project is the grassroots network
dedicated to permanently protecting the
globally outstanding Klamath-Siskiyou forests.
The Siskiyou Project combines science,
education & advocacy to build an inspired
& effective local & national constituency
for this special place.

The Society for Conservation

Committed to developing the scientific &
technical means for the protection,
maintenance & restoration of the Earth's
biological diversity.

SOLV brings together government
agencies, businesses & individual
volunteers in programs & projects to
enhance the livability of Oregon.

Starhawk's Tangled Web
"Welcome! I'm Starhawk, author of
many works celebrating the Goddess
movement and Earth-based, feminist
spirituality. I’m a peace, environmental,
& global justice activist and trainer, a
permaculture designer and teacher, a
Pagan and Witch. To see how it all
weaves together, follow the many strands
of my web."

State of the Air 2002
American Lung Association's
summary of air quality
throughout the U.S.

Student Environmental Action


Student & youth run national network
of progressive organizations &
individuals whose aim is to
uproot environmental injustices
through action & education.

Surfrider Foundation
The Surfrider Foundation USA is a
non-profit environmental organization
working to preserve our oceans, waves
& beaches.

Traditional Knowledge Prior Art

Index & search engine of existing Internet
-based, public domain documentation
concerning indigenous knowledge & plant
species uses. Brings together & archives
in a single location, various types of public
domain data necessary to establish prior art.
Data includes taxonomic and other species
data, ethnobotanical uses, scientific &
medical articles and abstracts, as well as
patent applications themselves. It is meant
to be used by anyone researching traditional
ecological knowledge, including scientists,
health professionals, & those involved in the
patent application process itself.

Tree of Life
A collaborative Internet project
containing information about
phylogeny and biodiversity.

The Trust for Public Land
Working to protect land for human
enjoyment & well-being. Helps conserve
land for recreation & spiritual nourishment
& to improve the health & quality of life
of American communities.

UNEP World Conservation Monitoring
Centre | UNEP

Provides information for policy & action
to conserve the living world.
Concentrates on species, forests, protected
areas, marine, mountains and freshwaters;
plus habitats affected by climate change
such as polar regions. Addresses the
relationship between trade & the environment
& the wider aspects of biodiversity

Union of Concerned Scientists
Partnership of scientists & citizens
combining scientific analysis, policy
development & citizen advocacy
to achieve practical environmental solutions.

United Nations Atlas of the Oceans
Contains information on the uses of the
oceans - such as for food, shipping, mining,
energy, & coastal habitation. The focus
is on information relevant to sustainable
development of the oceans.

United Nations Sustainable

The Division for Sustainable Development
provides leadership and is an authoritative
source of expertise within the United Nations
system on sustainable development. It
promotes sustainable development as the
substantive secretariat to the UN Commission
on Sustainable Development (CSD) and through
technical cooperation and capacity building at
international, regional and national levels.
The context for the Division’s work is the
implementation of Agenda 21, the Johannesburg
Plan of Implementation and the Barbados
Programme of Action for Sustainable
Development of Small Island Developing States.

Valhalla Wilderness Society
The Valhalla Wilderness Society was founded
in the small village of New Denver, British Columbia,
in 1975. It started as a group of local residents
who wanted to save the forested slopes of the
Valhalla Range from logging. It took eight years
of extensive involvement to win the park. Along the
way, the Society became involved in efforts to attain
better forest practices outside of parks.

Weather & Global Monitoring


WhaleNet's interactive educational web site
focuses on whales & marine research.
WhaleNet is sponsored by Wheelock College
in Boston, Massachusetts with initial support
from the National Science Foundation.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation

WDCS, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation
Society, is dedicated to the conservation &
welfare of all whales, dolphins and porpoises
(also known as cetaceans).

Wild Duck Review
"In Wild Duck Review the literary arts,
ecological consciousness and activism are
communicating, informing each other. If
Wild Duck Review isn't cultural politics,
I don't know what is," Gary Snyder

Wild South
Wild South is a non-profit, grass-roots
organization fighting to defend the last
wild places of the Southeastern United States.

Non-Profit Environmental Law Firm
Defending the Wild.

Wildlife Conversation Society
Saves wildlife & wild lands through
careful science, international conservation,
education, & the management of  urban
wildlife parks, including the Bronx Zoo.

Wildlife Protection Network
Dedicated to educating the public
about wildlife, and the environment.
Endorses the use of nonlethal &
humane methods for the control of
wildlife populations when deemed
ecologically necessary based on
scientific evidence.

Wildlife Trust
Works worldwide to save threatened
species from extinction through
collaborative projects with
local scientists and educators.

Wilderness Society | Flooded Forest
The Wilderness Society works to protect
America's wilderness & to develop a
nation-wide network of wild lands through
public education, scientific analysis
& advocacy.

Wisdom of the Elders
Wisdom of the Elders, Inc. (WISDOM) is
collaborating with a team of nine partners that
serve Native Americans to develop multi-media
rehabilitation curriculum for Portland-area Native
American therapists and clients. The Discovering
Our Story Project is being developed to resolve
five outcomes. One increases the skills of therapists
serving Native American clients. Four outcomes
resolve mental health, addictions, domestic
violence prevention and diabetes issues which
recent research demonstrates are frequently
co-occurring within our community.

Wiser Earth
Online community space that maps and
connects organizations and individuals
addressing the central issues of our day:
climate change, poverty, the environment,
peace, water, hunger, social justice,
conservation, human rights and more.

World Conservation Monitoring

Programmes concentrate on species,
forests, protected areas, marine, mountains
& freshwaters; plus habitats affected by
climate change such as polar regions.
They also address the relationship between
trade & the environment & the wider aspects
of biodiversity assessment.

World Resources Institute
Provides information, ideas, & solutions
to global environmental problems.

Worldwatch Institute
Public policy research organization
dedicated to informing policymakers &
the public about emerging global
problems & trends & the complex links
between the world economy & its
environmental support systems.

World Wildlife Fund
Mission is to stop the degradation of
the planet's natural environment & to
build a future in which humans live in
harmony with nature, by: Conserving
the world's biological diversity; Ensuring
that the use of renewable natural resources
is sustainable; and Promoting the
reduction of pollution & wasteful consumption.
See also: The Living Planet Report.

U.S. Government Agencies

Bureau of Land Management 
Environmental Education

U.S. Department of Energy's Office of
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Energy information portal and gateway to
Department of Energy Offices.

Environmental Contaminants Encyclopedia

EPA & Ozone Depletion

EPA: Office of Pesticide Programs

EPA: Toxics Release Inventory

Maps helping locate HUD-funded activities in every 
neighborhood in the US & and select EPA information
on brownfields, hazardous wastes, air pollution
& waste water discharges.

National Institute of Environmental Health

National Institutes of Health

National Oceanic and Atmospheric

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

NSF Geosciences

Oxygen Depletion in Coastal
Waters: Dead Zones

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

USGS Woods Hole Field Center | USGS Home

USGS Center for Earth Resources Observation
and Science (EROS) Data Center

Data management, systems development, & research
field center for the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS)
Geography Discipline

USGS StreamStats

US Global Change Research
Information Office


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