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"Of all the needs (there are none imaginary) a lonely child has, the one that must be
satisfied, if there is going to be hope and a hope of wholeness, is the unshaking need
for an unshakable God..." -Maya Angelou, from "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings."

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Washington Post:
Schools & Parenting

Study: 1 in 3 ADHD cases linked to lead, smoke, 9/18/2006

Oxfam: Poor Are Paying the Price of Rich Countries' Failure, 12/6/2004

Yale Study Shows 25 Percent Of Obese Children Are At High Risk For Developing Diabetes, 3/19/02

Significant Deficits In Mental Skills Observed In Toddlers Exposed To Cocaine Before Birth, 4/24/02

50 Ways to Save Our Children
Encourages philanthropy & public service
to the benefit of children and their families.
The goal is to educate, guide & inspire
would-be philanthropists to get involved with
existing local, national & global charitable
organizations that have a track record of
serving the myriad needs of children &
their families.

About Our Kids
New York University Child Study
Center's team for advancing
the field of mental health for
children & their families.

Advocates for Youth
Champions efforts to help young people
make informed and responsible decisions
about their reproductive & sexual health.
Advocates believes it can best serve
the field by boldly advocating for a more
positive & realistic approach to
adolescent sexual health.

Abstinence Only Education

"CDC statisticians estimate that nearly four million teens will get an STD this year: Chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, human papilloma virus, syphilis, trichimoniasis or HIV. Half of the country’s new HIV cases occur among people under age 25 and Chlamydia has become the most commonly reported infection. Since 2000, says Raquel Castellanos, Montana has seen a 58 percent increase in this STD. “Although we do not have scientific research which links the sharp rise in Chlamydia to abstinence-only education, I believe it’s no coincidence that in the same period in which over $1 million has poured in for education that dismisses the effectiveness of condoms, that we are seeing this exponential rise in Chlamydia among youth.”"

From "Abstinence Only Education," by Eleanor Bader, 1/2005, ZMagazine Online; See also: "New Reports Show "Just Say No" Programs Ineffective & Inaccurate," Advocates for Youth, 11.2005 & Iwannaknow.org:  Answers to  questions about teen sexual health & sexually transmitted diseases. Also: UN AIDS Envoy Blames Bush Administration's Abstinence Policy For Condom Shortage In Africa, Chris Tomlinson, AP, 8/29/2005

All Kinds of Minds
Provides an alternative & highly
effective approach to helping kids
with learning differences succeed.
It is based on a comprehensive
model of how kids learn developed by
applying years of scientific research
in a clinical setting.

American School Directory

The Annenberg/CPB Projects

Annie E. Casey Foundation
Primary mission is to foster public
policies, human service reforms, &
community supports that more
effectively meet the needs of today's
vulnerable children and families.

Association of Waldorf Schools of
North America

Waldorf Education is a developmentally
appropriate, balanced education that
integrates the arts and academics for
children from preschool through twelfth
grade. Waldorf Education encourages
the development of each child's sense of
truth, beauty, & goodness; an antidote to
violence, alienation, and cynicism. The aim
of the education is to fully develop the
capacities of each student and to inspire
a love for lifelong learning.


Bright Futures
Health supervision for different stages of
child development

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

More than 400,000 Americans die every year from tobacco-caused disease, and 3,000 kids a day become addicted, one-third of whom will die prematurely.

Is the Bush Justice Department back tracking in the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) lawsuit against the tobacco industry?

See also: The Tobacco Pandemic

Free scholarship search resource
for students, parents, & educators.

Directory of the world's universities & colleges
with over 10,000 institutions listed from over
190 countries.  BrainTrack's goal is to help
visitors make better decisions about
their education and careers.

Broke Scholar
Free scholarship search engine
connecting students with financial aid
& college scholarships.

California Safe Schools
Fights toxic, environmental hazards
such as exposure to pesticides in Los
 Angles schools. Programs such as
Integrated Pest Management should
be a model for school districts throughout
the country.

Canadian Parents

Center for AIDS Prevention Studies
Conducts local, national, & international
interdisciplinary research on methods to
prevent HIV infection and its consequences.

Child & Family Web Guide
Web sites that contain research-based
information about child development.

Child Welfare League of America
Association of more than 1,100 public
& private nonprofit agencies that assist
over 3.5 million abused & neglected children
and their families each year with a wide
range of services.


Helps teach parents & children
important skills to help them lead
healthier lives. Parents learn how to
raise emotionally healthy children.
And children learn skills they will need
to be good parents.

Children of Lesbians & Gays

Supporting young people with gay,
lesbian, bisexual, & transgender parents.

School-based vision screening & eyeglass
distribution program that works to improve
the vision & educational performance of
impoverished secondary school students.

Federal & state statistics & reports on
children and their families, including:
population and family characteristics,
 economic security, health, behavior &
social environment, & education.

Children International
Mission is to help children living in dire
poverty. Provides needy children with a
variety of programs & services to meet
their basic needs, enhance their human
dignity & raise their physical & educational
levels in a meaningful, lasting way.

Children Now
Dedicated to assuring that children
grow up in economically secure
families, where parents can go to
work confident that their children are
supported by quality health coverage,
a positive media environment, a good
early education, & safe, enriching
activities to do after school.

Children, Youth & Family

Bridge to a wide range of information &
resources about children and families.
It connects research, teaching, policy,
& community practice.

Children's Defense Fund
Provides a voice for all the children
of America who cannot vote, lobby,
or speak for themselves.

Christian's Children Fund
Creates an environment of hope &
respect for needy children of all cultures
& beliefs in which they have opportunities
to achieve their full potential, & provides
practical tools for positive change - to
children, families & communities.


Colin Higgins Foundation

In 1986, screenwriter, director and producer
Colin Higgins established the Colin Higgins
Foundation. It continues to honor his vision
by addressing the issues that concerned him.
In addition to its grantmaking activities, the
Foundation annually awards the Colin Higgins
Youth Courage Awards for bravery in the face
of discrimination, intolerance and bigotry
based on sexual orientation and/or gender.

Colorin Colorado
Bilingual Web site created to provide
information parents need to help their
children become good readers & successful
students. There are ideas on what to do at
home, fun reading tips and activities, & more.

Connect for Kids
Helps adults make their communities
better places for families and children.
offers a place on the Internet for adults
who want to become more active citizens,
from volunteering to voting with kids
in mind.

Department of Education |
Student Guide (Financial Aid)

Derek Henkle
Information and resources on the national
effort to make schools safe for Lesbian,
Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender students.

Early Childhood Care &

Consortium of agencies, donors, NGOs
& foundations that links with regional
-based Early Childhood Care & Development
networks comprising individuals &
organizations involved in programming,
research, policy-advocacy, monitoring &
evaluation for young children (0-8) at
risk in the Majority World.

Education World
Includes a search engine for educational
web sites; Lesson plans, practical
information for educators, information
on how to integrate technology in the
classroom, & articles written by education
experts; Site reviews; Daily features &
columns; Teacher & principal profiles;
Wire Side Chats with the important names
in education; Employment listings.

Edunet International

Education Week
State Report Cards

Educational Options
Educational Options is about meeting
the social, emotional, and academic needs
of the intellectually gifted. It is about
thinking outside the box" for people who
do not fit the norms. It is about families,
children, adolescents, and adults who have
found this web site because something
is not right ... and it is the emotions, not
the school or job performance, that tipped
you off.

Mission is to advance higher education by
promoting the intelligent use of information

Educational Testing Service

Families are Talking
A project of the Sexuality Information &
Education Council of the United States.
Intended to empower parents & caregivers
to communicate with their children about
sexuality-related issues, to provide tools
to help families communicate about these
issues, and to encourage parents, caregivers,
& young people to become advocates on
the local, state, and national levels for
sexuality-related issues including comprehensive
sexuality education programs in the schools.

Families Like Ours
Provides adoptive and pre-adoptive families
with a centralized resource for information &
support. Emphasis on Gay & Lesbian
adoptive families.


Family Acceptance
"This website is written by parents for parents.
We are not ministers or therapists with
professional credentials to give you advice.
We are small-town American neighbors. We do
not have a political or cultural agenda. We are
sharing our story in the hopes of providing for you
what we could not get for ourselves: Support,
comfort and understanding on a difficult issue-
having a child who is gay."


Family Education Network

fastWEB Scholarship Search

Feed the Children

Provides physical, spiritual, educational,
vocational/technical, psychological,
economic & medical assistance & other
necessary aid to children, families, &
persons in need in the United States
& internationally.

Futures for Children
Founded to attack the causes of poverty.
Deeply committed to the principle of
self help, Futures - & its Latin American
sister organizations - act on the belief that
people will do remarkable things when asked
to put aside their differences & work together
for the good of their children.

The Future of Children
Information on major issues related
to children's well-being.

Gabi Clayton's LGBTQ & Other

GLSEN/Gay, Lesbian & Straight
Education Network

The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education
Network strives to assure that each
member of every school community is
valued and respected regardless of sexual
orientation or gender identity/expression.

Gay-Straight Alliance Network
Gay-Straight Alliance Network is a youth-led
organization that connects school-based Gay
-Straight Alliances (GSAs) to each other &
community resources. Through peer support,
leadership development, & training, GSA
Network supports young people in starting,
strengthening, and sustaining GSAs &
builds the capacity of GSAs to: (1) -Create
safe environments in schools for students to
support each other and learn about homophobia
& other oppressions, (2) Educate the school
community about homophobia, gender identity,
& sexual orientation issues, & (3) Fight
discrimination, harassment, & violence in schools.

Gifted Development Center
"..There are certain qualities of the gifted
experience that transcend age, nationality,
ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status,
occupation, interests or talent domain:
good problem solving, abstract reasoning,
thriving on challenge, curiosity, vivid
imagination, intensity, sensitivity, complexity,
perfectionism. Gifted people not only think
differently, they feel differently. Giftedness
is a different way of being, and these
differences affect one throughout the
- Linda Silverman, Ph.D.

Global Schoolhouse

Global Show-n-Tell


Hanna & Her Mamma- 
Older Child Adoption


Healing the Children
Nonprofit, volunteer organization
dedicated to healing children around
the world.

Healthy Child Healthy World
Comprehensive resource providing
parents & caregivers with free information
& safe, natural products to enhance the
health and lives of children.

Healthy School Lunches
"The Healthy School Lunch Campaign
sponsored by the Physicians Committee for
Responsible Medicine (PCRM), is dedicated
to improving the food served to children in
schools by educating government & school
officials, food service workers, parents, &
others about the food choices best able to
promote children’s current and long-term health.
The campaign’s key message: Foods
served in schools should promote the
health of all children.
Menus in most school
lunch programs are too high in saturated fat &
cholesterol and too low in fiber- and nutrient-
rich fruits, vegetables, whole grains, & legumes

(see PCRM’s School Lunch Report.) Major
hanges are needed to protect the health
of our nation’s youth and to reverse the growing
trends of obesity and chronic disease among
children & teens.
PCRM is calling on Congress
and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to provide
soymilk or other non-dairy, calcium-rich foods
as alternatives to cow’s milk. The Healthy
School Lunch Campaign also urges schools to
 serve more low-fat, cholesterol-free meals &
side dishes. Find out what you can do to help."

Hetrick-Martin Institute
Believes all young people, regardless of
sexual orientation or identity, deserve a
safe & supportive environment in which to
achieve their full potential. HMI creates this
environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender and questioning youth between
the ages of 12 and 21 and their families.

I Have a Dream Foundation
Helps children from low-income areas
reach their education & career goals
by providing a long-term program of
mentoring, tutoring, & enrichment with
an assured opportunity for higher

Institute of HeartMath
Research on the relationship between
the heart & brain & the ways in which
this relationship affects physical, mental
& emotional health & human

Jon's Homeschool Resource Page

Joseph Chilton Pearce
-The Biology of Transcendence: A Blueprint
of the Human Spirit

- The Crack in the Cosmic Egg: New
Constructs of Mind and Reality

- Magical Child

"Television literally prevents neural growth in the developing brains of children. When young children watch too much, it suppresses the capacity of their brains to create an internal image of some thing, or some one, or some event not presented to the sensory system by the environment, which is the essence of what we call ‘imagination’. Researchers used to think it was only the content of the programming that was negatively affecting children. Now we have ample evidence that the technology of the device is very harmful in and of itself. In other words, the simple act of watching television has profoundly negative effects on the physiology of human beings." -Joseph Chilton Pearce

Kids In Danger
Organization for the protection of children
from dangerous products.

KidsHealth for Parents
Doctor-approved health information
about children from before birth
through adolescence.

Mission is to give kids confidence
to overcome crisis

Online community that shares
parent's values and goals in raising,
educating & providing for our children.

Highlights the best initiatives &
programs in education worldwide.

Lesbian & Gay Parenting

Loves Makes a Family
To work for social change to create a
supportive environment within our
communities and to provide a public
voice for all families, especially those
subjected to social, economic, & legal
discrimination due to sexual orientation
or gender identity/expression.

MENTOR/National Mentoring
Partnership has been leading the
effort to connect America's young
people with caring adult mentors.

Mothers Against Violence
in America

Dedicated to preventing violence by &
against children through education,
outreach & advocacy.

National Center for Education

The National Center for Hate
Crime Prevention

Works in partnership with professionals
from various disciplines to address the
root causes of hate crime. Because
many hate crimes are perpetrated by
youths, and because early intervention is
critical to stemming the tide of prejudice
& violence, NCHCP targets its efforts to
educators, juvenile justice practitioners, &
others who work with young people.

The Natural Child Project
Objective is to help parents to
understand the critical importance
d encouraging support they need
to treat their children with
unconditional love & respect.

National Criminal Justice
Reference Service

Federally funded resource offering
justice & substance abuse information
to support research, policy, & program
development worldwide.

National Disabled Students Union
"National, cross-disability, student
organization. We recognize all disabled
people - those with traditionally recognized
disabilities and those who have often been left
out of the movement - as our brothers & sisters,
& we recognize all students - those who work to
learn, whether or not they are at recognized
schools - as our colleagues."

National Information Center for
Children and Youth with Disabilities

National Youth Advocacy Coalition
Social justice organization that advocates
for & with young people who are lesbian, gay,
bisexual, transgender, or questioning
(LGBTQ) in an effort to end discrimination
against these youth and to ensure their
physical & emotional well being.

Holistic education provider doing work
in holistic health, meditation, yoga,
transformational psychology, spirituality,
world music, and art.

Operation Respect
Operation Respect is a non-profit
organization working to assure each child
& youth a respectful, safe & compassionate
climate of learning where their academic,
social & emotional development can take
place free of bullying, ridicule and violence.
Founded by Peter Yarrow of the folk group
Peter, Paul & Mary, the organization
disseminates educational resources that are
designed to establish a climate that reduces
the emotional & physical cruelty some children
inflict upon each other by behaviors such as
ridicule, bullying &-in extreme cases-violence.

The National Coalition for Gay, Lesbian,
Bisexual & Transgender Youth. Contains
a wide range of resources available for
youth & educators.

PACER Center
Mission is to expand opportunities &
enhance the quality of life of children
& young adults with disabilities & their
families, based on the concept of parents
helping parents. With assistance to
individual families, workshops, & materials
for parents and professionals, & leadership
in securing a free and appropriate
public education for all children,
PACER's work affects and encourages
families in Minnesota and across the nation.

Parent Center
Designed to help parents of children
ages 2 to 8 better manage and enjoy
the day-to-day challenges of raising
great kids.

The Parenting Project
"Isn't it strange that the most
important & difficult task so many
people face - raising children -
goes untaught?"- Myriam Miedzian, Ph.D.



Parent Soup!

Partnership for a Drug Free

Helps kids & teens reject substance
abuse by influencing attitudes through
persuasive information.

Pathways to School Improvement

PFLAG, Parents, Families and Friends
of Lesbians and Gays, is a national support,
education & advocacy organization for gay,
lesbian, bisexual and transgendered
(LGBT) people, their families, friends &
allies. It offers families & friends support
groups where they can learn to understand
& love one another & to offer help where needed.

The Portland International Initiative
for Ecology, Culture & Learning
(PIIECL) & the Learning (LECL)
master's program at Portland State

Developing and practicing cutting-edge
innovations in the field of sustainability education.
A graduate program within Portland State's
Graduate School of Education, LECL serves
students building careers in emergent fields related
to sustainability education including garden-based
education, food politics, indigenous knowledge
systems, watershed management & education,
community organizing & advocacy.

Online portal for gay, lesbian, bisexual &
transgender parents & their families

Real Solutions Center for Children
Provides a safe place where families
come together to resolve their
conflicts for the sake of the children.

Comprehensive child safety site.

Safe Motherhood
Global effort that aims to reduce deaths
& illnesses among women & infants,
especially in developing countries.

The Safe Schools Coalition
The Safe Schools Coalition offers resources
as a starting point for educators, parents/
guardians and youth. The organization is
a public-private partnership in support of
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender youth.

Safe Schools/Healthy Students
Action Center

Mission is to assist and support
grantees in the development &
sustainability of peaceful &
healthy communities.


Seeds of Peace

Non-profit, non-political organization
that helps teenagers from regions of
conflict learn the skills of making peace.

SIDS Network
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
& Other Infant Death (SIDS/OID)
Information Web Site.

Stand For Children
Nationwide grassroots voice for
children. Members take action at
the national, state, community, &
neighborhood levels. Takes issues
ranging from early childhood education
& the schools to after-school
programs & health services.

Standup for Kids
Purpose is to empower homeless & at-risk
youth toward life-long personal growth
through an on-the-streets outreach program,
& to create in these youth a sincere caring
& belief in themselves through open,
straightforward counseling & educational
programs, thereby helping them acquire the
life skills necessary to become effective
members of their community.

Stay Alert Stay Safe

Talking With Kids About
Tough Issues

National initiative by Children Now &
the Kaiser Family Foundation to
encourage parents to talk with their
children earlier and more often about
tough issues like sex, HIV/AIDS,
violence, alcohol, and drug abuse.

Texas Children's Hospital:
Tips for Parents

The Trevor Project
The Trevor Project is a nonprofit endeavor
to promote tolerance for gay & questioning
youth, and to aid in suicide prevention
among that group. Statistics have shown
that gay teens are three times more likely to
attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers,
& The Trevor Project hopes, through its efforts,
to prevent some of those tragedies from occurring.
On August 11, 1998, The Trevor Project
launched The Trevor Helpline, the first round-the
-clock national toll-free suicide hotline for gay
& questioning youth. It's open 24 hours a day,
seven days a week, 365 days a year. Teens with
nowhere to turn can call 866-4-U-TREVOR, where
they can talk to trained counselors, find local
resources and take important steps on their
way to becoming healthy adults. All calls
are free and confidential.

Tolerance.org is a principal online destination
for people interested in dismantling bigotry
& creating, in hate's stead, communities
that value diversity. The site has sections
or teachers, parents, teens and kids.

Tookie: Stand Against Gang Violence
Author of the Tookie Speaks Out Against Gang
Violence book series, Gangs and Violence,
Life in Prison and other books intended to
discourage gang violence. Stan "Tookie" Williams
was founder of the Crips gang in South Central Los
Angeles. He has been nominated 5 times for
the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in helping
to prevent gang violence. He has also been
nominated four times for the Nobel Literature
Prize for his children's books that warn young
people about the pitfalls of joining a gang &
exposes them to alternatives. He is currently
on death row.

United Friends of the Children
Addresses the unmet needs of foster
children living throughout Los Angeles
County. Offers programs for emancipated
foster youth and currently provides a scope
of assistance that includes: college
sponsorship and readiness, transitional
housing and pre-employment training
& referral.

Wisdom of the Elders
Wisdom of the Elders, Inc. (WISDOM) is
collaborating with a team of nine partners that
serve Native Americans to develop multi-media
rehabilitation curriculum for Portland-area Native
American therapists and clients. The Discovering
Our Story Project is being developed to resolve
five outcomes. One increases the skills of therapists
serving Native American clients. Four outcomes
resolve mental health, addictions, domestic
violence prevention and diabetes issues which
recent research demonstrates are frequently
co-occurring within our community.

Zero to Three
Leading resource on the first
three years of life.

"If anyone causes one of these little ones -- those who believe in me -- to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were drowned in the depths of the sea."- Jesus of Nazareth
Untold suffering of Kenya's children: Jonathan Rugman reports on the child sex trade in Kenya, 9/26/2009

Earth Scouts, is a national program based on the Earth Charter : A Declaration of Interdependence, with badges centered on respect for nature, economic justice, universal human rights and a culture of peace, is inviting volunteers including parents, youth, educators, artists and other enthusiastic community members to help in its formation.

Youth have led the way in the development of the mission statement: Change the World One Fun Badge At A Time--Youth Working Together To Make the Earth Charter a Reality at Home and in the Community.

One hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much I had in my bank account, nor what my cloths looked like. But the world will be a better place because I was important in the life of a child.


Alex Sanchez
Here's where you'll find info about:
gay teen books, gay teens coming out
in high school, gay youth resources,
books about gay teens, books for gay
teens, gay young adult books, gay young
adult novels, gay coming of age books,
gay teen novels.

America's Story

Animal Land
ASPCA site for children that covers
pet care, humane education, animal
encyclopedia & animal rights issues.

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper


California Virtual High School
Tools to prepare for the SAT and ACT:
tutorials, practice sessions, a
vocabulary builder, etc.

Children of the Earth United
An adventure in environmental

Country information from around
the world.



Day of Silence Project
"Please understand my reasons for not
speaking today. I am participating in the
Day of Silence, a national youth movement
protesting the silence faced by lesbian,
gay, bisexual and transgender people &
their allies. My deliberate silence echoes
that silence, which is caused by
harassment, prejudice, and discrimination."

Do Something!
Do Something is a nationwide network of
young people who know they can make a
difference in their communities & take
action to change the world around them.

Dr. Saul's Biology In Motion
Animations, interactive activities, &
cartoons designed to make learning
biology a richer, more engaging

Dr. Universe
Science questions & answers for kids
of all ages.

EPA Explorers Club

Fact Monster




Girl Power!


The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education
Network strives to assure that each
member of every school community is
valued and respected regardless of sexual
orientation or gender identity/expression.

Global Schoolhouse

Great Sites for Children!
Categorized listing from the American
Library Association.

Provides water monitors and students
with a place to store their water monitoring
data & track their water monitoring projects
(My Page) and to provide educational
resources to successfully implement a
school-based water monitoring program.

"Stories of girls who dare & who dream and
who sometimes fail. Stories of girls who feel
weighed down with pressure to be someone
they're not, and stories of girls who have said,
"No, I don't care what anyone says,
I'm choosing my own path.""

High School Hub
Academic gateway for high school students.

Internet Detectives

Middle school social studies teachers &
students critical evaluations of web sites.

Quick access to information available
on the web about all the animals in the world,
big & small, including a large compilation
of video & audio clips.

Answers to your questions about teen sexual
health & sexually transmitted diseases.

A site about the Kapilli islands &
a series of standalone science sites,

Kidd Safety


Empowering kids & youth to build
global networks of friends.


Kids Online Magazine



Kid's Space

Kids Voting USA

National non-profit organization that fosters
an informed, participating electorate by
educating & actively engaging young people
& their families in voting & other elements
of effective civic engagement.

Kidz Care Story Center
Online Picture Books For
Kids Who Care About OUR World
by Robert Alan.

An editorial based site (not game play)
that covers a wide array of subjects
from Homework help (in the Brain Candy
section) to Movie Reviews (in the Entertain
Mint section). They also review books
in the Ink section.

Ideas for gardening with kids.

Law for Kids
Dedicated to teaching children
about the law.

Math and Reading Help for Kids
Children's educational information
& resource portal.

National Geographic Word Magazine

Virtual pets.

Nick Jr.
Games, activities, advice for parents.

Nutrition in the Garden
Texas A&M's nutrition in the school
garden site includes lesson plans,
research, and more.


PBS Kids

Professor Bubble's Home Page

Rainforest Heroes

From the Rainforest Action Network.
Sections include Kid's Action, Heroes
Corner, Jungle Gym, About Rainforests,
Protect-an-Acre & Teacher's Lounge.

Sounds of the World's Animals

Scholastic Web Guide

Shark Friends

Educates visitors about sharks.

Smokey Bear

Start Squad
Resource for children, parents, librarians
& teachers seeking age-appropriate
Web sites selected by professionally
trained librarians.

Study Stack
Free online educational tools including
flashcards & matching.

StudyWorks! Online


Tobacco information & Prevention

TheCase.com for Kids


Gateway to experience the excitement
of contemporary science & technology
through on & offline interactivity with
science & technology centers worldwide.

United Nations CyberSchoolBus


WhaleNet's interactive educational web site
focuses on whales & marine research.
WhaleNet is sponsored by Wheelock College
in Boston, Massachusetts with initial support
from the National Science Foundation.

World Almanac for Kids

World of Reading

Youth Resource
Provides support services on the
Internet to gay, lesbian, bisexual,
transgendered, questioning, &
straight supportive youth.

"Childhood is that state which ends the
moment a puddle is first viewed as an
obstacle instead of an opportunity."
-K. Williams (5/5/95)

Abused Children

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bulletMissing Children
bulletNational Center for Missing & Exploited Children
bullet End Institutionalized Abuse Against Children Act of 2005 Petition | HR 1738 IH Text

"...Melissa Farley, a psychologist who has written extensively about the subject, says that girls typically become prostitutes at age 13 or 14. She conducted a study finding that 89 percent of prostitutes urgently wanted to escape the work, and that two-thirds have post-traumatic stress disorder — not a problem for even the most frustrated burger-flipper.

The mortality data for prostitutes is staggering. The American Journal of Epidemiology published a meticulous study finding that the “workplace homicide rate for prostitutes” is 51 times that of the next most dangerous occupation for women, working in a liquor store. The average age of death of the prostitutes in the study was 34.

"“Women engaged in prostitution face the most dangerous occupational environment in the United States,” "The Journal concluded..." - Nicholas D. Kistof OP-Ed, New York Times, 3/13/2008

"During 1950-1993, the overall annual death rate for U.S. children aged less than 15 years declined substantially, primarily reflecting decreases in deaths associated with unintentional injuries, pneumonia, influenza, cancer, and congenital anomalies. However, during the same period, childhood homicide rates tripled, and suicide rates quadrupled. In 1994, among children aged 1-4 years, homicide was the fourth leading cause of death; among children aged 5-14 years, homicide was the third leading cause of death, and suicide was the sixth."

Rates of Homicide, Suicide, and Firearm-Related Death Among Children- 26 Industrialized Countries

Boys & Girls Aid Society of Oregon
Helps children in crisis or at risk due to
their personal, family or social environment
through innovative prevention & remedial
services and by being a community resource.

Canyon Acres Children's Services
Provides integrated residential &
foster care, intensive mental health treatment
and supportive family services for local abused
and emotionally troubled children.

Children of Alcoholics Foundation

Child Abuse Alert
Designed to help you recognize some
of the signs that a child is at risk, and to
give you the confidence to intervene.
If there is to be an error, it must be on the
side of protecting the child.

Child Abuse Legislation Study Project
Dedicated to tracking bills, laws, &
legislative action on child abuse,
incest, & domestic violence.

Child Abuse Prevention Foundation
Mission is to break the cycle of child
abuse, through prevention, education
advocacy & funding.

Child Labor Coalition
National network for the exchange of
information about child labor; provides a
forum & a unified voice on protecting
working minors and ending child labor
exploitation; & develops informational and
educational outreach to the public & private
sectors to combat child labor abuses and
promote progressive initiatives & legislation.

Child Protection Project
Dedicated to raising awareness about
issues of institutionalized child abuse
within the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints (Mormons).

Child Welfare League of America
Association of more than 1,100 public
& private nonprofit agencies that assist
over 3.5 million abused & neglected children
and their families each year with a wide
range of services.

Children Died as Washington,
D.C. Government Did Little
Critical Mistakes by Protection System
Found in 40 Fatalities in Eight Years; 
Washington Post, 9/9/01 article by
Sari Horwitz, Scott Higham & Sarah Cohen.


Council of Family and Child Caring
Agencies (COFCCA)

COFCCA is the principal representative
for nearly all the voluntary not-for-profit
child welfare organizations in New York State.

Five Acres
Oldest non-sectarian child abuse &
neglect prevention, treatment & education
center in the San Gabriel Valley.

For Children Who Were Broken (Poem)

Free Arts for Abused Children

Integrates the healing and therapeutic power
of the arts into the lives of children & youth
who have been abused or families that
have been designated as "at risk."

From Darkness to Light
Preventing child sexual abuse.

Girls and Boys Town National Hotline
Girls and Boys Town
A leader in the treatment & care of abused,
abandoned and neglected girls and boys.

Outside In
Social service agency dedicated to serving
low-income adults & homeless youth.
Programs include a community health clinic,
a homeless youth program designed to help
homeless youth obtain independent
living, and risk education.

Pandora's Box
Site is authored by Child Advocate &
Health Care Consultant, Dr. Nancy Faulkner.
She advocates for the protection of children
& prevention of child sexual abuse.

p:ear | p:ear gallery
p:ear builds positive relationships with
homeless and transitional youth through
education, art, & recreation to affirm
personal worth and to create more
meaningful and healthier lives p:ear serves
15 to 22 year olds who are homeless,
pregnant or parenting, suspended from
their home schools, or otherwise
marginalized from traditional transitions
into adulthood.

Prevent Child Abuse America
Builds awareness, provides education &
inspires hope to everyone involved in the
effort to prevent the abuse and neglect
of our nation’s children.

A School for Iqbal
Iqbal was sold into Child bonded labor at 4
years of age for the equivalent of $12.
He escaped at age 10 and began to speak
out against child slavery and for freedom
and schools for all Pakistani children.
Iqbal won the Reebok Human Rights
Youth in Action Award 1994. Easter Sunday,
1995, he was murdered. In response, students
at Broadmeadow Middle School formed this
campaign in order to help fight for Iqbal's Dream.

The nation's leading provider of traumatic
stress education, publications & resources.

Soul's Self-Help Central

Stolen Dreams
Child labor abuse.

Street Children
The United Nations has been attributed as estimating the population of street children worldwide at 150 million, with the number rising daily. These young people are more appropriately known as community children, as they are the offspring of our communal world. Ranging in age from three to eighteen, about 40 percent of those are homeless--as a percentage of world population, unprecendented in the history of civilization. The other 60 percent work on the streets to support their families. They are unable to attend school and are considered to live in "especially difficult circumstances."

Suffer the Little Children-Specter of
Suspicious Deaths Haunts Area, 

Washington Post, 9/20/98.

Trauma Information Pages
Trauma Pages focus primarily on emotional
trauma and traumatic stress, including PTSD
(Post-traumatic Stress Disorder), whether
following individual traumatic experience(s)
or a large-scale disaster.

The tear down childhood's cheek that flows, Is like the dew-drop on the rose- When next the summer breeze comes by, And waves the bush--the flower is dry."

From: "My Bondage and My Freedom," Frederick Douglass

If only this were true, but sadly, the cruelties inflicted in childhood often, but not always, perpetuate themselves into generations, seemingly forever.

"They cry in the dark, so you can't see their tears. They hide in the light, so you can't see their fears. Forgive and forget, all the while Love and pain become one and the same in the eyes of a wounded child." 


Children's Literature

Alex's Scribbles - Koala trouble

Children's Books Online:
the Rosetta Project

Collection of illustrated antique children's
books on line.

Children's Literature Web Guide

Dakota Meadows 8th Grade Mysteries

Inkspot, The Writer's Resource

"C.S. Lewis created a land of wonder & enchantment
called Narnia, and since then millions of readers
have discovered his wondrous world that exists just
beyond the back of the wardrobe ..."

Siddhartha's Journey

The "Write" Spot

Childhood Under Threat

The recently released UNICEF 2005 report on the State of the World's Children found that:

-One in six of the children on the planet was severely hungry.
-One in seven had no access to health care.
-One in five had no safe water.
-One in three had no toilet or sanitation facilities at home.
-640 million children did not have adequate shelter
-140 million children, the majority of them girls, had never been to school.

More than 10 million child deaths were recorded in 2003, with an estimated 29,158 children under 5 dying from mostly preventable causes every day.

A teacher in Minnesota asked his class: `How many of you ate breakfast this morning?' As he expected, only a few children raised their hands. So he continued, `How many of you skipped breakfast this morning because you don't like breakfast?' Lots of hands went up. `And how many of you skipped breakfast because you didn't have time for it?' Many other hands went up. He was pretty sure by then why the remaining children hadn't eaten, but he didn't want to ask them about being poor, so he asked, `How many of you skipped breakfast because your family doesn't usually eat breakfast?' A few more hands were raised. Finally he noticed a small boy in the middle of the classroom, whose hand had not gone up. Thinking the boy hadn't understood, he asked, `And why didn't you eat breakfast this morning?' The boy replied, his face serious:

`It wasn't my turn.'

A right education will teach you how to find your own song and how to learn the dance and not be shy; how to celebrate the small things of life and make this whole planet alive. It is the only one, as far as we know, where people can love, where people can meditate, where people can become buddhas, where people like Socrates and Lao Tzu can exist.

The Osho Vision (Quotations)

Language Links


The Rosetta Project

Survey & near permanent archive
of 1,000 languages.

English, Spanish, German, French
& Italian word translation.


Athabasca University

Athena University

The tutorials search engine.

Globewide Network Academy
Dedicated to the promote access to
educational opportunities for anybody,
anywhere. Develops distance learning
relationships & facilities for the public
to use.

Knowledge Media Institute
Research into learner-centered
technologies, including Internet-enhanced
collaboration media, multimedia
environments for disabled learners,
intelligent agents, organizational memories,
digital documents, scientific visualization
& simulation tools, informal & formal
representations of knowledge - in short,
innovative approaches to sharing, accessing,
& understanding knowledge.

Quintessential Instructional Archive


University of Colorado

Virtual University

Free Web building tutorials.


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