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Traditional Dancer

Traditional Dancer
Jerome Bushyhead

"The "Traditional Dancer" dresses and dances as the warrior of olden days. He carries on the tradition of the warrior. He dances to pay respect and honor all warriors both past and present."- Jerome "Coyote Walks By" Bushyhead

It has been my great fortune to have been exposed to Jerome's work through ArtNatAm. His paintings spring from a fountain of ancient wisdom and feeling. Looking at his paintings, I seem drawn back in time to a place I once knew. A place of truth, whose values still endure.- Lowell Greenberg

Postscript: Jerome passed away on April 15, 2000. His friend, John Kostura, wrote, "Jerome enjoyed sharing his art work with you the Internet visitor. He sincerely appreciated talking with many of you and cherished the notes you sent him...
I never felt that I was fully able to convey to Jerome how many Internet visitors were deeply affected by his art and presence on the Internet. I am sure that Jerome now has that understanding and I am sure this gives him comfort." This is certainly my hope as well.

May 13, 1999 Interview with Jerome Bushyhead.


To all of my gay, lesbian, bi, transgender and straight friends who provide me a constant source of friendship, love & hope.

To D'Andre who might have said the things here- if he could have.

To my Grandmother- who loved when so many others did not care- A devoted friend with a great and good heart. A light in the darkness- a light that is always with me.

To my beloved Sindar, who will always be with me, wherever I go, whatever I do. Love Eternal.

To Tasha- A patient, unforgetting friend, a happy being, a gentle soul and a great spirit- one who is always with me. Who taught me more than I could ever teach her. Who loved life and was loved by all. Tasha, you can never know how much I love you...A gentle, sweet spirit- there was no part of our relationship- not one- that did not bring me great joy. For fourteen years she was a great source of love and if it were not for that love- I wouldn't be here.

To Toby- Who every day brings beauty and joy- who knows more than I can imagine and stands by me when all others fade away.

To my beloved spirit friends in nature- unceasing joy- unshakable respect, deep wisdom and pure light.

To my beloved spirit helpers and friends- my true mother and my true father. My protectors, healers and guides.

To all the children I taught- who never disappointed me and who gave me hope for the future. I pray I made a positive difference in their lives.


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A few of the above individuals or organizations have made fair use contributions to this web site. In cases of fair use contribution (graphics, classical art works, quotations, excerpts, counters, banners, etc.), when possible, an attempt was made to acknowledge the source by direct links from my web pages back to their web pages. Where such a reciprocal link was not possible, the initial source of the work was identified, including publisher, author, etc. It is hoped that in this way I can positively promote their efforts as they have contributed to my efforts in the creation of this web site. Fair use contributions from any individual source represents an extremely small contribution to the total contents of this site. Further such contributions are a minute percentage of the contributing web site's contents. In addition, such contributions are a small portion of the specific originating work.

Corel's "Super Ten Art Photo CD-ROM Pack. Per Corel's enclosed license agreement the purchaser is granted, excepted as noted in Section "C" of the license agreement, the right "to modify, publish and distribute the photographic images in any media". Section "C" prohibits obscene or immoral use of any work, renting or leasing of software, reverse engineering or disassembling of software, distribution or sale as part of another image library that may compete with the Corel product, or use of an image so that it appears the image's author endorses a particular product or service. I have also been asked by Leanne Henaghan of Corel's legal department to insert the disclaimer that none of the Corel images may be downloaded, i.e.,the images are for viewing only.

The Education & Children and Teacher's Resource pages both contain an external navigation bar link to the non-profit institute, All Kinds of Minds. While I strongly support the work of Dr. Mel Levine and others, the link does not imply that conversely the institute endorses this web site. Since this web site attracts a large number of teachers and education students, I felt it was important that I bring forward the institute's excellent work in child education, particularly for children labeled as "learning disabled."

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bullet Include a link somewhere on your site with the copyright credit that points to this site. The link should read Vision Quest Studios - The Art of Diana Elizabeth Stanley. The URL is http://boondock.com/visionquest/
bullet It would be nice, but is not necessary, that you include the name of the image when giving credit.
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Laura Mccannas: Please include a link back to http://www.mccannas.com if you use any of the artwork here! Many thanks! You are allowed to use this artwork only in exchange for a link back to my site, and are NOT allowed to redistribute this artwork.

Toadstool Designs provided the background used on Sindar's page.

The Gay Pride Flag on the Main Page for earthrenewal.org was provided by Swade's LGBT Symbols Gallery: Pride Flags Page. 

The Elegant Capitals II font used on the Pet Wellness Page is copyright by Paul Lloyd.

Many others have contributed "mind share" through, for example, USENET postings/replies and the maintenance of sites containing web design resources. The Internet Development Tools page lists many of these resources.

This web site contains numerous original articles and compositions authored by me. The primary goal is to inspire, educate and enrich the life of the viewer and provide him or her valuable insights and a gateway to the abundance of resources on the web. In this way the site was designed to be consistent with its overall theme, a "Cyberplanet for Renewal", that is, the use of machine/information technology to renew mankind and the Earth rather than become an instrument of its destruction. As the site has grown, it has become apparent that an even more persistent theme is that of earth renewal, which encompasses not only the application of technology, but also broader spiritual and environmental issues. Hence, the name of the site was changed to earthrenewal.org in August of 1999.

This site and it contents are strictly for non-commercial use. It is intended as a personal home page and statement. Its use is intended for inspirational, public education, comment, literary and scholarly purposes only. The site is not intended to endorse any commercial entity. I have listed various professional consulting services that I offer as a sole proprietor, however, my consulting practice is extremely limited at this time and is not the primary thrust of this site or my work. I have also contributed, for educational purposes, computer/business related articles I have written. Any use of advertising such as software logos (Microsoft, Netscape, Starting Point, etc.), reciprocal banners (Interlink Exchange) and so forth, is solely intended to promote more wide spread viewing of the site or assist the viewer in obtaining the most current web tools and information. I receive no direct or indirect remuneration of any kind for the production and maintenance of this site. While there is an Amazon Book Store link on the web site and I do have an affiliate relationship with Amazon, the book store has produced no revenue and any revenue it may produce will be given to charity. The book store is really provided for the viewer's convenience.

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-Lowell Greenberg


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