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Book __________________________________________________
Meeting Date ____________Assignment : Pages _______ to ________

Word Wizard: Your job is to locate a few special sections of the text that you think your group would like to read aloud. The idea is to help people remember some interesting, powerful, funny, puzzling, or important sections of the text. You decide which passages or paragraphs are worth hearing, and then jot plans for how they should be shared. You can read the passages aloud yourself, or ask someone else to read them, then discuss them as a group.

Location Reason for Picking

1. Page____________________________________________
Paragraph ______________________________________

2. Page ____________________________________
Paragraph ________________________________________

3. Page __________________________________
Paragraph ______________________________

Connections: What did today's reading remind you of?

Adapted from Literature Circles: Voice and Choice in the Student-Centered Classroom. Stenhouse Publishers, York ME, 1994 Published in Canada by Pembroke Publishers, Markham, ON 1994.

Literature Circles by Lori Rog

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