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Investigator: Your job is to dig up some background informationon any topic related to your book. This might include:

The geography, weather, culture, or history of the book's setting.

Information about the author, her/his life, and other works.

Information about the time period portrayed in the book.

Pictures, objects, or materials that illustrate elements of the book.

The history and derivation of words or names used in the book.

Music that reflects the book or the time.

This is not a formal research report. The idea is to find onebit of information or material that helps your group understand the bookbetter. Investigate something that really interests you - something that struck you as puzzling or curious while you were reading.

Ways of gathering information:

The introduction , preface, or "about the author" section of the book

Library books and magazines.

On-line computer search or encyclopedia.

Interviews with people who know the topic.

Other novels, nonfiction, or textbooks you've read.

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