Why People Should Study and Remember the Holocaust

Mr. Greenberg's & Ms. Lisiak's 6th Grade Class, June 6, 1997

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The Holocaust is not just a word used to describe something anymore. It is spelled with a capital H and is known to everyone as tragedy.

We should study the Holocaust because it teaches us about prejudice.

We should learn about the Holocaust because we want to, not because we have to.

We should study the Holocaust to learn how cruelly the Jews were treated for just being human.

We should study the Holocaust because there is no doubt it could start again.

We should study the Holocaust to prevent future ones.

We should study the Holocaust to be grateful for the things we have.

We owe it to the innocent people that died, for the people tortured in concentration camps, and also for the people that escaped and who saw their loved ones dying at their feet.

We should study the Holocaust so that people at a young age can learn and not repeat the mistakes of the past when they grow up.

The gas chambers, concentration camps and forced labor are all things one should know about.

Many people probably said to themselves, "They aren't coming for me. Why should I care…well I can answer that with another question. What if they come for you? Who will be around to help then?

I really think our country should have helped more…but we didn't. We could have saved many lives.

Finally, We should study the holocaust so that we are not blinded by our outerself.

Poem to Mr. David Faber
by Christina M.

Mr. Faber is the author of "Because of Romek"
A Holocaust Survivor's Memoir.
Mr. Faber spoke to an assembly of Farb Middle School 
students in San Diego, California on June of 1997.
 Christina M. was one of those students.

We are glad you've made it through

And for telling us what's happened to you

We know how hard it's been

You are a brave warrior

Who has suffered but still fought

And made it through

You cried, fought and suffered.

Now you made it through

If I were in your position

I wouldn't know what to do

I admire your courage

And bravery

There weren't enough happy thoughts

To have made it through.

You fought with your heart.

Now you've made it through

The results are great

And I think you are to.

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