A Fractal Universe

Earth- a translucent, tranquil eye gazing upon a chaotic, violent universe. A universe studded with other Earths- reflective, bejeweled eyes, mirroring what is within and without. Conscious entities evolving together as the universe unfolds in space-time, requiring the tranquility and peace that all life must have.

The universe unfolds through a series of self replicating, mirroring and repeating geometric functions. A fractal, hierarchical, self similar universe. A propagation of spreading oscillating, self generating, n-dimensional fractals through space/time. A universe whose shape mirrors the yin-yang of the double helix- the structure of DNA- the genetic essence of reproducing life. Thought itself is a fractal process. Through the sixth sense the fractal patterns can be known and the future predicted. The 6th sense is all of the five senses, yet more, for it binds all life at the conscious level. Free will is however, only partly an illusion. The creation of a peaceful conscious state can alter the fractal unfolding and cause a manifestation of free will and hope. Hence the future is alterable and therefore can only be partly known.