Dear Linda,

Your question is difficult to address for me at the current time. However,
if you are asking your questions in the context of considering adding a new
Eskie to your family, I would consider the following:

(1) I very strongly recommend purchasing the book, "Dr. Pitcairns's Guide to
Natural Health for Dogs and Cats." This book offers excellent advice on
matters relating to animal diet, disease prevention and treatment, etc.

(2) Per this book, and my own inclinations do (or don't do) the following:

A. Avoid exposure of your dog to cigarette smoke, car fumes, resting close
to a TV set, drinking water from street puddles, frequent diagnostic work
with x-raying,  use of strong toxic chemicals over extended periods such as
flea and tick control, consuming foods high in organ meets that may contain
higher concentrations of pesticides and hormones, etc.

B. A fresh, natural diet is imperative. No store bought brands whcatsoever. A
homemade diet is critical.  Use filtered water, not tap water.
 However, such a diet must be adapted to the needs of  canines and your
particular dog. See my web site: for
suggestions, useful links and approaches. Dr. Pitcairn's book is a very
excellent source of information and suggested diets as well

C. Avoid use of steroids and unnecessary vaccinations. After the first year,
in most cases, one need administer most vaccines every three years versus
the more standard once per year. For animals with any susceptibility to
allergic or hyper response to vaccine- avoid altogether. If your geographic
area or life style presents higher risks for certain diseases, than more
frequent vaccination for that disease may be considered.

D. Frequent exercise and metal stimulation are also important to good

The role of genetics in cancer is very complex, Purchasing from a reputable
breeder who knows the Eskie's family health history is a good idea. In most
cases, genetics is predisposing, not determinative.  Therefore, by following
the above and COMMON SENSE, we are more likely to decrease the incidence of
cancer. We live in a very toxic world- our animals are in some sense
"litmus" indicators of our own health susceptibilities. However, due to a
shorter life span, they will often manifest the signs of aging and
environmental damage sooner than we will.

One last note. We live in a society dominated by commercial, often very
short sighted interests. In some sense we are brainwashed into believing
what is absurd. For example, can one truly believe that feeding an animal
IAMS, Science Diet or Natures Recipe  dry or canned food is preferable to a
well balanced, homemade, natural organic diet? Can we actually believe that
food heated to 300 degrees, oven baked and supplemented by vitamins and tap
water (that is often contaminated with pollutants) will provide our dogs and
cats sufficient sustenance to be healthy and happy, let alone live a long
life? Can an under-exercised dog, over weight dog given steroids on a
routine basis for skin problems aggravated as much by boredom as by some
skin (often diet related) disease, be expected to lead a long and happy

> I recently had my 13 year old female Eskie put to sleep because of adrenal
> cancer which had spread to the lungs before any symptoms were seen.  She
> had appeared absolutely healthy until 2 weeks before her death.  A friend
> of mine lost her female Eskie of 14 years  cancer of the pancreas.  Vets
> a hard time diagnosing both of these cases.  Said both cancers were rare.
> My vet said he had never seen such a cancer in a dog before.  Do you know
> of any research on adrenal cancer in Eskimo dogs or of cancer in this
> generally?  I plan to get another dog, but I wonder if there could be a
> predisposition toward cancer in the breed.  My dog had had a cancer on the
> chest wall three years before the adrenal cancer appeared.  She was spayed
> at 6 months and had always been generally healthy.  Any information will be
> appreciated.  Thank you!  

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